No show for snow

Bad news for all you snow fanatics out there.  No real signs of winter storms for us at least for the next week.  Even though we’ve had several coastal storms lately, cold air has not meshed with the advancing moisture.

This weekend will provide yet another example, as a southern-tracking system will draw enough warm air in that we see rain Sunday.  While a very brief mix will be possible early, even that appears sketchy except for areas well to the west and north of Richmond.  And it won’t last long in those areas.

Another storm slated for around the middle of next week looks warm and rainy as well. 

* by Jim Duncan


18 Responses to No show for snow

  1. Sherry says:

    Dec. 18, 2009
    I live in Boone, NC and it is snowing now and they are calling for between a foot and 18 inches or more!
    We have got our woodstove cranked up and feeling cozy and have our cameras ready for some beautiful mountain pictures! (We may be snowed in for awhile, but we are prepared!)

  2. phil says:

    If u have lived in richmond you know this happens every year. We get are hopes up for a big storm but it ends up as all rain. I think we will be lucky if we see more than 2 inches of snow this year. If snow is what your looking for Richmond isnt where you will find it.

  3. J.r says:

    One of the strangest things that I have ever seen happened right on the top of Afton mt during a winter storm. I was parked beside Rt 250 in 7 inches of snow with heavy snow falling, less than 30 feet in front of me facing east there was no snow on the ground with heavy rain falling with a few snowflakes mixed in. Now that was one hell of a crazy feeling !

  4. J.r says:

    Yes Richmond can get more snow than out here once in awhile. It dosen’t happen often but it can happen. Waynesboro and Crozet are only 9 miles apart but Waynesboro got exactly twice as much last weekend. There is a big difference between the Cville area and just over the mt. The perfect VA snowstorms gives Williamsburg east rain, Richmond a mix with a few inches , Cville near a foot and the valley area 1-2 feet. Anyway lets all hope that this winter will somehow turn out great for all of us snow lovers in VA.!!!!

  5. dc says:

    I think Richmond gets more snow than the Valley sometimes, because many times the big coastal moisture completely misses the Western part of the state. Friends in Cville have told me that we got more than them this past winter, thanks to our 10 inches in March.

  6. J.r says:

    I live out here near Waynesboro at the bottom of Afton mt. We almost never get our average snow out here anymore either. I know how dissapointed I get sometimes out here but at least we still do get some snow each winter in the valley. So I can only imagine how you guys in eastern VA feels when most winters that area gets no snow at all. We were lucky enough to get between 6- 8 inches last weekend, that may be our only snow all winter who knows. However it’s not just VA thats way below average this decade, it’s the entire mid-Atlantic from Roanoke to Philly south to Richmond and all points between. But espescially the I 95 cities and areas east that have been shut out most years. However even in the best of years it’s difficult to get many snows in Richmond due to it’s location, it’s often easier to get snow farther south/ southwest than it is is there. But anyway good luck hope the whole state sometime this winter gets one of those 1-3 foot legendary blizzards that we are long overdue for !!!

  7. Dave says:

    Emily, we are far enough North and West that we should not be getting to 60 every time precip comes into the area – especially in December. Trust me, Richmond used to get a lot more snow than it does now. We haven’t even come close to hitting our average in over seven years. I get that the average is often made up of one big storm a year, but even with last year’s “big” snow in March, we were still six inches short of the average. To go seven years without anything, we’re going to need 2-3 feet this year just to keep that average alive.

  8. Emily says:

    As much as we love snow here, why complain in angry ways about it? We’ve never been subject to annual heavy snows, which is why it’s still a big deal here and that’s why it’s still exciting. The sizeable snows we do have don’t come in December–last year’s came in March. The one prior was in January or February of around 2000 and in 1996 it was also in January. These are rare snows so the lack of snow in Richmond is not new. Look at where we are geographically/geologically…almost smack-dab in the middle of the East coast, between the ocean and mountains, how much snow do you actually expect?

  9. Sirius...The Star Dog says:

    DEC’s never been a primo month for all that much snow ’round here. Any snow we get this time of year is icing on winter’s cake. Average snowfall in MAR is 20% greater than the average snowfall in DEC.

    Prime-time for the Richmond metro-plex snowfall is JAN and FEB…so don’t touch that dial.

    That said…can’t say I share NBC12’s pessimistic…’Debbie-downer’ outlook for the remainder of the month. Short-range forecast models have been more than horrible so far this winter…having missed two…more than decent…snowfall events in the NE CONUS the past week….until just before game time.

  10. scs says:

    My official guess (submitted to NBC12) was in January anyway. Don’t know why I keep wanting it to snow prior to that! Of course, it could snow and not accumulate then I would still have a chance! Oh, I forgot, this is Richmond… doubt we see anything all year. 😦

  11. Dave says:

    Are we really surprised? Every winter is the same crap around here. The forecast about a week out says snow, and then you can almost guarantee that it will be changed to rain by the day before the so called “wintry weather” was supposed to arrive. So here’s my question…why even bother forecasting it and getting people’s hopes up? I know the GFS model that is saying it…I look at it myself. But I think it would be wise to ignore it until the day of…because it jumps around like crazy.

    I’m really sick of it. We can have cold shots, but it’s 40s at best and the cold nights never coincide with moisture. Every time a storm comes, the temps jack up to 50s/60s/even 70s. I would hardly call this artic air. I’m frankly really over Richmond. Although it never snowed a ton here, it used to at least give a couple inches, usually once before Christmas. But no more. Guess I’ll have to move to Minnesota or Colorado…this place is a DUD.

    • Mighty Dyckerson says:

      “So here’s my question…why even bother forecasting it and getting people’s hopes up?”

      –Because Jim and Andrew get kickbacks from Ukrop’s every time they say the “s” word.

    • scs says:

      The forecasters have gotta give people a chance to prepare for the worst! I had a pharmacy customer ignore the forecast (this was years ago) and get caught without insulin! I was at work, but he couldn’t get to the pharmacy. I ended up taking it to him after work!

  12. Matt Alley says:

    Al Gore. REALLY?

  13. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    This is all due to global warming. Listen to Al Gore, people. The man is a genius.

  14. kristinrosemoon says:

    Ugh….is it EVER going to get cold enough to snow?!

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