Ragweed Pollen Season Is Here

Uh oh.  Check out the pollen count from VAPA http://vaallergy.com/ The Pollen lady reports that she found ragweed pollen for the first time this season.  Too few particles to count but ragweed pollen is showing up right on schedule.  Expect the season to last through September. 

Anyone else have a few sniffles this morning?


7 Responses to Ragweed Pollen Season Is Here

  1. making hash says:

    making hash…

    […]Ragweed Pollen Season Is Here « NBC12 Weather Blog[…]…

  2. […] Ragweed Pollen Season Is Here « NBC12 Weather Blog […]

  3. I was told there would be no math.

  4. David H. says:

    That also means there’s a 40 percent chance that it won’t rain.

    • VA-native says:

      I so much agree with you David H (the comment that you posted @ 10:26 pm). I mean it like down here in FL the meteorologist is always calling for either a 30-60% chance of t-storms. Either we get it or we don’t and when we don’t get the t-storm, it is just one of those things, I don’t get upset at the meteorologist because I know that they are doing the BEST that they can, just like the ones @ WWBT12. And if we do get the t-storm I competely welcome it. 🙂 Just a friendly note: please don’t blame or bash these forecasters, I beleive that they are doing the best that they can with the high tech equipment that they have. And I think that they are doing a pretty gosh darn good job too 🙂

  5. Its Hot says:

    We have not had a drop of rain today in petersburg. What happened to the 60% rain that you forecasters said yesterday for an off and on all day rain event today? And now you have changed the 60% rain chance from yesterday to a 30% percert chance for tomorrow? So what does a 60% rain chance actually mean? I 10% percent chance that the forecasters know what they are talking about? I just dont see where you get a 60% percent chance of an “off and on all day rain event” and its not raining. I need to get a job with one of the TV stations as a weather forecasters, seems pretty simple.

  6. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    I have a theory about ragweed, and that theory is thus:

    Ragweed makes people sneeze.

    Details tonight after Dateline.

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