Camille; an unhappy anniversary

There was a story of notable significance in Sunday’s Richmond Times Dispatch that you must read.  It highlights the 40th anniversary of Camile’s devastating impact on Virginia. 

The tropical system, although weakening as it crossed Western Virginia during that third week of August, 1969, will be sorrowfully remembered for the tragic results of massive flash flooding.  Over one hundred people died when thirty inches of rain fell during just a few hours over Nelson County, unleashing torrents of flood waters and landslides.

Folks who were here then remember.  We all need to remember.

Posted by Jim Duncan


5 Responses to Camille; an unhappy anniversary

  1. Brian says:

    I enjoy this time of the year. There’s something about a hurricane that keeps me glued to the weather on TV. I do think we could use a nice hurricane or tropical storm to come through and clean the rivers and woods. Everything seems so fresh after a bad storm…

  2. Liz says:

    Matt, we’re talking about the weather here. No one will ever know what it’s going to do for sure.

    Jim, do some hurricane posts! Since Bill is sitting out there (and luckily not supposed to come toward us.)

    • nbc12weather says:

      Liz, More hurricane posts are forthcoming this week. BTW, there is no cause for any concern re hurricane Bill, at least according to latest track guidance, but we’ll keep an ey on it.
      Jim D.

  3. nbc12weather says:

    Tracking skill has actually become very good in many cases. The current array of tropical systems have fairly predictable tracks with a decent degree of certainty. “Hedging” on TV broadcasts ofen goes a bit too far imo.
    Jim D.

  4. Matt Denardo says:

    I was watching the weather channel on cable today and i was baffled by what i was seeing. The meteorologist were saying things about the approaching hurricanes and tropical storms like “There’s still alot of uncertainty of where the storms are going and,,, keep it tuned in to the weather channel to find out the latest” but every time i watch it… they never know whats going on or where the storm is heading. And i for one am getting so sick of seeing them put those storm track cones on the screen but they are always uncertain about them. It seems like they are uncertain about EVERY SINGLE STORM that forms as for its headings. They just want to drag the situation out…. more than it should be so that hopefully people will keep watching the program but thats not how it works. People can’t sit around all day just because they want to drag it out, people have more important things to be doing. I am not saying the weather is not important, it is important to me but i am waiting for the meteorologist (especially The Weather Channel) to be able to forecast 1 storm WITH some certianty

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