Very cool summer for much of U.S.

The data is in, and the summer of 2009 was the 34th coolest since records began (late 1800s).  For Virginia, we had a notable absence of any prolonged heat waves, with no days reaching 100 degrees.

Check out the summary published by the NWS here:

Posted by Jim Duncan


4 Responses to Very cool summer for much of U.S.

  1. Lou says:

    Last night (monday night/tuesday morning) had forecasted a low temperature of 52 or 50 degrees by nbc 12. But that is not what my digital thermometer read. Try 39 degrees fahrenhiet and i believe it because it was rather nippy outside at 4:00 am. Earlier in the night i needed to clean this ice out of my freezer and it was a solid block which i threw out in my yard at 11:00pm. This morning at around 7:00 am it was still in my yard, it did not melt it was the same size and everything. This is another reason i do not believe the low temperature was only 52. I believe it was lower because the ice didn’t even melt any until the next day

  2. Matt Denardo says:

    A very cool but very dry summer for Virginia. Thursday night/Friday morning rainfall was the 1st meaningful rainfall at my house since early May. Thats almost 5 months with no rain; outside of a 5 minute drizzle now and then. It has killed numerous young trees that i bought and planted. I was begining to think virginia was turning into a desert environment for a while there. It got really bad its almost unbelievable! I hope that we have a much more moist winter to make up for that dry spell and not another one of those “dry artic air mass” winters again.

  3. Sirius The Star Dog says:

    How odd.

    The authors’ temperature departure data for RIC do not match the data from the RIC’s CLM bulletin.

    AKQ: +1.3
    CLM: +2.0

    AKQ: -1.4
    CLM: -0.9

    AKQ: +2.9
    CLM: +3.6

    Oh well. What do you expect from people who only earn $90K / yr.

  4. David H. says:

    I enjoyed the cool weather … but this fall sure is off to a hot start.

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