Tell us your snow totals!

Post here with your totals.  Massive winter storm will dump big-time over parts of the area into Saturday night.

* Jim Duncan


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  2. Tiffany says:

    4 inches here in Dinwiddie. this was a real disappointment. and it was covered in ice, so the baby still cant play in it.

  3. tom says:

    28″ total in Waynesboro, 31″ on Afton Mtn and Wintergreen ski resort. Day of digging here today, W’boro public works crews are amazing. I lived in Richmond for 27 years.

  4. sids says:

    In Powhatan we got 16-17inches

  5. Barbara Jean says:

    In Goochland, near the Courthouse: 15.5 inches as of this morning when the sun came out!

  6. Stevieboy says:

    We didn’t get a flake here in San Diego! But it was mid 70s on the beach yesterday ;>) Enjoy it hometown Richmond!

  7. Thanks, Chicago! Seems more like 20″ – 22″ inches here in Wyndham.

  8. muff daddy says:

    Chicago here, we got a dusting.

  9. MayMay says:

    Location: Glen Allen Library area (Staples Mill & Mountain/Springfield Rds)

    15″ Front Yard
    17″ Back Yard

    I’m a northerner so I am soooo loving this!!! This is even better than the last snow storm our area had back in March. Anyone else remember that?

  10. tbelcher says:

    total of 14″ in west end at parham and broad intersection.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Dinwiddie…four inches on my back deck. Hard packed frozen snow now because we got a lot of rain and sleet on this side.

  12. Sherry says:

    Was 14 inches yesterday, Dec. 19. Snowed another inch overnight, so 15 inches total in West Jefferson, NC.

  13. Heather says:

    20 inches in Bumpass, Louisa County, not far from Hanover line.

  14. sarah says:

    16 inches in Montpelier!

  15. Matt Pender says:

    27 inches in The Fan! Main and Harvie!

  16. Mike says:

    16 inches on the back deck in Kings Charter subdivision and still snowing hard at 6:10 pm

  17. daveb says:

    10 inches at 5:15am Warrne & Acworth, Glen Allen. Continues to fall.

  18. Liz says:

    17 inches and counting in Beaverdam.

  19. About 8″ in Church Hill, but ST. JOHN’S CHURCH will have worship at 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., as always! Blessings.

  20. stuart b says:

    last report for ashland center of the universe
    14 inches and winds

  21. Tom Berry says:

    Measured 14″, using a yardstick, on our patio table (no drifting) at 11:00 a.m. We’re in Madison Village in Charter Colony – Midlo. Still snowing.

  22. tom c says:

    It looks like 8 inches to me, but me wife says its only 5.

  23. Jesse B says:

    Dec. 19th

    Ridgefield & Pump Rd. area, how about 19″, just measured 1 hour ago.

  24. Scott says:

    We got heavy rain/freezing rain last night in Chester and that beat the total down. It was 9 inches when I went to bed last night around 1:30am, but now we’re back down to 7 inches.

    But the snow is picking back up again- should it fill in as prediced or is that it? (NWS just upped the prediction for today to 4-6 additional, but I’m not seeing it).

  25. Tiffany says:

    12.5″ in my front yard in Chamberlayne Farms!!! Woohoo!!!

  26. Sarah says:

    13″ near Parham and Patterson

  27. MikeRVA says:

    10:00am – Bon Air (Near Joe’s Inn) – 11″ with a thin ice crust from last night. Still snowing, but slowing down and occasional gusts.

  28. Shawn says:

    We got about 10 -12in in the West End

  29. Martha W. says:

    West End of Henrico off Parham near Parham Rd. Baptist- 12″- snowing hard- all snow.

  30. George says:

    City of Richmond (Museum District): Lowest depth was 5″ near the top porch step. Sidewalk gives variations of 10″ to 13″. Very dense snow continuing to fall at a medium rate.

  31. Amie says:

    Hello from Beaverdam! We are up to 18 inches from 10 inches last night.Have Fun and enjoy!!

  32. Carolyn says:

    By Glen Allen Elementary we have about 22″!

  33. tom says:

    Play first, dig later, 24″ at 10 AM in Waynesboro! Vehicles parked on street have completely “disappeared”. Still snowing VERY hard. I have lived in this house since June 1996 and heard sounds of creaking roof framing throughout the night. House was built in 1914 so has seen plenty of these! Be careful, have fun!

  34. Pam says:

    12″ in Mechanicsville and it’s snowing hard again.

  35. Frank Spencer says:

    Snow in eastern Sandston is 9.5″ on my car. Down by the barn measured 11″. Snow falling good now. Loveing it!!!!

  36. LaDonna says:

    10-1/2″ now, area around Parham and Patterson. Still falling.

  37. Beth says:

    The snow started here at 4:45 last night. 8″ by midnight, 10″ by dawn. It’s been sleeting since sometime after midnight, with a change to snow by 9:30 this morning.

    We’re on Old Church/eastern Hanover.

  38. Diane says:

    16″ in the Montpelier and Ashland area. It is still falling.

  39. Paleprincess says:

    We measured 6 inches in our backyard near Bird HS in Chesterfield, but it doesn’t seem that deep. We have freezing rain out here now, making a nice crust on top. Waiting for that changeover to snow so we can go out and play in it!

  40. Catherine says:

    In Gloucester(north-western part of county) we had a little over 4in. at midnight and then it started raining. Now (at 8:45)we have a couple of inches of slop and no precip.

  41. Janet says:

    12 inches on our farm off New Ashcake Rd. in Mechanicsville near Hanover Airport. Sleet/rain mix has turned to heavy snow at 8:45.

  42. David says:

    15 inches in Beaverdam at 8:30am. Still snowing heavy!!

  43. Jennifer says:

    13 inches in Western Henrico (Hungary and Staples Mill). Sleet and flurries continue to come down.

  44. ryan says:

    damn change over before that we had 13 inches glenside/staples mill now sleeting like crazzy…i’m guessing we are done i’m not seeing the snow coming back in. but you never know.

  45. Betty says:

    I am in the near west end of Richmond and heard several rumblings of thunder last night about midnight!

  46. Becky M says:

    Thank you for all your posts. Keeping an eye on my daughter in Short Pump area. I’m envious of your snow but sitting here in Miami in 70 degree weather isn’t bad either.

  47. Meredith says:

    Have little bit more than 9 inches! Old Church-Mechanicsville (Hanover)

  48. Molly O'Keefe says:

    We have just over 13 inches in Glen Allen this morning and it’s currently sleeting.

  49. Mary Reed says:

    14.5 gorgeous inches in Montpelier and it’s still coming down.

  50. Alison says:

    We have 10.5″ on the deck here in Mechanicsville (Cold Harbor Rd at Rte 360).

  51. Shannon says:

    As of 6:00 am, measured 9.5″ in the middle of the yard (no drifting out there).

  52. Terri says:

    7:30 a.m. Doswell, VA (Kings Dominion area) has 14 inches and it’s snowing again after about 15 minutes of sleet.

  53. The Frasers says:

    We are in Rockville, VA (on Hanover/Goochland county line near Short Pump) and we have 15.5 inches this AM and it is now sleeting.

  54. Valerie says:

    I just measured 13 inches in the front yard here in Mechanicsville near 301 and have decided not to work today.

  55. James Failing says:

    Measuring 14 inches North of Ashland on Rte 1

  56. Dael says:

    What are they doing for the people stuck behind immobilized vehicles on the on and off ramps and I 95? My husband is stuck north of Richmond.

  57. Karen says:

    My measuring here in Caroline is around 14 inches

  58. Jay Cummins says:

    Just over 10″ in Glen Allen:

  59. Scott says:

    Snow is still coming down in Lady Smith (north of Richmond) Winds about 10mph and there is about 12inch on the ground.

  60. Brad says:

    New Kent(Courthouse area)
    7″ @ 5:30 AM

  61. angelashumate says:

    14″ of snow and counting – Short Pump – Ridgefield and Gayton Road Area

  62. Alice Corrigan says:

    Church road in Short Pump at 5:20 am 11 1/2 inches!

  63. Doug says:

    In Hadensville which is mile marker 154 on 64. west of gumsprings. Had a foot of snow by 11pm gave up on shoveling. Its 5am and just checked on the horses. snow drifts almost to my waist. Driveway where i had not shoveled 2 feet easy. Is their a number for emergency transportation for essential employees?

  64. DebbieW says:

    Would love to measure here in Mechanicsville but can’t get the doors open!!! Looks like 10+

  65. Brad B says:

    In the west end of Richmond, I measured 11 inches at 4:30 AM.

  66. MikeRVA says:

    4:00am – Bon Air – Snow has stopped, moderate sleet and gusty. Still about 9″ snow accumulation.

  67. eLiTe J says:

    3:40am and have just measured 9 inches in the backyard here in Midlothian, sleeting/snowing moderately hard(more sleet than snow as of right now) with some wind gusts. 31 degrees outside of my house.

  68. Bob says:

    3:30am and I have just under 8 inches in Midlothian.

  69. Corrie says:

    3:25: Broad street and Hungary Spring, 10.5-11 inches. Depends on the spot I measure. Trees block some of the areas.

    I wonder if this storm will really continue all day tomorrow? Looks like it could end sometime around noon looking at the radar.

    • MikeRVA says:

      I was wondering the same thing. The radar doesn’t really project the rotation of the storm very well though. So, I’m guessing the rotation will make it last longer… That’s just a guess though.

    • Tom says:

      We’ll have to see if the coastal low spins up and the anticipated lift arrives to give us more snow, or if the whole storm is moving to the north faster than anticipated. The trailing edge of the current precipitation is already moving into the state.

      • Corrie says:

        What do you think will happen Tom?

      • Tom says:

        Winter storms are so complex. They must drive the professional forecasters nuts! The coastal low that is expected to affect us is deepening off of Hattaras, and moisture is feeding onshore. The upper level trough that is supposed to rotate into the area is in place. It will be interesting to see if we get heavy snow by mid- to late morning. The NWS has revised their forecast accumulations downward. I’ll be curious to see how the NBC12 forecast evolves. This crew is spot on, so often.

  70. Tom says:

    In Chesterfield Co., 1 mi. S. of Rt. 60, 1/4 mi. E. of Rt. 76, measured on a snow board:

    12/18, 23:30 – 6.2″, moderate snow and snow pellets
    12/19, 02:15 – 9.1″, moderate snow and sleet
    12/19, 02:45 – 8.6″, heavy sleet

    Lightning and thunder observed, as already reported for Chesterfield.

  71. Kirkland Charity Jr says:

    About 8-10 inches in Varina about 10 minutes from the airport and still coming down.

  72. Rich says:

    In Brandermill 3am, looks to be about 7 – 8 inches.

  73. Karen says:

    Jim – you’re doing a great job – thanks for all of your hard work. I heard thunder earlier as well; very cool! 11″ + here near River Rd/Gaskins.

  74. Betty says:

    Very close to RIC. Measured 3″ at 11:15. Probably 4″ now. Snow falling very lightly. Also heard thunder earlier.

  75. Karla says:

    11″ and still coming down strong in Glen Allen near the VA Center Commons. 1:42 AM

  76. Deb W. says:

    Its 1:30am here, just measured outside in middle of the yard in Hopewell (near the Appomattox River) and so far we have 6″ with very light falling now. Enough to swallow up my Chihuahua, bless his heart, lol.

  77. Erin says:

    I can confirm Rachel’s measurement… just measured 11 inches on our back deck in Kings Charter (Atlee/Mechanicsville).

  78. Hubert says:

    Approximately 13 inches in the southern part of Cumberland and still snowing heavy. Just shoveled a path for the dogs to go out.

  79. JoJo Lima Bean says:

    9 inches in westover hills (south richmond)!! Heard/saw some of the thundersnow too…..AMAZING!

  80. Ben S says:

    1:20a.m. here in Cumberland, we’ve got about 10 3/4″, and still coming down strong! This is a great snow storm!

  81. Robertson family says:

    Well at 1:09 am Chesterfield Co. off Hull Street has 9.5 inches of powder. Just in time for my daughters 3rd birthday. This is going to make it a special day even if no once comes to the party.

  82. Rachel says:

    11 inches here in Mechanicsville!

  83. dave says:

    thundersnow in bon air….already approaching a foot!

  84. DrewE says:

    Just measured at just above 7 inches in Midlothian.

    This is insane!

  85. Summer says:

    oh I forgot and it’s still coming down no signs of sleet/rain

  86. Summer says:

    we are at almost 10 inches in Crewe Va at 11:30 pm.

  87. leigha says:

    7 in here in powhatan

  88. Joe says:

    12:57am here in Fishersville, in the Shenandoah valley and we have 14inches and still putting it down!!

  89. Ron says:

    10″ as of 12:30 am Crainey Island (295 & 301).

  90. Jess says:

    as of 12:45 – 6 inches – Bailey Bridge Rd/Hull St area

  91. Ron says:

    As of Midnight 10″ at Crainey Island (301 & 295)

  92. Kristin says:

    Here in Goochland/Sandy Hook we’re right at 12 inches. (12:41 AM)

  93. Chrissy says:

    9.5 inches for parham and mayland area at 12:30am

  94. EricWG says:

    8.75″ here at Staples Mill and Glenside. We’ve got some thundersnow as well.

  95. maryann says:

    Short Pump, almost 10 inches so far.

  96. EricWG says:

    8.75″ now at Glenside and Staples Mill. Getting some thunder snow here as well.

  97. BB says:

    We just measured 8″ in our front yard in Bon Air (Forest Hill & Buford). We also had two lightning flashes and thunder a few minutes apart.

  98. nbc12weather says:

    Confirmed thundersnow in Richmond’s west end… watch for quick blast of heavier precip.

  99. nbc12weather says:

    Thundersnow!!! Hear any rumbles accompanied by even heavier snow or sleet?
    Jim D.

  100. pcasey says:

    12:19 – I just hear THUNDER in the west end! Snowing like crazy.(Patterson / Gaskins) Have not measured for a while but the illuminated plastic snowmen that are by my front sidewalk are buried, so I’m thinking 9 inches.

  101. WeatherNut says:

    11 inches Shortpump 12:20am. Looks like my earlier predictions are going to be close with this storm.

  102. Jay says:

    Same in Ginter Park. Thought it was a transformer blowing, but just Mother Nature.

  103. David G says:

    Lightning/Thunder snow in Chesterfield county @ 12:12 AM.

  104. Jane says:

    12.10 a.m. – at least 6 inches in Manakin, Goochland and near white-out conditions. Just went up to the barn to check on a newborn cria that arrived this morning. Perfect timing!

  105. Shane Kirsten says:

    We have just under 7 inches in Moseley of Powhatan!

  106. ryan says:

    9 in westend coming down crazy hard i easliy see 20plus out of this especially since it is going for 18 more hours.

  107. Annie says:

    At 12:06 am I just heard thundersnow.

  108. Mike H says:

    measured at 11:45 6.5 inches in Bon Air

  109. Niteangl1967 says:

    looking like about 8 inches here on my back deck. Hanover near Cold Harbor

  110. tom says:

    Thanks Jim, this is cool! Cars are “going under” in Waynesboro! 11:50 PM. Still coming down hard. Started at about 3:30 and over 13″ now. Will be fun in the AM! Have fun Richmond!

  111. Jonathan says:

    Just over 4 inches in Providence Forge. Started as mostly sleet around 5:00 but all snow since about 6:15.

  112. Scott says:

    Hey Jim what do you think will be the final totals in the Richmond area? If it keeps snowing until late evening tomorrow this could get over 12 inches easy.

  113. Scott says:

    7 inches in Chester at 11:45pm

  114. J & J says:

    Mechanicsville, Creighton Rd and Walnut Grove here with 9″ of snow at 11:30pm. I really think that for once they have understated the snow totals since they are still forcasting a total storm total of 10-12 for this area!

  115. Brit Fit says:

    8.5 inches in short pump area. Our pug can no longer go outside… still coming down hard.

  116. Ron S. says:

    Innsbrook has 9.0″ at 11:15 pm and still coming down hard! I’ve shoveled twice already tonight and do it once more before going to bed. That’s better than trying to shovel 18″ tomorrow . . especially if it rains and makes it heavier.

  117. tom says:

    13 1/4 inches Waynesboro at 11:37 and still snowing hard!

  118. Elaine says:

    Here in Gum Spring at 11:30pm we have 10 inches and its still coming down quite a bit. We walked over 2 tenths of mile to the road and its just beautiful.

  119. Katy says:

    In St. Stephens Church…we have at least 8 inches… EASY!!!! Why can’t his happen when school is IN???!!!! Not on winter vacation?! Still fun though!

  120. Gregg W says:

    7 inches,and still piling up, River Road at Second Branch in western Chesterfield

  121. Mike says:

    7 inches at 11:15 in Far West End (near Deep Run Park)

  122. Stephanie says:

    8 1/2 inches here in Mechanicsville. I can’t get my dog (little dog) to go to the bathroom outside!

  123. T says:

    10:00 pm: 7″ on our deck in Kings Charter

  124. Emily says:

    5 inches at 10:45 in Midlothian at 288 and 360

  125. Amie says:

    Wow!! Here in Beaverdam at 11:20 p.m. we are at 10 and a half inches and still falling. stay home the roads are horrible!!

  126. Kelly says:

    7″ in Mechanicsville – near Lee Davis & Pole Green. 11:20pm.

  127. Margaux Filer says:

    And by the way I am a Bernese Mountain Dog. And I love snow!!!!

  128. Veronica says:

    9 inches in Glen Allen, Wyndham!

  129. Adam says:

    8.5 inches as of 10:30 PM in Glen Allen near Hunton.

  130. Margaux Filer says:

    Measured 8.5 inches Falconbridge. I think we may get more than 12 inches.

  131. andy says:

    Here in Mechanicsville at I295 and Creighton we are at 9 inches! Just measured. I thought we were only supposed to have a couple before the changeover!!!

  132. Kate says:

    Mechanicsville (near Regional Memorial Hospital) is at 7 1/2 inches.

  133. Chrissy says:

    7.5 inches in the parham rd/ mayland drive area at 10:30pm

  134. Dave says:

    Just measured 6.5 inches in Mechanicsville at 11:00 PM and my backyard temp is 29 F down from 30 F and hour ago.

  135. William says:

    6+ in western henrico

  136. Ann says:

    I just measured 10 inches in Ashland on my patio table and still coming down.

  137. Mike W says:

    Right at 7″ here in Glen Allen and the wind starting to pick up a little.

  138. Lezlie says:

    We’ve got 9″ in Short Pump as of 10.50 and no sign of slowing down.

  139. Jennifer says:

    6+inches in the West End (Hungary and Staples Mill) and still coming down fast.

  140. Robin says:

    Western Henrico (Gayton & Pump)… went from 3″ at 8:15pm to 6-1/2″ at 10:45pm – and no signs of slow down!

  141. nbc12weather says:

    Thanks for all the totals so far…huge and much more than expected this early in the game.
    Jim Duncan

  142. EricWG says:

    6 1/2″ on the back patio at 10:20 at Staples Mill and Glenside.

  143. JMUDuke12 says:

    Chesterfield out near Pocahontas Park at 10:30 pm: we’ve got about 4-6 inches, depending on where you measure. Probably gonna get a lot more the way it’s snowing! 🙂

  144. Jay says:

    7″ in Ginter Park.

  145. DrewE says:

    Just measured at 5 inches off of the table on my deck in the midlothian area, which is unobstructed by trees and such.

    Neat =)

  146. Larry says:

    5″ Deer Run/Brandermill used deck railing. No change over to rain or anything else. Keep it coming and Jim Duncan quit being negative and say its going to change over to rain. You can have the rain and everyone else will take the snow!

  147. snow queen says:

    by looking at the deer tracks, we’re guessing 6″ at 10:37 PM. it was 2″ on our deck at 8:45. We’re on RT 10 at Chippenham in Chesterfield.

  148. K-dog says:

    Beaverdam area/western Hanover at 10:30 pm: got 9-10 inches so far.Getting windy and starting to drift more now.

  149. Sally S says:

    8″ in Mechanicsville – Sherrington

  150. tom says:

    Just measured in Waynesboro……..11 1/4″ and still snowing very hard! 10:25 PM.

  151. Lynn says:

    7 inches on my back deck! Old Church area of Mechanicsville

  152. Heather S says:

    We have 5 1/2 inches just south of Virginia Center Commons where Parham & Chamberlyn meet.

    • Heather S says:

      Correction: The 5 1/2 inches is in an exposed and elevated area…more accurate total is 7 1/2 inches through out the yard and driveway.

  153. Brian S says:

    PS – Channel 12 peeps – looks like the time per post is incorrect. Running 1 hour a head of time. At the time of this post it is 10:20PM.

  154. Mary Beth Hall says:

    Just measured 4 inches out on my deck railing around 10pm in Chesterfield off Newbys Bridge Road.

  155. Brian S says:

    St. Mary’s hospital – About 6″ @ 10:16PM. Started snowing right at 5 PM here.

  156. Bob says:

    We’ve got 6″ as of 10pm in Mechanicsville…just off of Pole Green Rd. It started around 5:00 pm…at this rate we’ll have much more than expected!!!:)

  157. Dan Kennedy says:

    8 inches in central Goochland as of 9:45. Started here around 4:00.

  158. patti says:

    9″ in Wyndham. Can’t keep up with shoveling the driveway!

  159. Rebecca says:

    3.5″ in Midlothian (rt 60/woolridge Rd) at 9:45. How is it that accumulation totals can vary so greatly with only a few miles distance? I took mine on my flat sidewalk in an open area with no trees and also on my back deck, also open, also no trees.
    Are some of y’all looking for the deepest area you can find? I know wind can blow up areas deeper than others. Just curious.

    • MikeRVA says:

      I’m in Bon Air at off Huguenot near Joe’s Inn. I measured in a few open, unobstructed areas and averaged out to about 9 inches…

  160. Andy says:

    Just watched the CNN weather guy go crazy over the snow fall totals. At least our local guys are keeping calm, cool, and collected. 🙂

  161. Ffej1979 says:

    So far, 6 inches in Glen Allen

  162. Ben says:

    Measured in Short Pump at 9:15 and had 7 inches. That’s in just five hours, started here about 4:15

  163. Ben says:

    Just measured 5 1/2 inches on my porch in The Fan… 9:58 PM EST.

  164. Robert V says:

    3-4 inches off Centralia Rd in Chesterfield.

  165. scs says:

    Brian W.!! Then get the heck off the computer and go whine in the bed! Maybe your Mama will come tell you “it’s OK”. I sure hope you’re a brain surgeon, to go casting negative BS like that! Sorry, Jim’s been with us too long to have to take stuff like that!

  166. ryan says:

    7 inches glenside/staples mill seems to a very fine wet snow looking like it mike go sleet here in a bit…damn

  167. Heidi says:

    Snow started here in Rhoadesville,Va about a quater after 5pm and it’s now a quater till 10 already we have 2 1/2 inches!!!

  168. Hunter says:

    Studley, Va 5 inches so far

  169. Amy Jo says:

    9:46 Just took and evening mesurement of 8″ We are on the South end of Lake Anna. About 10 miles to the Hanover Lousia Line. It is beautiful.

  170. T Hutch says:

    7+ inches in Glen Allen (Springfield Road)
    Blistering winds too!! Its coming down sideways and steady. 9:45 pm

  171. Emily says:

    2.75-3 inches here at 288 and 360 at 9:45

  172. jesse says:

    Brian, apparently you are better at forecasting the weather? If you were wise beyond the years of a five-year-old, you would know that a forecast is just that, a FORECAST. No one can ever know for certain what is going to happen. Get a grip, d-bag

  173. wayne says:

    Brian W.- Jim is very good. No one can be right 100% of the time. Weather is a live beast that at best, you can guess at what is going to happen.

    I like Jim because he doesn’t get on TV freaking out and acting like a fool over a chance of snow.

    As far as Tom P., you’re bragging on a guy who confused a smoke stack’s exhaust for a tornado. Tell me i’m not the only one who remembers that! Ha!

    • joe Y says:

      Wayne are you really THIS stupid? Jim D is 100% wrong on a major snowstorm amounts…. but you think not acting like a fool is MORE important ??

      Oh My God…

    • JOE Y says:

      Wayne… Jim D busted on this BIG snowstorm. He may be polite but being this wrong is not good for the public. This is not 4 ” versus 2 “.

  174. SG says:

    Slightly over 3 inches near Spring Run Elementary in Chesterfield (close to 360 corridor) at 9:36pm. You may want to fix the time on your blog to EST.

  175. someone with a clue says:

    hey guys ease up… in Weather things change. Still…some guy on WRVA with jimmy Barrett on Thursday morning and this morning was saying 10-20″…even for Richmond. Gotta wonder how he knew on Thursday morning but no else did until tonight…

  176. Mike W says:

    Right at 6″ here in Glen Allen (Dunncroft)

  177. Matt Pender says:

    Sorry for the CAPS on the last post. I spilled something on my pants. Keep on coming snow.

  178. Mark Alexander says:

    7 1/2 inches in eastern Goochland and still coming down very hard.

  179. Matt Pender says:

    Looks like we have about 14″ here in the Fan. I am in HEAVEN! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Ah ah ah ah….THANK YOU!!!!

    • Charley says:

      I’m guessing you meant 4 inches… that’s what I’m seeing. If it’s really 14 inches, let me know what block and I’ll walk down there lol.

  180. Annie says:

    About 4.5″ near Forest Hill and Powhite at almost 9:30 pm. My weather buff friends are exploding with excitement over the latest models. As long as my power stays on, I’m happy with whatever comes.

  181. Craig Kilby says:

    It is 9:19 p.m in Lancaster County — Northern Neck. Not sure how it is possible for people to be posting times an hour from real real. Anyway, just went out and measured the middle of the yared. An event 5 inches. This was not supposed to happen in the Northern Neck (BTW JIM: the NN is part of your veiwing area, please standing in front of our map!)

    I think this storm may be uglier than anticipated.–From downtown Litwalton, Lancaster County, VA

  182. someone with a clue says:

    wow what a Busted forecasted….

  183. JPal says:

    7″ Glen Allen (Springfield /Gaskins) 9:20pm

    Where’s that update on totals??

  184. Alice Corrigan says:

    5 1/2 inches off Church Road in Short Pump

  185. WeatherNut says:

    6 ” Shortpump 9pm Friday.

  186. pcasey says:

    5 inches in the Patterson / Gaskins Road Area. Still coming down.

  187. Michael says:

    8in River Rd/parham area

  188. Jeff J. says:

    4″ in Sandston.

  189. john p says:

    3.5 inches in Midlothian at 8:45

  190. Charley says:

    About 3 inches in Richmond (West Broad/Meadow St. area). Roads are covered and plows still haven’t made it down Hermitage, lots more cars out here than there should be!

  191. Brandi says:

    Just measured 5.5″ inches. Stevensville (King and Queen County). And its still coming down good and steady!

  192. Karen says:

    4″-5″ inches River Rd/Gaskins area.

  193. jesse says:

    Now about 4 inches! If it snows like this all night we could be looking at two feet… also, temp @ 28.3

  194. David says:

    4.0 inches in Powhatan (near courthouse). about 1 inch per hour

  195. Michael says:

    4 3/4/ 5in on back deck in Western Henrico off parham rd near the willie bridge/River Rd area

  196. someone with a clue says:

    as you can see many reports of 2-3″ on the ground already … it snows until saturday 10pm or so…

    and you guys have 4-7″ for Richmond… ?
    sounds like the other guy at at TV 8 10-14 inches seems better

  197. Dave says:

    3.5 inches by 8:00 PM in Mechanicsville with a local temp of 27F

  198. ryan says:

    glenside/staples mill 4 inches and coming down hard.

  199. Robin says:

    We have 3″ in Western Henrico (Gayton Road/Pump area) at the deepest point on my patio table and it is still coming down HARD! Thank you Jim Duncan for keeping us posted!!

  200. BB says:

    We measured three & a half inches in our front yard here in Bon Air (Forest Hill & Buford). Lovin’ it!

  201. Greg says:

    hey jim how about some insight on what you are going to bump the totals up to in richmond area?? thanks for the hard work.

  202. Tracie says:

    have over 3 inches already measured on our back deck. We are in Hanover county near Ashland.

  203. JPal says:

    4″ Glen Allen (Springfield Rd)

    Can’t wait to measure tomorrow!

  204. scs says:

    Winterpock- a 1″ guesstimate. Kinda of a sheltered spot possibly. House may block. You can see Chesterfield accidents on the county website . Be safe and warm and ENJOY!! 🙂

  205. nbc12weather says:

    Totals obviously already piling up, and main event looks slated for tomorrow, so yes…I might have to “tweek” the numbers up, even if there is a mix later tonight. Stay tuned!
    Jim D.

  206. chris says:

    Powhatan-Chesterfield Line

    2 and a half inches so far! Roads covered

  207. DrewE says:

    We’re at 1.5 inches in the Midlothian area!

    Still think that warm air is going to push up from the south or east?

  208. jesse says:

    btw, check out the local traffic accident report.. outrageous!

  209. jesse says:

    over 2 inches so far.. near Staples Mill/Hungary

  210. Kathy says:

    3 1/2 inches in far western Henrico!! Measured on our back deck.

  211. Wayne says:

    West Chesterfield (288 and 60)- 2 inches on the street already.

  212. Greg says:

    central chesterfield- roads covered, 1 inch of snow and coming down good. i’m really starting to wonder if that mix is going to occur afterall!

  213. Craig Kilby says:

    Snow in the northern part of Lancaster County as of 7:09 p.m. is 1/2 inch. We were supposed to only get rain and sleet and maybe 3 inches of snow starting at 9:00 p.m.? The snow is coming down moderately but quickly piling up. You may have to reassess the “warm air” effect, but it’s still early in the evening.

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