Weather complexity

A complex weather set-up will be evolving for the final few days of August over the Eastern U.S., featuring upper-level lows, high pressure ridges, frontal boundaries, and tropical moisture.

An upper low near the Gulf will help advect instability and moisture northward through the Deep South.  Another low crossing the Great Lakes will help draw a cold front towards the Eastern Seaboard.

A high pressure system, a hybrid meld of sorts of the Bermuda High, will hover east of New England, trying to block advancing southern moisture.

And, the final factor, tropical moisture from a system trying to develop near the Bahamas, will attmept to run northward east of the Carolinas.

The stage is set for some rain, but how much will depend on the eventual course of this complicated confluence of climatological cogs.

Posted by Jim Duncan


3 Responses to Weather complexity

  1. Chris says:

    this seems to be the wettest summer around here in quite a long time as there hasn’t been any water restrictions issued all year. What does this potentially mean for the fall and winter ahead?

  2. David says:

    Ray … it’s an old hoax. Here are some details:

  3. Ray says:

    Mars and Earth Encounter:
    Is it true that Mars and the Earth will come so close to one another that Mars will be as bright as the moon on the 27th of August?

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