November Rain

Guns ‘n Roses fan are having a great month.  The rest of us would like the rain to end for a while.  The rain at RIC is at an impressive 8.04″ as of the 24th.   That goes in the books as the rainiest November since record-keeping began in Richmond.

It’s been dreary out there:  rain has been recorded 10 of the last 16 days!  The weather will be more conducive to outdoor activities this weekend.  Other than some evening/night showers Thanksgiving, dry weather is expected Thursday-Sunday.  Enjoy the Holiday!

Posted by Andrew Freiden


5 Responses to November Rain

  1. Tim says:


    The wettest November link doesn’t work….

  2. Sirius...The Star Dog says:

    Year-to-date data from SE Regional Climate Center ( shows state-averaged precipitation is 9% above-normal through the end of OCT.

    Throw in NOV totals…reservoirs and water tables are in great shape.

  3. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    I remember Guns ‘n Roses. My grandpa told me he used to listen to them when he was a kid…back in the days when people actually paid for music.

  4. Phil Riggan says:

    My grandma’s leaves aren’t going to get any lighter with all this rain…make it stop Andrew! At least the UVa.-Virginia Tech game should be dry, right?

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