Heat wimpy by comparison

Well, we endured our latest hot spell with the usual angst about how miserable it feels outside (accentuated in part by me and my media cohorts).  There’s no doubt it’s been hot the past couple of days (Aug. 9, 10), but when you step back and look at this relative to summer heat we’ve experienced so frequently around here before, it’s far from extreme.

The high temperature of 98 Monday might even be considered mild in an otherwise “normal” Richmond summer, one where we would have typically seen at least several days this hot or hotter by this point in the season.  The heat index wasn’t even absurdly high for much of the area, topping out sub-105, below that “advisory” threshold.

A quick fact check of the records also reveals that it was much hotter during these dog-days 109 years ago (surprised?).  It was the summer of 1900 when Richmond hit five days of record-shattering heat, three of those in August, two in early September.  Our all-time hottest day occurred 18 years later, on August 6, 1918, when the actual temperature sizzled to 107, not counting any heat index!

Posted by Jim Duncan


2 Responses to Heat wimpy by comparison

  1. Allen says:

    So much for global warming. 🙂

  2. Matt Denardo says:

    So basically the majority of this summer has been cooler that average. I can remember around the year 2001 or 2002 when we had 2 or 3 heat waves that each lasted for weeks, if i am remembering correctly that is. I used to work outside back then everyday and it was so hot and i sweated so much that i felt like was nearly going to black out, and that was drinking lots of cold water and taking it easy! I wish that it was that hot this summer but it has not been. So everyone just keep flying places in all those jets up in the air, and keep ripping and running those highways and joyride in vehicles and we can make it that hot again!

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