2009 Heat Wave is Coming!

In what’s been a cool summer overall with only 2 days above 95 degrees, we’re about to finally get a good old-fashioned heat wave.  The big heat from the Southwest will creep our way for Sunday and likely stick around until Tuesday.  Highs near 100 are likely each day.  We’ll be close record highs. 

For comparison last year we had 16 95+ degree days and in an average year at RIC there are 12 such days.

*In other heat news:  August 6 is a day of note for heat fans.  It’s the date of Richmond’s all-time hottest temperature.  We hit 107 back in 1918.  Heat like that can only really happen in times of drought, when the soil is so dry it can’t help cool the air.*


6 Responses to 2009 Heat Wave is Coming!

  1. Kristin T. says:

    At least we aren’t looking at 107 and I don’t know what fool person would EVER want it to be that hot. Granted, I’m not looking forward to 98-100 degrees either, I loathe extremely hot weather and have been enjoying our warm, but not sweltering summer.

  2. Sirius The Star Dog says:

    First heat-wave of the summer but second one of the year.

  3. Matt Denardo says:

    Only 95 – 100 next week? ah shoot… i was hoping for about 125 degrees i want it to be sizzzling hot.

  4. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Sounds complicated. If only NBC12 had a team of volunteers standing by to answer my questions…

  5. afreiden says:

    No need. But you might need to adjust your ceiling fans or rescan your Air Conditioning.

  6. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Question: Will this require me to adjust my antenna or rescan my digital converter box?

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