Another arctic blast

Enjoy the milder weather through New Year’s Day as another shot of arctic air will be slamming into the Eastern U.S. beginning this weekend.  An unusually intense upper level low pressure area will develop near the Canadian Maritimes into early next week, giving the cold air a big southward push.

This pattern evolution will also tend to supress southern stream moisture well south of here through the end of next week, meaning a long stretch of dry weather should accompany the chill.

Hints of a coastal storm around the weekend of the 10th, so will be fun to watch the computers on this.

*by Jim Duncan


16 Responses to Another arctic blast

  1. pcasey says:

    Anybody else see the ice pellets falling in Henrico tonight??

    • Sean says:

      I saw the sleet, I am pretty sure that on Monday Richmond will be shut down due to the amount of accumulating precipitation.

  2. Chris says:

    as long as the cutoff between large amounts and no snow are a lot further to the south and east i will be happy.

  3. WeatherNut says:

    My sources are STILL predicting 5-6 more big snow storms in our area this winter.

  4. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    My joints were aching when I woke up this morning. That means a major snowstorm is forthcoming.

  5. matt the weather lover says:

    We had a huge storm in December and it just became winter. A lot of people seem to think it’s almost spring or something. We have plenty of time to have more snow this winter and if we don’t, we have had more snow in 2009(March and December) then we’ve had in a long time. But all of the weather blogs and websites I’ve looked at recently are hinting at another storm in the next 7 to 10 days. Just wait and watch. I think we’ll have a great and snowy winter.

  6. Sean says:

    As long as storms keep rolling out from the Gulf, it’s very likely we’re gonna get hit again.

  7. Shawn says:

    If I remember right, there was supposed to be a big December storm, and then the winter was supposed to get very stormy later in the season. Looking ahead, there is a possibility of a big storm the weekend of December 10 (as Jim Duncan mentioned). Hopefully, the storm will come right up the coast like it did on the 19th!!

  8. Lou says:

    What happened to that cold snowy winter that we were supposed to have forecast by accuweather? This does not classify as a cold snowy winter thus far IMO

    • Annie says:

      You do know it’s only actually been winter for about 10 days, and we just had a major snowstorm even before winter started, right? What are you expecting, snow every single day? Move to Saskatchewan if that’s what you want.

  9. Shawn says:

    In my opinion, any day would be perfect for a snowstorm, especially if I miss school!! If the the storm comes in on the eighth, then I wouldn’t have school on my birthday!! AccuWeather is saying that the snow will start on Friday night(Jan 8th) and end Saturday night. Other places like think that the storm will go out to sea and not come up the coast, which means only a few flurries.

    • kristinrosemoon says:

      Did Accuweather change their forecast today? For the past 2 days they’ve had us in periods of snow from January 11th-12th. That would be close to what Jim is talking about.

      • Sirius...The Star Dog says:

        Well…there’s ‘astronomical’ winter…which started 21-DEC and then there’s ‘meteorological’ winter…which started 01-DEC.

        One month down…two months of winter to go.

        Plenty of time left on the clock. This area gets most of its snow in FEB. The 6.something” we got in DEC was just icing on winter’s cake.

  10. Ryan says:

    come one snow just hold off until the 9th at least coming back from vegas on the 8th. The 10th would be ideal so i get to miss a day of work.

  11. Matt says:

    Big snow January 9-11.

  12. Phil Riggan says:

    Cold and dry will be fine, until the next snow storm. Cold and rainy is not working for me after our wet November-December.

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