Shuttle Viewings in Richmond

If the shuttle takes off as scheduled today (Monday) here are your viewing opportunities in Richmond’s night sky.  If you’ve never spotted the shuttle before, it’s pretty cool.  Don’t expect to see much, though, you’ll only see a small white dot steadily moving across the sky.

SHUTTLE Sun Nov 22/06:47 PM < 1 10 10 above NNW 10 above NNW
SHUTTLE Mon Nov 23/05:36 PM 2 12 10 above N 11 above NE
SHUTTLE Tue Nov 24/05:57 PM 3 26 10 above NNW 25 above NE
SHUTTLE Wed Nov 25/06:19 PM 3 87 10 above NW 74 above SE
SHUTTLE Thu Nov 26/06:44 PM 1 22 22 above WSW 19 above SSW
SHUTTLE Fri Nov 27/05:29 PM 5 83 10 above NW 12 above SE
SHUTTLE Sat Nov 28/05:54 PM 2 23 23 above SW 11 above S

Click HERE for more information from NASA

*posted by Andrew Freiden


2 Responses to Shuttle Viewings in Richmond

  1. Phil Riggan says:

    Bryan Park has it’s own little hole away from the city lights, but Randolph-Macon College’s Keeble Observatory might have some help:

  2. Lou says:

    How come from Sunday through Wedsenday the max elevation of the shuttle appears to be getting higher each day but after Wedsenday the max elevation appears to fluctuate drastically?

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