12 Hours To Go…

6am Friday Update

Nothing quite gets the blog burning like snow!  As I type, we’re about 10 hours away from the leading edge of precipitation and we’re still thinking the Richmond metro will get 4-7″ of snow on the Eastern side to 8-12″ on the west side. 

The big winners when it comes to snow totals?  West Central Virginia (Charlottesville, Wintergreen, Lynchburg) could get 2′ of snow out of this storm.  There’s plenty of moisture to work with and just west of Metro Richmond it’ll be cold enough for this to be snow for the entire duration of the storm through the day tomorrow.

There is a tight gradient when it comes to snow totals with this storm.  Western Goochland and New Kent County are only about 1 hour apart, but the snow totals could be dramatically different. 

The lower totals (although still impressive) on the east side of town are due to our concern that a slightly more inland jog of the storm track could keep rain and sleet in the mix overnight and early tomorrow for longer than currently expected.

*Posted by Andrew Freiden


83 Responses to 12 Hours To Go…

  1. MikeRVA says:

    Just had some thunder and lightning as well, still snow. I’ve only seen that twice in my 30 some years. Once was the blizzard of ’93.

  2. Charley says:

    Just about 8 inches here just north of the Fan. Forecasts are getting a bit more optimistic temperature wise for the area, though still expecting some change over for 2 different periods (early morning hours, and around 8-10am) but otherwise just snow [from weather.com].

  3. MikeRVA says:

    Just measured 7″ in my back yard (2″ in the last hour) in Bon Air! And it’s still all snow falling at the same rate.

  4. Jason says:

    Not sure what the difference is, but every other site ssems to me calling for 10+ here…and given we already have 3-4 in Chesterfield, I think that sounds about right, at least…could be more…where is the 4-7 coming from? I think we’ll have 4 by 11!

  5. Jason says:

    I’m not sure what nbc 12 is looking at. 4-7? This is starting to look like the big one. 3-4 inches on the ground as we speak in Midlothian, and still pouring. If it stays below or close to 32, and it’s 30 right now, we will get well over 10 inches…

  6. MikeRVA says:

    About 5-6″ in Bon Air and still snowing at the same rate. Our Maltese is struggling too. He has never seen snow before either, so that doesn’t help.

  7. Jerry Bertram says:

    2″ of snow in Chesterfield off Hopkins Road. Weiner dog can barely get around outside. Starting to see some sleet now.

  8. WeatherNut says:

    9pm and 6″ in my yard Shortpump.

  9. MikeRVA says:

    About 2″ on my patio table in Bon Air as well.

  10. WeatherNut says:

    Now 2″ on my deck Shortpump area 6:30pm

  11. Dave says:

    About an inch here on the railings in the West End. Coming down pretty steady. Whatever we end up with; I’m already happy with it. Our neighborhood is prone to power outages whenever someone just sneezes too loud….so I’d like it to stop now please 😉

  12. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Already lots of white stuff here in Gilpin Court. Keep it coming!

  13. DrewE says:

    Falling steadily in Midlothian VA, in the Monacan Highschool area.

  14. MikeRVA says:

    I just saw that Jim is now saying 4-7 for the Richmond metro area, but more in the western counties. I’m not happy about that. I want the full foot here!

  15. WeatherNut says:

    1/4 inch on my deck already. 5:22pm Shortpump area.

  16. jpic says:

    Another update from Midlothian, now its flakes coming down at a really good clip. Deck railing are already white.

  17. Ilovesnow says:

    LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW….The last decent snow in December I remember was right around Christmas Eve 1966 (about 8 inches). It was a wonderful white Christmas. Maybe this year too!

  18. jpic says:

    village of midlothian first flakes and snow pellets 4:58 no sleet

  19. MikeRVA says:

    Mixed sleet and snow in Bon Air (Buford and Forest Hill Ave area)!!!

  20. SBoyd says:

    Steady flakes falling in Western Henrico.

  21. Mike says:

    Why do pepole like to make french toast when it snows?
    That’s what I figure they’re doing with all the bread and milk

  22. I believe the largest snowfall was in Dec of 1906 at 17.5 inches. Not sure if advertising is allowed, but anyone interested in learning ballroom dance should visit my website http://www.and-dance.com I teach in the Richmond and surrounding areas.

  23. Mark Drexler says:

    I can remember when it was normal for Virginia to get this kind of weather. What is the biggest snowfall in Virginia?

  24. Dave says:

    What a monster this could turn into! I’m excited. As for the last time we had any kind of sizable December snow. I believe it was around Dec. 4th 2004. I used to drive school buses for Henrico, and remember that the kids had to get out early that day because the snow started coming down. I seem to remember about an inch or two sticking throughout the day. Anyways, peanuts compared to what’s possible overnight tonight and through tomorrow. That would bring the snow totals for the year 2009 in Richmond to near record levels would it not? With the storm we had back in March 2009…if we see 10+” out of this one…it would bring it to around 19″-20″ for the year right?

    Good luck all…stay safe and stay inside if you don’t need to be out!!!! 🙂

  25. Andy says:

    I can see snow on the radar covering the area but it’s not reaching the ground. Is there a term for this situation?

  26. DrewE says:

    Jim or Andrew,

    I’m sure you are getting tired of these questions, but my map reading skills are fair at best, and I have no idea what the totals are saying for the Midlothian/Chesterfield area, mainly near the Midlothian, Courthouse Rd. intersection.

    Please respond,
    Thanks =)

  27. JBurkhead says:

    Bring on the SNOW! I love it! Merry Christmas Everyone!

  28. SC says:

    I am ready for the snow. I went to the store on the way to work this morning to beat the crowds after work. Now I just need to find something to put in a hot toddy. 🙂

  29. TRoss says:

    It’s amazing how many GROWN people quickly turn into kids when a bunch of talk about the white stuff begins…. Gee whiz…. Now where did I put that disc and sled? I know they are here somewhere…

  30. SBoyd says:

    Keep up the good work. It is hard to find information on the snow and I am glad there is a forum for updated information.
    I do know that sleds are hard to find in the area. If anyone needs to find sleds check with Westbury Pharmacy. They have disc and toboggan plastic sleds called Bigfoots. They are both under $15.

  31. JPal says:

    I’m guessing I shouldn’t travel to Kenbridge tomorrow?? Rt. 360 will probably be impassable?? Any guesses on how much Glen Allen/Innsbrook may see?

    • Snowman says:

      JPal. Check out Weathernuts comment above. His numbers look pretty good from the buzz that’s going around.

    • JCal says:

      Is this Jonathan or Jolene? Only JPals I can think of that might be going to Kenbridge. We canceled our plans to make that trip. More worried about 153 than 360.

  32. Mark T says:

    So much for global warming

  33. Johnny D says:

    look for the track of “L” for real dividing line for snow totals. Low that tracks farther to the east will take the snow total line to the east as well. It is hard to find a Low tracking line online. Any thoughts on the “L” track?

  34. WeatherNut says:

    Far Westend (Shortpump area) will see 10-18″ by storm end (Sunday morning)

    Further west Gouchland/Louisa heading towards Charlottesvile will be in the 16-24″ range.

    This storm will go down in history for this area. Be prepared people.

  35. KD says:

    Andrew your thoughts on the 12z GFS & NAM w/ qpf of 1.8″ to 2.3″ and in excess of 20″ of snow for Metro RIC?

  36. ryan says:

    Whats the best gues for the westend? bring on the feet!

  37. Sanket Patel says:

    Thanks for an update on this winter weather

  38. Alex says:

    I live right by Swift Creek Middle, any ideas on the total around here?

  39. GirlyGirly says:

    Hello Andrew!
    What do you think about what Mechanicsville will be seeing?

  40. Nealo says:

    Hey Andrew. What’s your best guess for the Brandermill area?

    • afreiden says:

      You guys are right on the line between our 8-12″ area and the 4-7″ area. It’ll be interesting.

      Andrew Freiden
      Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
      804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
      804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

      • kristinrosemoon says:

        When I saw that this morning I was so excited as I’m in Brandermill too! I’m thinking we’ll be on the 8-12 side or at least call me optimistic! 😉

  41. Jamie says:

    What a great day to snuggle inside with the kiddo’s making cookies! I couldn’t be more excited!!!

  42. Nancy says:

    To the snow I say, “Shoo!!! Go away! Come back next weekend!”

    I have way too much last-minute Christmas shopping to do this weekend to be bothered with snow!

  43. Ace says:

    Please drive safely. For someone who has lived in Richmond all my life I hate hearing others say we locals don’t know how to drive in snow. Could the bad drivers be the same persons that complain and that have moved here and forgotten we don’t have the equipment as Northern states to clear and treat roads. Stay home and enjoy the show tomorrow with your family.

    • Skeller85 says:

      No, locals really do drive poorly in the snow. That’s not a knock, though. If you’ve not had a lot of experience in it, you just don’t know how to drive in it. One word of advise- 4 wheel drive does not mean the speed limit is appropriate. With sleet and rain involved first, there will be ice at the base. Four wheel drive on ice simply means you have four wheels spinning out instead of two. So, respect the conditions and keep your pace, and you’ll do fine. Better yet, we should all just stay off the roads until they’re clear enough for travel.

  44. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    The white stuff has already begun falling in Short Pump! This is gonna be one humdinger of a blizzard if I’ve ever seen one! I…

    …Oh wait, never mind. Apparently someone in the office must have taped a few paper snowflakes on the window. Heads will roll!!!

  45. Chuck says:

    OK..Just left the Kroger at Route 10 and Jeff Davis…It’s a madhouse…if you need bread and milk get it now !!!!!!

  46. afreiden says:

    Is this who I think it is? Mr. Ralston from Courtenay Dorm? Do what I’m doing: Catch the Monday night Tussle at JPJ instead! Plenty of good seats available. See you There.

    • sralston says:

      You Are Correct Sir… in my best Ed McMahon voice. Coming from NOVA makes weekday games tough but if I don’t make it say “Hi” to Mike for me. He’s the new strength-and-conditioning coach for men’s basketball.

  47. sralston says:

    So you’re telling me that this snow storm is going to blow my chances of getting down (from NOVA) and seeing my beloved Hoos Saturday night? Can’t you do a better job of scheduling these weather occurrences around important events? Thanks for providing expected totals. You can’t believe how difficult it is to find predicted totals on the Internet.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    What about the Midlothian/Chesterfield area? Are we too close to metro Richmond to see the big snow??

  49. Chris says:

    yeah prepared for a busy day at work today, these are the types of days i hate working in grocery. what will the conditions be like in mechanicsville by tomorrow am? will wait and see if i should even bother going in tomorrow.

  50. Liz says:

    I am sooooooooooooooo excited!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!

  51. Emergency Services Worker says:

    Please stay off the roadways if you can and give your local Emergency Services Worker a break for the next couple of days. We’re going to be busy as it is plus we’re trying to drive in this stuff too.

    I’ll say thank you now to all of the VDOT, County Roads, Dominion Power and anyone else that has to leave their families and go out in the weather. Be careful ladies and gentlemen!

  52. afreiden says:

    OK gang, No more global warming discussion for today! Let’s keep it friendly.
    RE: bust for snow lovers? Watch that cutoff line East of town. Big snows likely North and West.

  53. Joseph Sandmeyer says:

    This just goes to show that the global warming believers are full of bologna!

  54. Jim says:

    No more Whitehouse rolls from Ukrops since they have been sold

  55. Kim Perry says:

    Bring it on I went to Ukrops last night.

  56. Sue says:

    It takes a lot for Richmond to get snow. I’m going to wait and see. I’m ready but I’ll believe the totals when I see it. Everything has to be just right for us to get a big snow accumulation in one storm. Can’t remember seeing that.

  57. Jim says:

    Andrew, what is the latest info on this storm ? Is this going to be another bust for snow lovers ?

    • afreiden says:

      Jim (Duncan) and I still think sleet and rain will be mixed with snow for a large chunk of the viewing area EAST of I-95. Tough to miss the snow for most.

  58. Barry says:

    That Global Warming is “heck”, Isn’t it…

    • Charley says:

      Global Warming is a bit of a misnomer… A better term is ‘Global Weirding’. Climate patterns will shift throughout the planet with an overall warming trend. Case and point, this winters higher than usual precipitation and lower temperatures have been forecasted due to an unexpected el nino.

  59. Andrea says:

    I’m landing in Richmond from Chicago at midnight tonight…do you think there will be airport delays at that time?

    • afreiden says:

      Minor only. That will be the beginning of the storm and winds won’t have picked up yet.

      • McClure says:

        I am picking up my stepson from BWI in the morning, his flight is to arrive at 7:52 am from Dayton, OH. Do you think it will be delayed? I know Ohio isn’t set for snow…

  60. Andy says:

    What will be even more interesting is the second storm next week. With cold temps this coming week there won’t be a lot of melt in between systems. Joe Bastardi deemed this will be a “December to remember.” I think he’s right… 😉

  61. JPal says:

    So I’ve got my milk & bread and new snow boots for the kiddos….bring it on!

  62. gnat says:

    i’m looking at the national radar right now. i can see the storm to the south. it looks like its predominately a big rain storm with hardly no (white echos) showing on the radar as in snow

  63. ryan says:

    come storm track go 20 miles further east and make it all snow for the entire time!

  64. Lou says:

    Gosh i can’t remember how long ago its bee when we had a snow (in central va) that early in a winter season. I remember the snow of December 23/24 1998 but, i cannot remember the most recent snow earlier than the date of Dec 23/24 1998. I remember it did snow on one Thanksgiving (or near not sure of exact day) in central va but that was like around 1990 or 1991

  65. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    I am hunkered down and braced for impact! Godspeed, Jim Duncan!

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