Major pattern shift ahead

After nearly two weeks of pretty relentless cold weather, the upper-level wind patterns show strong hints of changing within the next week or so.  This means that we could actually end up turning to above-normal temperatures into the final two weeks of January.

This change will begin in fits and starts this week, with one or two more mini-arctic air intrusions before the real warmup sets in next week and the week after.  A big storm moving out of the Gulf this weekend will signal the turning point. Still looking for rain as the best bet from that storm, unless some last vestiges of arctic air manage to edge south, but that seems to be the long-shot call right now.

Headlines that were running in various spots about this being the coldest winter in decades might have been premature, given we are only a few weeks into the season.  A more “classic” El Nino winter pattern looms ahead.

* by Jim Duncan


20 Responses to Major pattern shift ahead

  1. ryan says:

    figures this warm up, i just got my new snow pants in the mail……crap. what a waste of $120.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Bring on the snow! You can’t make snowmen and go sleigh riding with rain.

  3. PG Girl says:

    Maybe warming up will actually help us get more snow. It seems like when it gets really cold like it has been lately the moisture dries up. Once we warm up a little, maybe the moisture flow will start back up and we only have to get cold at just the right time to get snow. I know I’m wishful thinking but…

    • Sean says:

      Well, that’s actually what I have heard from a lot of people on a weather forum I get my info from. Statiscally that’s often the case and a lot of meteorologists feel that things will look good for snow again late February.

  4. odessa says:


  5. joe says:

    Boo! I want more snow. Maybe Feb. will hold a few big snow storms!

  6. Jim says:

    Given that they have forcasted a warm-up for one weekend doesn’t mean their long range forecasts are bad. The long-range models are for averages only. It’s not like they claim to have the next 28 days forcasted to the hour.

  7. Terry Webber says:

    Just a couple of weeks ago the headlines were telling us the very cold pattern would last through Jan. and into Feb. Now we have a complete reversal. Can anybody make even semi accurate long-range forecasts anymore?

    • nbc12weather says:

      The NBC12 weather folks never said that… never said that the cold pattern would last beyond what it has. There are so many sources of weather info out there these days, that it’s easy, I suppose, to get confused. Headlines on the web from various sources, not us, have indeed made the claim that this winter would be the coldest in decades.
      Jim D.

      • Snowman says:

        But Joe bastardi at accuweather told us it would be the coldest winter in a long long time. Are you saying he’s not telling us the truth now?

      • Mighty Dyckerson says:

        Mr. Duncan speaks the truth. Cursed be those who question Him.

  8. WEATHERDAN says:

    Here in Salem Oregon Highs this month have averaged 54.2 degrees and no snow. But that’s ok. The Palm tree outside my front picture window doesn’t seem to like snow all that much. LOL in the Pacific NW

  9. Shawn says:

    What’s the point of winter without snow. I am not complaining, though. I was very happy with the foot we got in December.

  10. James says:

    Kind of looking forward to a bit of a warmup, if nothing else a chance that the utility bills may be lower for everyone. While this winter may not be the coldest in decades, December and 1st part of January seemed colder than we’ve had in a while – maybe it’s just I’m getting older and counting down the years till I move south….

  11. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    OMG, it’s like in that “Day After Tomorrow” movie where the guy says “We’re on the verge of a major climate shift”…and the scary music kicks in and everybody is like “Run for the hills!” and then that Jake Jillynhall guy (I never can spell his name) kisses that hot chick and they make out in the library til his dad calls and he’s like “Son, I’m coming after you!” and it’s so cold outside that everybody except the dad freezes to death in two seconds and then California splits off from the rest of the country and falls in the ocean and they roll the credits!

    (How DO you spell that guy’s name anyway??)

  12. Snowman says:

    Darn it! I better send the snow blower back that I just bought! I knew that would jinx the snow!

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