Hurricane Bill

Bill, the first hurricane of the Atlantic season, may soon become a major one.  Despite the headline-grabbing attention that storms of this magnitude garner, we should feel no impact from the storm.

The projected track into the weekend takes Bill on a northerly trek,  keeping him well offshore of the U.S. East coast, but potentially very close to Bermuda.  High surf conditions can be expected along the coast, though, as ocean swells will propagate a good distance from the actual storm.

The steering currents that are expected to keep Bill away from us are the same ones that brought the East very cool weather the first half of this summer, i.e. an unusually strong drop southward in the jet stream.

Posted by Jim Duncan


3 Responses to Hurricane Bill

  1. Joyce says:

    Do need some rain here in Petersburg. Seems the past few rain showers have missed us for the past month. I will take a few inches gladly from Bill..

  2. Jason says:

    The chance that Bill will hit us is probably less than 10%. All the models are consistent with the more easterly track, although they have shifted a little to the left recently, which would be good for Bermuda. The developing trough is very strong and will in turn kick Bill out to sea. It will bring cooler temperatures for us, though!

  3. harrison says:

    Is it still possible bill could hit us?

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