Weekend Cold Shot, Update

Update to below:  New guidance this morning leaning towards some snow Saturday, beginning as rain early.  Warm ground temps though.  New post on this coming tomorrow morning.

Following up on my previous blog post, the weekend shot of cold air is still on target.  As mentioned before, I had doubts about any meaningful wintry precip from a brush with offshore coastal low Saturday, and if anything the projected system seems to be trending a bit warmer.

A closer-to-the-coast track of this quick moving system would also be associated with a lagging of the colder air to our west.  So, assuming we do receive some moisture, it will most likely fall as plain old rain, at least during the early stage.  There could still be a changeover to wintry mix before ending, but this remains a very tough call.  I’ll let you know if any changes are in the works.

*by Jim Duncan


7 Responses to Weekend Cold Shot, Update

  1. Dan says:

    Dyckerson certainly makes the blog. If not for his input I would not take time to keep up with the weatherchat. Go Mighty.

    • Mighty Dyckerson says:

      Oh Dan, you say the sweetest things!

      • dan says:

        Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.

        Take the 10 year average for our area, that is not what we will have this winter season.

        Something has changed, including hurricane activity.

  2. Sirius The Star Dog says:

    Precipitation ending as snow…or a mix of snow and rain…is always a tough call b/c it usually doesn’t happen.

    This one…at this time range…looks to have a fair chance south of town.

  3. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ll keep my NBC12 Weather Radio tuned in just in case. (Pick up your NBC12 Weather Radio today! Available at participating Kroger stores!)

  4. Deborah Cooper says:

    Did anyone notice the “HUGE” ring around the moon last night and this morning? Some folks believe this is a sign of snow, since the ring is caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere…..this may sway some of those first snow predictions!!!!!

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