Weekend storm mainly rain

The weekend storm for Saturday (Dec 5) will be mainly rain for our area, with a short changeover to some wet snow before ending.   Sorry snow-lovers.  Even out to our west, mountains and western Piedmont, any accumulations will be on the slushy side.

Check out main weather discussion page for detailed discussion.


8 Responses to Weekend storm mainly rain

  1. dan says:

    If Mighty likes slush so much why did he leave channel 12?

  2. Matt Alley says:

    It’s not like we don’t get big snows. We got hammered last march. For us snow lovers we need to keep in mind that Richmond usually gets it’s big snows in February or March. Plus looking at the long range their is a chance for a bid daddy of a storm. It’s a long ways out but something to keep an eye on.

  3. bobby-r says:

    Per usual, the timing of cold air and the arrival of a storm can’t seem to sync-up for RIC. When it comes to snow, once again the folks in the deep south will beat out Richmond. Parts of Lousiana have winter storm warnings posted. It remains to be seen if the snow materializes down there but parts of LA are expecting up to 3″ of snow today and tonight. At the present there’s light snow falling in Shreveport,LA. For Richmond snow lovers it must be getting difficult to accept that points south of VA,far south of VA, are more likely to have snow than RIC,it’s becoming the normal.

  4. Jason says:

    Watch December 17th for the Big Daddy!

  5. Jason says:

    Watch for December 17th for the Big Daddy!

  6. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    I’m a slush lover anyway, so I’m thrilled.

  7. Phil Hunt says:

    I still say 2 inches in Amelia County.

  8. Phil Riggan says:

    Just rain in Richmond? I’ve seen enough of that. There goes the kids’ plan to whap each other with snow balls….

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