Volcano, cool-summer link?

Dig back a little for our blog posts of March 24th (“Mt. Redoubt volcano”) and March 30th (“Volcanoes and global cooling”).   At the time, I speculated that the Mt. Redoubt (Alaska) volcanic eruption might have some impact on our weather over ensuing months and beyond.   The ash cloud was estimated to have reached a height of 65,000 feet.

The summer so far has turned out to be one of the coolest in decades over large parts of the Midwest and East.   Could this be tied in some way to Mt. Redoubt?  Some scientists are now starting to look at the possibility. 

Indeed, volcanoes have historically been linked with large-scale weather pattern changes, and it will be interesting to learn if there is a cause-effect relation with this most recent activity.

Posted by Jim Duncan


3 Responses to Volcano, cool-summer link?

  1. Dick Spring says:

    Some years ago we had Louis Rubin in the West End (I think) who use to provide “Rubin Days” and he seemed to be quite accurate. If my memory is correct he factored in the Volcano eruptions into his forecasts.

  2. Once again, Jim “Slammy” Duncan is paving the way for scientific research in the field of meteorology! Remember, they laughed at the Wright Brothers too (mainly because of their first names)…

  3. Matt Denardo says:

    a cool summer a warm winter

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