Residents of the western portions of the metro area felt a small earthquake late Tuesday night, the exact time was 11:59:52pm according to the USGS.  It registered a 2.3 magnitude, which is relatively minor.

The depth of the epicenter was 6.8 miles below the surface, located about 12 miles northwest of the City of Richmond.

For more particulars, and general information about Virginia earthquakes, check out this website:

Posted by Jim Duncan


5 Responses to Earthquake!

  1. vagina is loose…

    […]Earthquake! « NBC12 Weather Blog[…]…

  2. Andrew Green says:

    This is a message to all my fellow believers. God punishes all sinners. Earthquakes are a sign of His displeasure of mortal sin. Perhaps the earthquake was a reminder to those of us following the path of darkness to repent.

  3. VirginiaJeff says:

    Cool! I heard and felt the rumble and went outside to see if it had thundered, but the sky was pretty clear. Then I wondered if there had been a major accident on the nearby railroad, but after a few minutes had passed without sirens, I ruled that out. That left an earthquake, but it seemed like such remote possibility. Thanks, WWBT!

  4. I felt a rumble last night about that time, but I think it was just the bean burrito I had for dinner.

  5. Matt Denardo says:

    Forget the earthquake, just let me know when its going to get hot! I like the heat!! I want it to be 115+ Fahrenheit temperatures outside!!! I like it SIZZLING HOT HHHHHOOOORRRRRAAAAAYYYYY!

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