October craziness

Our weather patterns this month have certainly exhibited some wild extremes.  December-like cold prevailed for several days mid-month, while currently we are in the midst of spring-like warmth and even a thunderstorm threat (as of oct 23).

Just in case you suspect this is out of the ordinary, I always like to point out that our weather is, at its core, governed by extremes.  If you examine climatological records you will see this clearly.

Nevertheless, it has been an interesting month, and gives me a clue that the upcoming winter could be as well.

by Jim Duncan


7 Responses to October craziness

  1. Sirius...The Star Dog says:

    Seems like NBC12 Wx has gone of the air.

  2. Jolene Palmore says:

    Enough with the teasing..”clue” us in to what you think the winter may bring.

  3. Cr@zy!!! says:


    I think that neither Miller A or Miller B will dominate. I believe that Miller Lite will dominate as always.

  4. Sirius...The Star Dog says:

    Where does NBC12 Wx think the mean trof will be this winter?

    Will Miller ‘A’ or Miller ‘B’ storms dominate?

  5. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Thanks for the tip. I have already been to Ukrops to stock up on enough milk and bread to last me through the season. Now I’m off to Lowe’s to buy batteries and rock salt.

  6. Alienhead Jenks says:

    What clue does it give you?

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