Overnight/Saturday AM Storm Update

I measured 8″ at my house in Richmond before I left to come in at 1:30am.    It was sleeting at my house then.  After a SLOW drive in, I’m here in the wx office, gearing up for a very busy day.  Roads are horrible!  Stay put and enjoy the snow if possible…

Keep the totals/observations coming.  We appreciate it. 

Aside from North and West of town, the storm is taking a break for a bit.  Sleet and rain mixed with snow will fall in Richmond (especially South and East) through sunrise or later. 

But during the morning hours, cold air wins out and snow will take over, even as far east as Virginia Beach by This afternoon. 

*update:  dry air is sneaking into the storm.  we could see 4″ in town but that’s looking less likely… 

That will bring storm totals to a foot or more in many spots!  Winds will pick up today, which could bring power outages.

*posted By Andrew Freiden


43 Responses to Overnight/Saturday AM Storm Update

  1. David says:

    We currently have between 10-11″ in our backyard in near western Henrico.

  2. Richard says:

    Just to inform you guys cause I just saw your report saying there is only 4-8 inches…all over East Henrico (Staples mill & Dumbarton) we have 12-14 inches and it is still snowing. Please update your show to accurately report that we have beaten all other records from 1966 and so forth.

  3. SBoyd says:

    How much more can we expect in Western Henrico? I live in Canterbury sandwiched in between Patterson, Pump & Gayton Roads. Small flakes are still falling at a steady rate.
    Oh, I was also just wondering if Jim is still into snowmobile riding. I remember him being a member of a club. A snowmobile would be very nice to have but not many people in this area would have one in the garage. Ha!
    Keep up the good work.

    • afreiden says:

      He has secret friends who have LOCAL snowmobiles. I bet he rides one in to work at about noon or 1pm today!
      We think you guys could get another couple inches… or more if a burst of heavy snow swings through this afternoon.

      Andrew Freiden
      Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
      804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
      804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

  4. joey says:

    in March chester got 4″ of snow while the airport got 9.

    wow did we get shafted again in chester! 4″ here… my brother in law has 12″ in western part of the county.

    How did lose 3 inches overnight?… and now all the snow that we were suppose to 7-10 pm is staying to the north ..?

    chester is jinxed

  5. Ben says:

    Andrew- It’s getting lighter out, and the snow is behaving like that “last hurrah” you get when everything is getting ready to end. The radar also shows the moisture pulling away. Is this it for the snow???

  6. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    I was trying to measure the snow depth in my back yard so I could report it to NBC12, but my ruler froze and broke off when I tried to pull it out. I think the station should pay for a replacement.

  7. Steve says:

    8 inches as of 7:30 in Moseley

  8. Bob Rogers says:

    I’m just west of the 150 in between 60 and 360 (technically in Richmond City limits) and the snow has picked up here in the past 20 minutes or so. Last night there was 7.5″, but the sleet packed things down so that in virtually the same spot I measured last night the depth was 6.5″ this morning. Here’s hoping for another 6″ or so. I’d love to be able to say we got 1′ of snow here in Richmond.

  9. Ben says:

    Report from The Fan- Sleet is just about over, cold air is back. Heavy snow falling. 9:04 AM EST

  10. Andy says:

    Snow coming down hard again in Midlothian!

  11. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Andrew has started making jokes about the reporters’ coats. I think he had one too many hot toddies this morning…

  12. Kevin says:

    Ugh! Make it stop!:(

  13. WeatherNut says:

    Now Andrew says not much more snow for Richmond today. 7:50am

    • afreiden says:

      Easy…. I was thinking out loud on air. I just think today’s snow will be way less than last night. And it’s possible that most or all of the heavy snow will be North of town. This is the problem with being on air for 4-5 hours straight! We’ll see…

      Andrew Freiden
      Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
      804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
      804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

      • WeatherNut says:

        Weather channe isl also showing dry air pushing into the storm in our area. I guess it’s just up to mother nature at the end of the day!

  14. Rob Spencer says:

    Watching my old home from Houston, TX. Jealous of such beautiful weather at xmas time. Still hoping Grandma and Grandma can catch Santa’s airplane to Houston on Sunday. Any thoughts?

    • SBoyd says:

      We are taking Aiden sled riding in a bit. You are jealous now but when I start shoveling snow I will be jealous of your Houston weather. It is going to be very cold tonight and the storm has dumped a lot of snow. My guess is that the airport will be a big problem. Getting there will be difficult and then the ice will be a problem for planes.
      I missed my Boyd family Christmas scheduled for this weekend because we could not cross Afton Mountain. I guess we will be having in in January.
      Take care Rob.

  15. Jeff says:

    Between 5 and 6 inches in Mattoaca at River Road in Chesterfield County….and mixed precip now starting to knock it down

  16. Matt Denardo says:

    I hope those fire engines & ambulance drivers have a full tank of gasoline!

  17. Terri says:

    At 6:30 this morning, we had 14 inches in Doswell (and it’s still snowing). We’re right at Kings Dominion at route 30 and I95. When I watched your maps, you should no break in the snow here at all. Amazing!

  18. katie says:

    Hey Andrew,

    What about us in the tri cities and prince george area. How much more snow are we suppose to get. You mention west and east of richmond but not south. Thanks

  19. Corrie says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Just watched the forecast. I was wondering if you could show a forecast graphic of the low moving up the coast with precip around it? I have yet to be able to find one anywhere. So far your low graphic has been the best out of all the sites etc. If you have a link for one, that would be awesome! So far NBC12 has been the most accurate source for information so thought I would ask.



  20. Dave says:

    Andrew, when you guys say things like “in town” and “Western Metro”, can you perhaps give us an idea as to what you mean, exactly? Is Bon Air “in town”? Are Woodlake and Short Pump “in town” or “Western Metro”?

    I know that there are too many communities to spout off, but maybe something like “inside of 288 and 295” might mean more.

    I get confused when I read or hear these terms. I live in Bon Air, west of 95, but I usually don’t quite get the same snowfall that they might be getting in Powhatan or Trnholm – and folks woh live in western Goochland aren’t necessarily getting the same thing that people in West Park are getting.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    • afreiden says:

      Sadly we have to rely on our tv graphics for this…. I can’t figure out a way to do this other than with the graphics. I would say you are just west of “in town” putting you on the High end of the in town numbers and the low end of the WEST numbers. I hope this helps. We are on the air now so the posting will be slow.

      Andrew Freiden
      Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
      804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
      804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

  21. afreiden says:

    actually had several people pick the 18th in the morning… so you were probably 5th or sixth runner up. That’s maybe worth a mention on TV this morning. we’ll have plenty of time to fill.

    • Corrie says:

      That and seeing my two year old enjoy this snow would make my day!

      If I made my own runner up certificate, would you and Jim sign it? As funny as it may sound, I would be really proud of it as I am normally never even close to being right… * At least that’s what my wife says. *

      Btw, 11 inches here close to Broad and Hungary. Winds are picking up pretty good. Might have to worry about some of these trees. The sap tends to go to the bottom of the trees during the winter, makes them weak.

      • afreiden says:

        Yes… but give us a few days to catch our breath.

        Andrew Freiden
        Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
        804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
        804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

      • Corrie says:

        Will be close to the New Year before I would have it ready. 🙂 Congrats to whoever actually picked the date. Most people would not pick a date in mid to late Dec.

        Thanks for all the news, keeping up with us on the blogs, and everything else in-between.



        P.S. ( For anyone reading this ) A good trick for getting your car out when it is stuck. Use your foot to clear out some snow from under the tires of whichever tires actually spin, then break up some small twigs to place under the tires in the direction you want to drive. The twigs will give your tires some traction. If you go forward and get stuck, go backward through the area you just drove over with the twigs and the try again with more momentum. I have rear end drive and have been driving all morning. I have been stuck 4/5 times ( unstuck myself) and have helped 3 people get unstuck with the above method.

        I grew up in Florida and this is what we do when we get stuck in the sand. 😉

  22. afreiden says:

    Winner to be unveiled this morning. We hope to have phone interviews!

    • Corrie says:

      I was off by one day…. ONE DAY… Is there a runner up award? Say the winner gets bragging rights, and I get say a coffee cup with a ” almost kid ” signed Andrew.

  23. Lissa says:

    Ok. Snow?
    Chilly as all get out?
    OK !
    Sooooooo? WHO WON the Snowcasters’ Award????

  24. Corrie says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Is this really going to last through the day into the evening? It looks like the storm doesn’t have too much more moisture to the south. Is the storm still intensifying and going to fill in with more moisture?

    • afreiden says:

      Coastal Low will intensify Today… Air gets colder to the coast…More snow to come! Especially North of town

      • Corrie says:

        Great! Yeah, I read your blog entry before your update on the weather page. I did a face palm when you already answered my question there. Sorry. 🙂 I was just a little worried that the storm had picked up speed and moved faster than you all expected. So you think we will keep getting snow through say 5 pm and later? ( I’m on Westend. )

        On the edge of my seat.

        Thanks Andrew.

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