Richmond Area Earthquakes: Is “The Big One” coming?

It’s been an interesting month for geology buffs in Central Virginia. We’ve had 5 minor earthquakes.  The Central Virginia Seismic Zone does produce earthquakes every once in a while but the burst of activity lately is notable enough that that Virginia Tech Seismological Observatory issued a statement about it.  The jist:  these earthquakes are deeper than the ones we usually see and may lead to more in the future. 

I produced a story about it for and our evening newscasts.  Check it out here and let me know what you think.  Do you think we’ll get a bigger earthquake soon?


5 Responses to Richmond Area Earthquakes: Is “The Big One” coming?

  1. Since we have had 1 in a 100 year Isabelle,Camille & Gaston events ,I would not be surprised for the big shake.Although I guess California has a “better” chance before we do.

  2. Its Hot says:

    How come my local weather bug called for a 70 percent chance of rain this evening but we only got a couple of drops? I do not refer to that as being a 70 percent chance. I refer to a 70 percent chance as being an ALL DAY rain event or an almost ALL DAY rain event. Not as a 1 minute long long drizzle.

  3. rts says:

    The central Va seismic zone and just about anywhere along the East coast, is capable of producing small( 1 to 2 R.Scale)to very noticable (>4 R.Scale)events. As stated, the good news is they are pretty deep and don’t cause much damage. The bad news is in the early 1800’s Charleston,SC was flattened by an event that was estimated at +/- 8 R.scale.Botton line is no one knows what is causing this as east coast in pretty much tectonically inactive.

  4. SCS says:

    Remember about 6 years ago we had a quake of about 4 magnatude. I believe it was centered near Centerville(?). I felt my deck move beneath me; also noticed some months later that my windows weren’t seated as they had been. LARGE gaps where caulking had covered were then exposed. Coincidence maybe, but it got me wondering. So yes a do have mild concern.

  5. Well, my wife did tell me she felt the earth move last night…

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