Extreme weather?

Indulge me for a minute while I vent about the over-use of the phrase “extreme weather”.   It is so commonly thrown around these days, that you would think any weather that is not sunny and 70 degrees should be classified as abnormal.

The simple fact is this; our “normal” weather is characterized by extremes.   Every minute of every day brings some sort of weather extreme somewhere.  It always has, and always will.

Our weather within this ocean of air is never static.  It moves and morphs, but never maintains.  Extremes of heat, cold, rain, snow, and drought, play crucial roles in Nature’s balancing act.

Posted by Jim Duncan


4 Responses to Extreme weather?

  1. Sirius...The Star Dog says:

    Take a look in the mirror to see why this happens.

    Hardly a newscast passes where the on-air MET doesn’t point out how the temperature or rainfall compares to ‘where we should be for this time of year.’ It’s no wonder people think the least bit of unusual weather is abnormal when that’s the drumbeat.

    NBC12 could start the healing process by heaving their silly ‘wind chill’ reports overboard. WC’s not important until it reaches -20F or less. It trivialize the measure when it’s abused. OOOH…40F for the high today but with the wind chill it’ll feel like 33F.

  2. Russ H. says:

    The phenomena of Extreme Weather is certainly an effect of modern media. I stick mostly to the National Weather Service for my weather (other than NBC12 of course!) for the same reason I don’t watch cable news. Too much hype, not enough substance.

    Just my $0.02.

  3. Andy McKinney says:

    I agree with how you characterize weather..I can see how people would use ‘extreme’ to make a distinction between ‘rain’ and ‘heavy rain’. Unfortunately, the current ‘everywhere’ media discourages nuance and as a consequence looks set to undermine its own usefulness.

  4. Matt Denardo says:

    When do the night time lows typically drop to around 55 – 60 in this area?

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