Too much rain

The statistics lie.

If you follow the numbers, Richmond is sitting on a rain deficit of about 6″ for the year.  At first glance you would think we need the rain.  The averages, however, don’t tell the whole story, as is usually the case.

We’ve had several soaking multi-day spells of significant precipitation this year, and we are now mired within another major such episode.  That entire deficit could very well be wiped clean by the weekend. 

And it’s not as if we really need the rain. Even with this so-called lack of rainfall for the year, we have still tallied thirty two inches of rain, an impressive amount compared with what’s typically seen by most other U.S. cities (wettest locales are found in the Southeast, particularly along the Gulf Coast).

by Jim Duncan


One Response to Too much rain

  1. Phil Riggan says:

    Can we just get the rain during the workday? I need rain-free weekends….

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