Next tropical system may be brewing

There are hints of the next tropical system developing over the Atlantic, although as of this writing nothing has formed yet.  If the area of clouds and thunderstorms northeast of the Leeward Islands becomes better organized, then the Tropical Prediction Center would start issuing updates.  

Bill continues to weaken rapidly over the northern Atlantic.  The forecast track by most all of the computer guidance was remarkably accurate over Bill’s lifecycle, largely due to the clearly defined upper-level steering currents.

Posted by Jim Duncan


3 Responses to Next tropical system may be brewing

  1. Tracey says:

    Patrick Henry Half Marathon starts at 7am on Saturday the 29th and will last about 3 hours. Can you please rub your cystal weather ball and let us know your predictions in Ashland for that time period. Running in the rain is not as fun!!! Work it Jim.

  2. Frannie Suggs says:

    Ya’ll are REALLY good. Ya wanna hear how good? Well, we are planning on a trip for 4 day to Va Beach for the East Coast Surfing Championships.After hearing your report this morning I called our hotel and asked if I could do day by day depending on if Danny becomes a tropical or hurrican. Well they said we don’t have any indications of any storms just a little rain on and off.
    Well guess what it is officially a tropical storm Danny as of 11 amwith the NWS. Ya’ll are so fantastic – especially you Mr. Freiden.!!!!

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