Help the National Weather Service… Be a Skywarn Spotter

The NWS in Wakefield wants you! If you are a weather enthusiast, consider becoming a NWS SKYWARN Weather spotter. SKYWARN spotters assist the NWS forecasters by reporting severe weather events in their community.

There’s a SKYWARN class in Hanover County at 6pm on Tuesday, October 13th. The class is free and will train you to spot severe weather properly.

Here’s the link for all of the SKYWARN Details.


7 Responses to Help the National Weather Service… Be a Skywarn Spotter

  1. Matt says:

    The weather is my passion, I have bookmarked this blog article so my weather freinds can enjoy it
    as much as me! Anything relating to the weather, news, photos really catches my attention.

    Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station

    Bristol Weather England

  2. Jim Hacksaw Duncan says:

    Hey Tom Patton-

    When it gonna rain again? My yard dry, yo.

  3. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    How much does the job pay? I’m not doing nights and weekends, and I’ll need two weeks off in January to get my tummy tucked.

  4. Matt Denardo says:

    How about that recent 7 day forecast? 70’s one day and 50’s the next the weather seems like it is constantly changing each day. Some say “thats normal; thats normal”… well i for one am about ready for some steady temperatures be it cold or hot just steady and not the fluctuating temps

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