Snow Total Map from NWS

Remarkably uniform totals across the area with the big Saturday Storm.  Richmond’s official NWS total has been updated to 9.5″ which is a 16-17:1 snow to liquid ratio.  Very dry snow.

Click here for the NWS google-based map with snow totals.  NWS wants to say “thank you” for your help during the storm.  They used your postings for totals!

posted by Andrew Freiden


34 Responses to Snow Total Map from NWS


    Snow Total Map from NWS | NBC12 Weather Blog

  2. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    My latest computer models just came in so here’s an update. (still a ways out though remember)
    It’s showing as being a BIG storm with more liquid than the last. (1-1.5″)
    Track still looks to favor mid-atlantic area. Now, just how much cold air is going to be in place is the big question right now. Also, how much is going to be pulled into the storm and at what point. Looks like this is going to be a more “wait and see” type storm.
    More later.

    • Mike says:

      Any idea what the general outlook is for the rest of Feb? Thinking about buying a snow plow for the front of my lawn tractor as I am getting tired of shoveling my driveway. MUCH cheaper than a snow blower and there is no engine to worry about maintaining so it could sit for a long time without being used. Just wondering whether to buy it now or wait til next winter. Wished I had it back in December.

    • snowman-Shortpump area says:

      This current southern storm track looks to be here for a while (next few weeks anyways)That will give us more chances for storms over the coming weeks. Cold air up in Canada wants to push down towards us keeping chances for any percipitation being the frozen kind as they come though. As I’ve said before, don’t put the snow shovels away just yet. A lot more winter left for us. Looks like being a snowy winter for the record books for our area!

  3. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Still looking more like a classic Richmond snow event. Rain/sleet turning to snow to end. The line for this will be the key as always. I would still keep your snow shovel out though guys! It appears we we still get a good amount of accumulating snow.

    • wxrisk says:

      Nope… strongly disagree with snwoman and TV 12 forecast

      this event is cold enough for snow over RIC at the start.. then changes over to sleet then rain

  4. Jeff says:

    Some meteorologists are now calling for a cold rain.

  5. snowluvr says:

    Looks like an interesting weekend shaping up…not nearly as cold as last time, meaning we are back to the rain/sleet/snow line falling right over Richmond. This should cut into totals quite a bit (have a hard time believing the 10-20 inches), but we should see some wrap-around snow on Sat. that could pile up a bit…will be fun to track the rest of the week!

  6. Jeff J says:

    This thing is looking like a snow/rain/sleet event.

  7. Guru11 says:

    Is WXDavid the independent Chesterfield meteorologist that worked for NWS? Any new model updates? Is 19″ possible for real?

    • Acedoc says:

      I believe that is he. He’s in Chesterfield and has the website.
      I think he will reach legendary status in VA if he nails this storm correctly. Regardless, (mind you, as a weather weenie) I’ve been totally impressed.

    • Acedoc says:

      I believe that there should be a ton of moisture possible in this upcoming storm, so I’d say high snow totals seem quite feasible. I would imagine that precipitation type is going to be the main issue, unlike last storm in whch the polar vortex held sway and kept us very cold and in the all snow category.

  8. Brian H says:

    Guys, just to follow up a bit…

    It’s not a “botched measurement” at all…it’s the fact that the observation (ASOS) location at RIC is in a very open area where, if the snow is dry and wind driven, a bit of it would be blown away. The official COOP nearby (Sandston) reported 11″…I say official because that data is recorded and sent to NCDC as well.

  9. Jeff J says:

    I live near the airport and there wasn’t anywhere in my yard that measured more than 10-10 1/2″ so the airport reading is pretty close to accurate.

    • wxrisk says:

      jeff how is 7 Inches — the ground report when the storm ened close to 10.5″ you reported?

      sure nws later adjusted snow amounts but at the time the report was an laughable 7 “

  10. owen says:

    The airport measurements are never accurate, and i heard on the radio if the computer models for next weekend hold up we could see 10-20 inches!!!!

  11. conway says:

    I recall 1996 we had big snow in VA and just 1 week later another storm hit. There have been other similar occurances with big storms 1 week apart. I think we are in a favorable pattern this winter, so we may very well get another big storm this weekend.

  12. Rich Tandler says:

    More on the way?

    On WRVA, the same guy who had this pegged as much more than 3-6 inches early last week has said that the models say we’re may get socked with 10-20 inches next Friday and Saturday.

    Still early, but keep an eye out!

    • snowman-Shortpump area says:

      Let’s just say it’s starting to look rather interesting Rich!

      • Rich Tandler says:

        And I’ll add you and others who commented here last week to the guy on WRVA as those who had Saturday pegged better than most. I’ll keep an eye out here for accurate information and forecasts.

      • kristinrosemoon says:

        You guys want to see more from him, check out Ch. 6 blog chat, he’s on there quite a bit!!

  13. Tristan says:

    Well that is quite a bit, more than the December storm. If only Richmond could get more snows like this before I leave the area.

  14. ryan says:

    I can’t see the link. does not work?

  15. wxdavid says:

    9.5″ isnt as bad….

    the airport reported 7 hrs of Moderate snow
    (1/2 an hour)

    6 hours of Heavy snow ( which is by defintion 1 inch an hour)

    and they got 9.5″?

    • Sean says:

      They botched the measurement. It was 10 inches the day after so it was definitely more (someone on a forum I visit went to the airport and measured).

      • JB says:

        Dumb question, but how do you botch a measurement? My son who’s not quite 10 yrs old took a yardstick and measured about 5 different places in our yard to come up with about 10 inches. I don’t know how they measure it at the airport, but presume somewhat similar??

        As a side note to Andrew’s snow/liquid ratio, the 10 inches we got/measured early Sunday is now only about 6.5 inches – some melting for sure, but believe also seems alot from evaporation or compression of the snow the last 36 hours or so – if that’s a technically correct term??

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