This is summer???

Mid 80s might not be considered cool most times of the year, but Richmonders expect more during the summer.  Walking outside the other day, it really hit me how unusual this summer weather has been.  Sure, we’ve had some hot days, but even on those few occasions we haven’t eclipsed the mid-90s… a threshold that’s usually surpassed this time of year.

It’s not just the temperatures, but also the lack of appreciable humidity that would kick up the heat index.  Dew points have frequently hovered around spring-like 50s levels.

Attribute it to an unusual southward dip in the jet stream over Southeastern Canada, anchored by a just as unusual upper-level low pressure system.  This pattern has kept frontal boundaries chugging east in a pattern more reminiscent of spring or fall.

Noteworthy within this pattern was the large-scale storm system of this past Sunday, again pretty rare for the summer.  Our neighbors in the Northeast have been even cooler, plus cloudier and much wetter.

Posted by Jim Duncan


12 Responses to This is summer???

  1. David says:

    Claude, If his theory is so loony, then explain what’s happening in the arctic. One cool season/year doesn’t mean squat — we probably won’t know until we’re all dust whether what’s going on. The Earth is OLD. It takes hundreds, often thousands, of years before we know what’s really going on.

    • Claude says:

      David, you have been sorely misled. The global
      temps stopped rising almost ten years ago, and now
      are starting to fall. As for the Arctic, while
      some parts are warming other parts are cooling.
      Global warming does not hold water. As for CO2,
      it is a lagging indicator. Al Gore’s Global Warming
      is the biggest scam perpetrated in the world.

  2. Claude Hill says:

    It has been cool here for a “normal” summer. But I have been reading about abnormally cool temperatures around the globe without a lot of mention in the news. Although the heat in the midwest did get a lot of attention on the weather channel while ignoring the record breaking cold tempertures. Isn’t it about time that meteorologists start to cast doubt on Al Gore’s loony theory of Global Warming?

  3. Kimberly says:

    What does this mean for the winter ahead?

    • nbc12weather says:

      A building El Nino right now may help lessen arctic outbreaks over the East, but cloudier and wetter than normal weather also is a possibility. Too soon to tell, of course.

  4. Diane Leonard says:

    We got caught in the middle of a Tornado today at Naylors Beach in Warsaw, VA Siding and shutters were ripped off the house of the people that own the beach. Trees went down. It looked like a war zone when it was all over. We all huddled together under the pavilion. It was a true blessing that nobody was hurt!

  5. strange mark says:

    i just looked at my National weather bug temperature map – its currently hotter in VA than in FL

  6. Jeff J. says:

    When Mt.Tamora erupted in Indonesia in 1815, the weather was so affected that snow was recorded in New York on June 6th and drifted 18 to 20 inches in Vermont on the same date. It has been referred to as the ‘Summer that nevee happened’.

  7. Matt Denardo says:

    Perhaps it has something to do with those massive eruptions of the Mt Redoubt volcano in alaska? As i recall NBC weather predicted the possibility that it would mean a cooler summer

  8. Brian says:

    I wish the weather was like this every summer…i don’t care if the temps sore, but as long as the humidity is low – i am happy!

  9. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    So much for global warming! This is more like global COOLING!! Am I right people??!!!!

  10. afreiden says:

    Jim: I’m loving this weather. We’re saving money on our A/C and enjoying some great afternoons outside without sweating our brains out!
    -Andrew Freiden

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