4-8″ Rain Surplus In Fredericksburg

Posted By Andrew Freiden

A pesky frontal boundary has been hanging around Fredericksburg and DC for a while now… helping to produce some torrential downpours.  A viewer sent me an email asking about the rain totals up there. 

The map below from AHPS shows Fredericksburg is 4 to 8 inches above average for the just the past two weeks.  It’s the area I’ve circled in yellow.  That rain has saturated the soil and it’s why the NWS has put up a Flood Watch again for Northern Virginia.  A big thunderstorm with just 1″ of rain could bring some creeks and streams out of their banks. 

You’ll also notice some big surpluses along the NC state line.

Keep in mind the map isn’t total rain, it’s total rain departure over the past few weeks.

Rainfall DEPARTURE from Normal for past 2 weeks

Rainfall DEPARTURE from Normal for past 2 weeks


4 Responses to 4-8″ Rain Surplus In Fredericksburg

  1. Jeff says:

    Just call for a Severe Thunderstorm Watch. It never rains here when there’s a watch for some reason and the watch always gets cancelled.

  2. Chris says:

    any chance of seeing a day with a zero percent chance of rain in the near future? this is like a broken record with chances of rain every day.

  3. Jeff says:

    The rain has been hit-or-miss. In the East End by the airport we’ve had a few storms but I’ve seen quite a few that always seem to move from Elko up through Hanover and just miss this part of town.

  4. Jane says:

    I am disappointed with the little amount of rain we have received in my part of Chesterfield. Feel sorry for Fredericksburg. That was us a few years back. Wish some of the rain would come our way so we don’t have to water the new trees we planted so often.

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