Latest rain and wind reports

Here is the latest rain and wind info from the National Weather Service:

Latest Reports


2 Responses to Latest rain and wind reports

  1. gnatty gnats says:

    It amazes me how much wind and rain that Virginia has have lately yet the NBC 12 NEWS Anchors and reporters manage to retain such sophisticated hair-dos. Almost perfect really. In the meantime all the rest of us commoners and people who are not able to be on State Television in Virginia are walking around with such terrible hair. Am i the only one on Earth who notices this kind of thing? The least the NBC 12 NEWS Anchors could do is mess your hair up a little given how the weather has been over the past number of days. But you wont actually have to do that yourself just go outside and it will be messed up.

  2. Larry Blankenship says:

    How many inches of rain did Midlothian get? I am talking around the Cloverhill high school area.

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