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Check our main weather page on for updated detailed forecast discussions of the winter storm. *Jim D.

Thanks for the great reports and keep them coming….-Andrew


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  3. Cat says:

    I live in Colonial Heights, Va. and right now the conditions are AWFUL!! It is definitely snowing and windy here but what makes it so bad is that everything is so icy & slick- the roads are treacherous! I cannot believe our schools have not closed!

  4. Tristan says:

    If you have to go through VCU walking or driving just be careful. The sidewalks not maintained by the school are covered in a thick (maybe like 3 inches) of just pure ice, it was and is difficult to walk and the infamous Shafer Street, looks as if it is a huge ice block.

  5. Mike says:

    Here in Short Pump we got 4.5″ on Fri. than sleet and rain and then another 6.5″ on Sat. for a Storm Total of 11 inches.

  6. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Come on. Time for a new thread. This one is done and we have another storm to talk about dats coming.

  7. Matt says:

    Ended up with 8″ on my driveway–the only place that didn’t still have snow on it from last weekend. 3″ of light powder on top of 5″ of heavy, wet snow.

  8. iherebyresign says:

    between 7-8 inches from this weekends storm near staples mill/hungary.

    snowpack of over 13 inches in many spots in my yard, over two feet on my deck where the snow blows off the roof. let’s add another foot on tuesday or next weekend please.

  9. Catherine says:

    In north-western Gloucester(on the middle peninsula) we got 6 inches… Thanks for the great forecasts.

  10. David Bassler says:

    Total storm totals at my house in Bellevue (near Brook and Laburnum) were 5.75 inches.

  11. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    So how did the early morning forecast go so wrong today? Did the storm off the coast just grow bigger than expected?

  12. Robert says:

    In Amelia we got 6 inches of snow today i just went out and measured it.

  13. It's SSwinter says:

    Yesterday they were giving 2-6 more for today alone…I think people are measuring storm total snow…in some cases it sounds like they are including everything on the ground including leftovers from last week. In Bon Air we got around 3.5″ today and around 3″ yesterday. So for this storm 6.5″…now there has been melting the whole time so I don’t see anyone particularly more accurate than another.

    • Sam M says:

      Wasn’t much left over after rain last night. Unless you looked for areas with snow from last week. I believe most got around 4 to 6 inches of snow today with some loving to exagerate their snowfall totals. Everyone loves to have had the most!

  14. Bill says:

    Just about an hour 1/2 ago we did our measurement. We have 8 inches in Henrico County near Parham & 64 in the Regency Square area.

  15. sid says:

    Powhatan got 8 inches

  16. Tracie says:

    I live off Atlee Station Road in Mechanicsville and we measured 9 1/2 inches in my backyard tonight. We have a table in the yard that was bare on top when the storm began and it was measuring 7 inches, so I assume that’s how much we got with maybe 2 1/2 already in the yard from last weekend. Pretty cool, if only the kids would go back to school soon:)

  17. bobin chester says:


    I get you dont like WXRISK.COM. ok fine. To each his own. BUT how did you declare his Saturday forecast of 4-8 ” to be wrong BEFORE it began snowing?

    SECOND How is a forecast of 1-3″ … which was Channel 12’s Frisay forecast for Today … a correct one when there is a 6″ of new snow on the ground at the airport and 8″ in short Pump a GOOD forecast?

    THIRD… he never — not one time came on any of the blogs here and said Jim or andy was WRONG.

    He said he disagreed. And he has PRAISED TV 12 weather on his blog.

    Dude you dont like wxrisk… fine. I get that
    but dont lie.

  18. Chester says:

    Final snowfall for today 4 inches in Chester…. No clue what wee go yesterday.

  19. Dana says:

    Just went out and measured 16″ in the Town of Louisa. About 2/3 drifting, blowing snow on top of 1/3 wet, heavy mush. We’re going to have some GREAT sledding once we get our hill packed down!

  20. Jeremy says:

    Had to go to a funeral, so my son took measurements for me as follows (I64/I295 between Innsbrook & Short Pump)

    4:30 p.m. – .25 of an inch in last hour, 6.25 inches accumulation.

    3:30 p.m. – .25 of an inch in last hour, 6 inches accumulation.

    2:30 p.m. – 1.25 inches in last hour, 5.75 inches accumulation.

    1:30 p.m. – 1 inch in last hour, 4.5 inches accumulation.

  21. iherebyresign says:

    ok boys, time to blog about next weekend storm!

  22. John Wheeler says:

    9.5 Inches of snow in Ruther Glen, VA

  23. ryan says:

    looks like its about done…..henrico at glenside Friday snow 3 inches todays snow 8 inches total 11! never thought we would get that high. This winter at my house 36 inches of snow! wow i love it when is the next storm!

  24. JC says:

    I’m glad I did not plan my day around the “little or no accumulation” forcast for today or else I would be stuck somewhere.

  25. derry says:

    Just cleared 2.5 ” off my car. Did it at 1 PM also. Measured 5″ of new snow (since last night) in Parham/64 area.
    Anybody know the status of 64 and 95? Gotta get to MCV to work!! If you know? Thanx

  26. John Wheeler says:

    8.5 Inches of snow here in Ruther Glen, VA

  27. Jo says:

    Heavy snow still falling near Pump Road and Ridgefield Parkway!!!!!!

  28. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Looks like we still could see a few more good bands come through! We may see that magic 6″ out at the airport for the 3 consec 6 inch snow falls in a season. Last time 1870 I believe.

    • bobin chester says:

      that IS impressive but the friday snow was NOT 6 ” at the airport so it is Not 3 consecutive 6″ snows in a row

  29. Sally says:

    I’m on the NW edge of Henrico. An hour ago, it looked like the sun was trying to poke through. Now, the snow has intensified again. I can’t see to the end of my street.

  30. Conway says:

    Very Heavy snow falling now near Patterson and Libbie Looks like its gonna keep snowing for a while as well.

  31. Conway says:

    Very Heavy snow falling at Patterson/Parahm. Looks like its gonna keep snowing for a while as well.

  32. Jackie says:

    Ashland has gotten at least another 3 inches today. I shoved the walk around noon and then measured at 3 and got the 3 inch measurement.

  33. Erin says:

    Nearly 6″ on my deck in Glen Allen (23059) near VCC (I-295 & Route 1)… and that is just today. I shoveled off yesterday’s snowfall before the rain.

  34. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Another REALLY HEAVY band heading our way!

  35. Matt says:

    WWBT WRONG 6.5 inches in glen allen 23060

  36. Ava says:

    Snow is still coming down at a moderate to heavy pace here in Short Pump where we have received easily 5-6 inches today.

  37. Northsider says:

    5.5″ of new snow since 7 a.m. in Ginter Park! Yesterdays 3″ washed away overnight.

  38. Ophelia says:

    1-3″ my Aunt Fanny! Perhaps…if mode of measurement is to scoop up a handful, pack it in a microwave safe container, melt it down, add a pinch of cinnamon, and peer at the results through a snow-encrusted window. MY measurement device, the stray cat who thinks he lives on my Cold Harbor back deck, takes umbrage. He is standing at my kitchen glass door, shoulder-deep in fluffy. And his legs are 5″ long. I checked. I’m originally from MI, and this is suspiciously beginning to look like any day, Grand Rapids, October through April. **Sigh**

  39. Jackie says:

    Its been snowing like crazy here in Ashland since noon. I can’t see to the end of my street.

  40. Ryan Ramsey says:

    4-5 inches in Church Hill so far (M & N. 29th Streets)

  41. ryan says:

    storm update…I live off glenside drive in henrico north of 64 yesterday 3 inches of snow probably 1-2 inches rain today so far we are at 5 inches of snow total 8 inches and still coming down… if no rain we would be like my mother in law in fairfax va she has 25 inches of snow! oh well i am enjoying the heavy snow while its coming down!

  42. john p says:

    in the last hour its coming down at a 3/4 inch clip in Midlothian

  43. Jonathan says:

    Anyone notice how the northern edge of the precip is retreating and the western edge is staying about where it is? Look at the precip bands around richmond in a regional loop and you can see they are heading west actually…and there is a large band of the 2-3″/hr snow heading south right now…if the western edge doesn’t miss us, we could get quite a suprise later this afternoon….

    • snowman-Shortpump area says:

      It will be winding down from west to east over the next hour or two. Enjoy while it’s still out there.

      • Jonathan says:

        I have a feeling it will come in fits and starts as some of the bands come by but I think we’ll see one last shot of snow between 3-4pm today as the upper band comes through…and we’ll end up with 4-6″ total in the area…not the 1-3 suggested. I already have just shy of 3″ of new snow in Brandermill.

      • deberino says:

        4:30pm – Still coming down like gangbusters in western Goochland. Fluffy now. Only piled up about 6-8″ in 33 hours, but it’s a messy mix! When I tried to measure, the ruler hit an ice layer at the 2-1/2″ mark. Slush and wet ground on the bottom makes for treacherous driving!

  44. sid says:

    have 5 inches in Powhatan

  45. Jeremy says:

    12:30 p.m. Update:

    1.25 inch snowfall rate in the last hour.

    3.5 inches accumulation so far today.

    I-64/I-295 between Innsbrook and Shortpump.

  46. Jeremy says:

    12:30 p.m. Update:

    1.25 inch snowfall rate in the last hour.

    3.5 inches accumulation so far today.

  47. Eastern Goochland says:

    gonna be hard for these plows to get the snow slush off after tonight, suppose to get down to 10 degrees, freeze hard and solid

  48. Patty Gavilan says:

    12:15 and snowing steadily in Midlothian. Great job today weather team!!

  49. Jackie says:

    Weather team, what are your thoughts on the system headed our way this weekend (13th-14th)? I know its a ways out, but is this going to be a Valentine’s Day storm to remember?

  50. Lin in Crewe says:

    Snowing really hard in Crewe with no signs of stopping. Stopped looking at the reports/predictions, just sitting back enjoying the beauty.

  51. JC says:

    No quite sure about the 1-3″. Already have 3 in the west end and still coming down hard.

  52. davidgentry says:

    I am LOVING the snowfall, however long it last and however deep it may get. It is still gorgeous!!!

  53. Jeremy says:

    11:30 a.m. Update

    3/4 inch snowfall rate in the last hour.

    2 1/4 inch accumulation so far today.

    I-64/I-295 between Innsbrook & Shortpump.

  54. Matt-shortpump says:

    Heavy snowfall right now in Short Pump! Huge flakes! To be honest, we have been spoiled by this winter so far. This storm should humble us.

  55. Jeremy says:

    10:30 a.m. Update

    2 hour snowfall rate of 3/4 of an inch.

    Total accumulation today of 1.5 inches so far.

    I-64/I-295 between Innsbrook & Shortpump.

  56. Tristan says:

    I just walked around VCU campus starting at the VCU Siegel Center.

    There seems to be a fresh layer of ice covering everythingy (seems like the sidewalk as well) which the snow covers and is covering at a brisk pace. It just enough snow to completely cover the sidewalk (I guess about an inch) and its falling quite heavily I guess. Another interesting thing is that the ice seems to have frozen some of the puddles from overnight making it dangerous to walk, often times I had to keep myself from slipping, even though it seemt to just be a layer of snow.

    Oh well the campus looks quite beautiful with the snow, and VCU’s snow removal force seems to be in full force (prepping).

    The roads around campus are all covered in the snow and ice too, so be careful, such as Harrison, Franklin, Shafer st, floyd st, and the other offshoots

  57. Tyler-shortpump says:

    the warparound bands seem to be supported well with moisture and cold air, im a little confused as to how the snow could leave NW henrico mid afternoon… just a thought.

    • mikep says:

      Don’t understand why people seem to be upset. Its snowing pretty damn hard. May not end up being a foot, but remember where we are people. Its still a significant snow. You guys have been spoiled by a few freak storms that are totally uncharacteristic of this region. This is more of a Richmond, VA snow.

  58. Derry says:

    Parham & 64 coming down briskly for about 3 hrs. bursts of wind. Here not looking like the “fluffy” stuff…more like wet and heavy. The fine stff that sticks on everything. Not too happy about this.
    Ending at 2 or 4 PM?

  59. SnowSledder says:

    Were the models that wxrisk(wxblows) looking at wearing swinsuits?

    Once again, we get all excited after a big snow prediction by an amature and we get amature results…..I feel a little guilty that I actually baught into his hype.

    NBC 12 Weather dudes got this one dead on.

    I guess wxblows will lie low, play a little WOW, and then come back when he thinks we forgot about his air ball and begin screaming for attention again. Is he selling something?

    • Mighty Dyckerson says:

      It’s probably Jim Ukrap trying to make a few extra bucks before he gets canned.

    • Carol says:

      Why should anyone lie low, even the very best can not always call it. So you call it right a few times or you call it wrong a few times that’s just life. Why is it hype? You know I find it interesting how if the weather does what we want the meteorologist are heroes and if it doesn’t pan out the way we want then they are the bad guys. It’s weather people it can do what it wants, when it wants regardless of who predicted what. Besides everyone knows, if there is 100% chance of something it either will be very little or won’t happen and if there is 0% chance then we’ll get something. 🙂

      • SnowSledder says:

        Great point Carroll! I think the issue here is that some hack is trying to use this blog to try and sell his lame weather risk product. I realize people can be wrong but this wxrisk(wxblows) guy was attempting to cry wolf on someone else’s medium to get attention for his business….and he succeeded….but did for so being wrong. Be careful what you ask for!
        I have seen a few of the NBC 12 folks cop up to misses in the past but this coward ran his mouth, staked his reputation, and which is pretty much exemplifies the difference here.

      • Dave says:

        WXRisk admitted that he was wrong on some of his calls…so I don’t get where you’re coming from when you say he ran his mouth, but then eluded to the fact that the NBC12 weather team can admit their mistakes; but he cannot. You should go back and read WXrisk’s site, and see where he’s admitted to being wrong….and really? WXblows? What is this; a child’s nursery school here? How old are you, 12? Maybe you should stay off the computer all together. You and the others who are resorting to cheap name calling should get together at Starbucks somewhere in Richmond and marvel in your own self-proclaimed magnificence. Did you notice how no one laughed at your “wxblows” reference (and you did it more than once)? That’s right, no one’s laughing because it was stupid. All from the safety of your computer, where no one really knows who you are. And you call WXrisk a coward? Tragic irony. If you need any help getting that huge foot out of your mouth, you can call 911; they can send a team over to help you remove it.

      • snowman-Shortpump area says:

        I laughed! He made a couple of good guesses on previous storms and suddenly he’s god! Please! He should never have come on here and mouthed off the way he did. He even tried to make fun of my models!

    • Annie says:

      Oh, come on. I got a little tired of DT and his fanboys being smug all over this blog the last week but he actually is a professional meteorologist and they all make bad calls sometimes. His bust (and to be fair, it’s only half a bust) for this storm doesn’t change the fact that he was dead on for the last two. There’s no need to be petty.

      • Matt-shortpump says:

        Wow , language. We. Have kids who check this blog out.

      • Annie says:

        *eyeroll* Clutch those pearls harder.

      • snowman-Shortpump area says:

        But you also shouldn’t expect to come onto the nbc12 weather forum and tell the weather team they are WRONG with their predictions(as vocally as he did)! We mess with them a little but he took it way too far with his posts on his website and radio interviews. There’s the difference.

      • Dave says:

        Wow Annie, I guess you sure showed everyone here! Momma must be proud. Do you kiss her with that mouth too?!?!?! 🙂

    • Chester says:

      I don’t see how in the grand scheme of life it is really necessary to make snarky comments about people on this website. People make mistakes all the time. So this storm didn’t turn out the way someone predicted, deal with it, and move on!

    • davidgentry says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Chester. Well said.

    • Matt says:

      It’s the weather for God’s sakes. How about you move on in your life and stop trashing people. It’s so low-class.

    • Lu says:

      Uhhh… not sure why wxrisk is so wrong.. at least not looking out my window at the snow that’s been falling pretty much all day.

      • bobin chester says:

        snowsledder made that statement that wxrisk was wrong BEFORE the heavy snow arrived … like MORON.

    • Lu says:

      what is so wrong with his forecast? looking out my window, it appears he may have had to the best bead on this one.

    • bobin chester says:


      How is a forecast of 1-3″ with 6″ on the ground at the airport a CORRECT channel 12 forecast?

      you dont like wxrisk… fine. I get that
      but dont lie

  60. Mark says:

    I just checked the radar and I swear this storm looks like the cold air is pushing it right back at us! Anyone else see what I’m seeing? Look at the storm retreating from northern PA and now look Winston Salem, NC.

  61. Tristan says:

    It has clearly snowed and is snowing in my VCU Siegel Center area, I dont see how this storm is “over”.

  62. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Just wait til we get to Phase XXIV!!!

  63. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    This looks like it could be a VERY interesting day for snow lovers!

  64. Dave says:

    Snow began here in the West End with very light flurries around 6:30-7am. It’s been steady ever since. New measurement of about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch on the surface. Snow is starting to come down at a more steady, heavy pace now. The chances of getting another 4″+ out of this round today seems very possible. The heaviest snows haven’t even arrived yet.

    Plenty of freezing rain last night; mixed with some heavy wet snow flakes…this probably cut about an inch out of what was already on grassy surfaces.

    • Dave says:

      ….but really, to add to my above comment: What are we worried about right? The snow is over, the wraparound moisture will never happen, and this whole thing was a bust right? Nothing but rain, rain, rain. I think it’s supposed to be sunny and 65 today! These meteorologists, storm trackers, and weather reporters could never possibly get anything right! 😉 🙂

      • snowman-Shortpump area says:

        Another classic example of how it’s just impossible to predict the weather. You guess the weather forecast!

      • bobin chester says:

        wow Dave you look MIGHTY stupid… 6″ at ther aiport at 5pm 8″ in short Pump

        wxrisk called for 4-8″
        channel 12 1″-3″

        and dave says wxrisk Busted ???

  65. John Wheeler says:

    5.0 of snow and .05 of sleet here in Ruther Glen, VA in Caroline as of 9:10am

  66. Jeremy says:

    8:30 a.m. New Snow Measurement of 3/4 of an inch.

    Near I-64/I-295 between Innsbrook & Shortpump

  67. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Can we have a new thread please.

  68. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    So it anywhere get the BIG snows in the end? The 2′ plus?

  69. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Light snow falling again. My neiborhood roads look like an icy mess! Looks like radar is trying to fill in with this wrap around. Who knows..

    • Kevin in Richmond says:

      The radar is correct. We are in for 5″ today in Richmond, Shortpump included. The wraparound moisture is abundant and if we get all of that the totals could be higher.

      *gets on knees, prays for snow to his hips*

  70. bob in chester says:

    strongly agree… No One had the rain snow line as far N as fredericksburg and up to Charlottesville.

    I did not see that in one forecast… did anyone ?

  71. Kevin in Richmond says:

    7:30 a.m. the flakes are beginning to fall again.

  72. bob in chester says:

    I think Jim D is right… on this wrap around. For the City on south I dont see this wrap around snow reaches RIC and chesterfield. Mechanicsville ?maybe … Northernnneck sure… 4 to 6″ I could see that.

    FWIW wxrisk yesterday afternoon was downplaying the “wrap around for richmond and to the south and said the wrap around snow could miss chesterfield completely”…. have not see his morning update…

  73. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    Who the heck is Ross Runner? A new meteorologist on NBC12 I guess…never seen him before! So they have five now?

    • Mike says:

      I thought the same thing? Guess he is new

      • KW Tappahannock says:

        Ross used to be on another station in town and moved away to another market. This is sorta scary…I know toooo much about the local meteorologists! 🙂

    • afreiden says:

      Ros is helping us out this weekend and likely more after that!

      • Jeff in Matoaca says:

        yay! the more the merrier 🙂

      • Kevin in Richmond says:

        Where is he from? Where did he go to college? What made him choose a career in meteorology? We need answers. lol

      • KW Tappahannock says:

        Yay–he mentioned the Northern Neck area a lot! Sometimes we have the squirreliest weather here and what’s happening in Richmond is not like what’s happening out here, so I love it when we get special mention!!!

      • Mighty Dyckerson says:

        I used to love those cartoons he did with Wile E. Coyote.

  74. vk says:

    I am in Midlothian…near James River High.

    Thank goodness the precip stopped. In the last 5 min prior to ending…the temp dropped enough that it was freezing up.

    If it continued…we would get major ice on trees, hydro lines, etc…power outages for sure.

    I walked onto my deck for a smoke and it was iced up…not so 10 min ago. Phew.

    So during the dry spell…if we go to snow in the morning….it will be just that…SNOW…and not freezing rain. Phew again.

  75. Jeff J says:

    Surprised we’re under a WSW when it’s only raining. If anything, a WWA would more than suffice.

  76. vk says:

    After a load of rain…basically melted everything from last week…we have clear skies, stars and about 43°F.

    • vk says:

      Just jokin’

      I has been raining…heavy at times…at a ton has melted.

      From looking at the radar…I do not see enough moisture with the “wrap-around” to really effect us. By the time it does twist around…the moisture will be close to the Atlantic…north east.

      I just want power for the Super Bowl.

      Here’s to some sun.

  77. Denise K. says:

    My husband and I always check the weather on with Jim, Andrew, and Tom.

    But i’ve been coming to the blog to read the comments purely for entertainment 🙂

    • Carol says:

      Same here, I find reading the blog as much entertaining as watching TV if not more so. Besides, the weather has a mind of it’s own and sometimes I honestly think it changes just to keep everyone guessing. I love the way my grandparents would tell you what you could expect by signs such as: if snow lingers it is waiting for a fresh snowfall, they could “smell” the snow coming and this one I like best, if you have plans to do something you really like then you can bet your last dollar the weather will put a stop to it. lol

  78. ryan says:

    this storm is over….in my many years of wrap around snow i have never actually had one come true i just don’t see 4-8 inches……oh well….feb. 15/16 lets go!

    • davidgentry says:

      I’ve seen it come true…here in Richmond. I don’t remember the year, I think it was sometime in the 70’s, but we got about 6″ of snow and then it was predicted to be over. Then that good ol’ wrap around occurred and we ended up with over a foot.

    • Sean says:

      Yeah, wrap around is actually a possibility because it is a pretty powerful low.

  79. Whata Joke says:

    What a Slop Storm. NBC 12 Guys! Make it stop!

  80. Brian S says:

    I dont think that they forecasted the snow/rain line to go as far north as it did. Heck it is just south of DC right now…this plain sucks, i was feeling optimistic about tomorrow…we’ll see what happens. Heck the costal low is just now taking shape and is forecasted to move SE which will shift all the heavy stuff DC is getting down to us before it moves out…this isn’t going up the coast like normal folks. We could still end up getting dry slotted though…

    • Lissa says:

      Brian S……….
      I Feel your pain! This just pl;ain SUCKS….out loud and in color…………..and here I was hoping for something respectable and all. Boo….hiss! This’ll be the one reason that I dont like the Richmond area….well, this, and the freaking humidity in the summer!
      Oh well…….c’est la vie, “y’all” !!!!
      Be safe guys!

  81. Mike - 23112 says:

    My forecast = 100% chance of lame

  82. VA-Native says:

    I remember these classic Richmond VA snow/rain storms. I hated them because of the mess that they caused, and the frigid cold thick drops of rain. But as a whole you all got a lot of snow this year. Reminds me of the winter storms of the 80’s in good ol Richmond.
    Speaking of 80’s I stumbled on some nostalagic WWBT video with WWBT Native Jim Duncan, this was in 81 (I was only 8):

  83. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    I think we will see the sun by mid morning Saturday.

  84. Eastern Goochland says:

    Any news about the tuesday-wednesday storm?

  85. Lee says:

    Jim just tweeted that tomorrow won’t be much snow. Not what I wanted to hear.

  86. Jeff J says:

    Stick a fork in this storm. It’s done.

  87. Matt-shortpump says:

    It is interesting though, if you watch the Local on the 8’s , they are calling for 5-8 inches tomorrow.

  88. Matt-shortpump says:

    So much wasted precipitation! I can’t stand the thought of this!

    • lissa says:

      Dirro that…………all that liquid……gone to pot. T’is a damned shame guys. owell……….anyone know anything about this Tuesday Thang comin up? any room for hope at all?

  89. Conway says:

    I was looking at the rain/snow line. It is lined up somewhere near gordonsville. Over the last 30 minutes, the rain snow line has been shifting south again. i think we will see a changeover by early morning

  90. ryan says:

    damn DC is getting hammered with 1-3 inch rates per hour all night…..this will be there biggest storm on record holy cow…i’m jealous.

    • Matt-shortpump says:

      I’m beyond jealous. Why did this warm air have to come in when the heaviest precipitation was coming in?!?!?!?

  91. Derry says:

    Looks like mainly rain at Parham/64 now. Would not have believed it a few hours ago.

  92. Snowbaby in Short Pump says:

    Channel 8 is saying ( online ) western Henrico will get 7-15 inches ???????????

  93. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    What really sucks about this for snow lovers is that this storn had sooooo much potential to be a massive white out for us! Just a few degrees lower! Man, so close and yet sooo far!

  94. Tristan says:

    Another report from VCU Siegal Center area. Although its raining pretty moderately, and windy. It doesnt seem liek the slushy stuff on the ground is going away. On the sidewalks and roads not traveled on its still glistening white and quite a slippery mess.

  95. JPal says:


    • Jonathan says:

      Actually, the 12 news guys have called this pretty well…and if you’re saying the storm’s a bust…we’re still in line for potentially 3″ up to 8″ depending on the where the storm redevelops off the coast and your location tomorrow morning through afternoon…

    • bob in chester says:

      it changed to rain as forecasted… how is that a bust?

      • Anon says:

        I have to laugh at this, Bob. When others called this storm a “bust” b/c it was going to turn to rain on the other post, you called them morons and idiots b/c you saw snow. Now the rain is NOT a bust. We do appreciate you toning it down, though.

    • JPal says:

      I am not saying 12’s forcast was a bust!! GEEZ!!It’s all the hype from everyone else…that’s the bust! IT’S A DISAPPOINTING BUST!

  96. Jonathan says:

    Mostly rain with a little sleet mixed in since around 4pm here in Brandermill area (288 and Hull St)

  97. Chris says:

    When is the changeover back to snow expected?

  98. Thunder Snow says:

    Agree David, well put. If any one of us had this level of scrutiny and second guessing during the course of a normal work day…well, I’ll just say I would not wish that on anyone.

    Channel 12 Team, you all do great work in a tough profession and are to be commended for all the hard work and long hours. Thanks for all the hard work and keep it up!

    • Snowman-Shortpump area says:

      But that’s why they’re paid the BIG BUCKS! I would like to earn a quarter of what Andrew F. makes. Have you seen the mansion that man lives in! Woah..

      • Emily says:

        Meteorologists making big bucks? No way. Have you ever looked at the average salary for meteorologists? No, they don’t make the big bucks. TV stations may pay a bit for their well-known personalities who have been with them for years but I can assure you that meteorologists do NOT make “BIG BUCKS.”

  99. Jeremy says:

    5:30 p.m. update near I-64/I-295 between Innsbrook & Short Pump

    1/4 inch of sleet from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

    Total accumulation reduced by the sleet packing to 3 3/4 inches.

  100. KW Tappahannock says:

    I am not sure I have ever seen it snow any harder than it is right now–cars are completely covered and the wind is blowing harder.

  101. Frank says:

    You are showing that Tappahannock should be rain or a mix right now with the radar, but at this moment we are still getting only snow falling with no sleet or rain mixed in.

    • KW Tappahannock says:

      I was just noticing that too! Are you in town limits or out in the county? It is pouring snow in Howertons.

  102. deberoni says:

    5-6 inches of new heavy wet snow in western Goochland at 5:00pm, changed to sleet/freezing rain. The loblollies are already leaning! At 29 degrees, those pines will be popping in half tonight! Ugh. Messy. More fluffy snow instead, please!

  103. Sharon says:

    Typical Central VA “snow storm” — two inches of snow followed by rain. I read all the stuff people posted and it seems to me like the Channel 12 guys got it almost exactly right!

  104. Matt-shortpump says:

    WRIC saying 8-16 inches of snow for western henrico. . this shows the snowfall forecast. Check it out.

  105. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Oh that’s just great! RAINING here now in west end!!

  106. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    So… wxrisk kept a low profile from here today! Not so vocal now! That’s what happens when ya bash the nbc12 weather team!

  107. Tom Patton says:

    Yo A- Rain/sleet here at 12…North wind 16-24 Little H. the sleet

  108. Tristan says:

    Lets see VCU Siegal Center, Broad is still clear.
    Sidewalks are a complete mess a nice 2+ inch layer of slush, sleeting now, kind of light. Ever so often a snowflake mixes in

  109. Jeremy says:

    4:30 p.m. measurements

    1/2 inch snowfall rate in last hour

    3 7/8 inches accumulation right now (definitely some melting taking place, total snowfall measured is about 4.5 inches.

    What had been falling as almost all snow just now changed over to sleet.

    I’m near I-64/I-295 between Innsbrook & Short Pump.

  110. Matt-shortpump says:

    All sleet now in short pump. Just hoping no rain.

  111. John Wheeler says:

    Ruther Glen, VA in Caroline County
    2.0 Inches of snow as of 4:30pm

  112. davidgentry says:

    I have to take just a minute to make a quick comment about the weather forecasting “bashing”.

    I know that I cannot be the only one that understands that weather is in fact, nature. And as such, you can only “predict” what you think nature it will do/how it will act. A prediction, by definition, is to foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason. Meaning, it is an educated guess.

    It just doesn’t make any sense to “puff out chest” and say that you are a better forecaster than someone else or that someone else’s forecast (prediction) makes them a poor weatherman/woman just because nature wasn’t as easy to predict as observations, experience, scientific reason, or “models” lead you to believe.

    • Emily says:

      So very, very true. Well said.

      I’d also like to add that the NBC12 weather team has accurately predicted 3/3 this winter season for my area. Anyone who thinks their forecasts have been major off b/c their accumulations varied or a storm’s tracked veered slightly from originally thought just have no idea what they’re criticizing and forget that even though meteorology is comprised mostly of atmospheric physics, chemistry, etc., nature will still do what it wants many times.

  113. afreiden says:

    Very small sleet pellets here in Richmond (Stratford Hills) at 4:20pm. Forecast looking good, guys. Part I of III has ended….

  114. mikep says:

    Dickens road area has noticeably been switching around between snow, sleet, and rain or a combination of all 3 the last 45 mins or so. Radar shows inevitable rain. I guess the question is now, when the switch back to snow?

  115. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    So we could actually see more snow tomorrow than we did today! Hmmmm, interesting.

  116. davidgentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – changed to all sleet at about 3:50 PM. Occasionally there is a bit of snow mixed in. I have not seen/felt any rain as of yet.

  117. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    All I can say is I said last night this storm was going to be a “dud” at least in regards to the exaggerated snow totals some on here were forecasting and got called a moron. Two inches followed by rain does not equal “Major Snowstorm”

  118. Lee says:

    Trees are really coated…hoping power won’t go out!

  119. KP in Eastern Henrico says:

    Amazed at how fast it went from near white-out conditions on 64E at Laburnun Exit to sleet just after the Highland Springs Exit! I was so excited thinking the rain/snow line would be east of New Kent 😦 Apparently not…

  120. Jeff says:

    Just rain by the airport.

  121. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Who the heck was working the camera for Andrew F/Tom P’s online weather update. Did you guys bring in one of your kids to use the camera? Jeesh, that was terrible work. Zooming in and out and all over the place! Ya don’t need to keep zooming in and out for this type of interview. Stick it on a tripod and leave it be! Good grief charlie brown!

  122. Derry says:

    Parham & 64 ..have not seen the taper. Starting to pile up here. Am counting on the rain to wash it away. No Sleet/ICE please. Anybody know about roads in West End?

  123. Amy in Western Powhatan says:

    Sleet mixing with fine snow…But heavy as heck..

  124. Lee says:

    Still snowing in Short Pump off Church Road. I will take sleet…just no rain!

  125. davidgentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – just measured @ 3:40 PM and we have 3″ of new snow. Snow tappered off at about 3:10 PM and changed over the 75% sleet. At 3:45 more snow is starting to mix in with the sleet (40/60 sleet to snow ratio).

    Are we still anticipating a change to rain in the evening for western Chesterfield?

    This is by FAR the most beautiful snow we have seen in years. I was out driving and the evergreens are spectacular!!

  126. Jeremy says:

    3:30 p.m. update: 1 inch snowfall rate in the last hour, total of 3.5 inches accumlation. Near I-64/I-295 between Innsbrook & Shortpump.

  127. Jonathan says:

    switched over to sleet here (Brandermill) as eveyone else noted in the area. However, as of 335 light snow is mixing back in.

  128. owen says:

    on the website. I think we will get a foot or over but keep your eye on tuesday, Wednesday!!!!!!!!!

  129. 4Honesty says:

    Thanks NBC12 and NWS for a great forecast in Petersburg/Prince George. WXRISK forecast of 4-8 going down in flames. Been raining for an hour now after 1.5″ to 2″. It’s MELTING!!!

  130. KW Tappahannock says:

    It is coming down fast and steady in Essex Co., just off Rt.17 South. Sticking to the grassy areas and cars–also very breezy. The wind really kicked up right before it started snowing, a little over an hour ago.

  131. Nicole says:

    so about 15min ago we were seeing HEAVY snow was amazing now we are getting a mix. location :far westend near lauderdale

  132. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    A whooping 4″ now on my deck.

  133. Isobar says:

    In RIC near west end…moderate snow just changed over to sleet in a matter of minutes. Looking at radar, you can see the yellow spreading barely into RIC metro.

  134. Tristan says:

    At VCU Siegel we seem to have had a brief pause and now getting snow and sleet, it seems.

  135. Annie says:

    Starting to hear the ping of sleet on the windows here in Westover Hills. Snow is still falling moderately, though.

  136. midlo hokie says:

    Just changed over from snow to sleet in midlothian near 288

    • Jeff in Matoaca says:

      It’s interesting that radar still shows all of us under “snow”…and not really near the rain./snow line, yet we’re getting rain/sleet

  137. sid says:

    we got 4 inches of snow in Powhatan also its 30 outside and with last weekends snow we have 10 in all

  138. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    NBC12 Weather team. Are we still getting the Snow Saturday you talked aout?

  139. Hanoverian says:

    It’s starting to stick to the roads here in Mechanicsville after coming down heavy for the last hour. I’d say we’ve gotten about 2 – 3 inches on non-road surfaces, but it’s hard to tell with all of the leftover snow from last weekend’s storm.

  140. Matt-shortpump says:

    This is just really bad accumulating snow

  141. Snowbaby in Short Pump says:

    Still snowing hard in Short Pump and around 3 inches on the ground

  142. Woodlake says:

    3″ here and coming down

  143. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    Sleet/freezing rain now in Matoaca…

  144. Near Pocahontas Park says:

    Huge flakes and something is tipping on the windows?

  145. Mike says:

    a little over 3 inches in Short Pump right now

  146. Kevin in RIchmond says:

    2:40pm in Richmond, just north of the Diamond. Moderate snow since 9:00a.m. with about 2 inches on grassy surfaces. Side roads are beginning to show signs of accumulation but not much. I’m doing my anti-rain dance but do think it will eventually turn to all rain. BOOOOO!

    • Jonathan says:

      Amazing how sharp the cutoff line is. Snow has been sticking to the roadways in my neighborhood (Brandermill) since before noon. Now we have approx 2 1/2″ and it is snowing pretty heavily right now. Very wet and large flakes….power outages are definitely coming with this one…

  147. spike-charles city says:

    as ‘he who shall remain nameless’ on 8 sez, it’s falling like lard out here-been snowing since 830 or so-most of the main roads are okay, a bit slushy at intersections…but some of the back roads are slick and whitening…like the song goes, ‘the nearer your destination the more you’re slip-sliding away’

  148. wyn says:

    A person has noted on the WTVR site that he belives Richmond has been on a 7 year snow cycle- 2010,2003,`996,1989,1982,1975. Any thoughts?

    • Sean says:

      That’s about right, if you look at charts it’s about every 7-10 years that we get spikes but it isn’t as even as that.

  149. Jeremy says:

    2.5 inches total accumulation as of 2:30 p.m.

    Last hour snowfall rate measurement was .75 of an inch.

    Location: Near I-64/I-295 between Innsbrook & Shortpump.

  150. Annie says:

    Starting to see power outages. My mom in Stratford Hills lost power about 45 minutes ago. Dominion VA says it’ll be back around 7 pm.

    • Amy in western powhatan says:

      I was just looking out thinking about that… UUGGGHHHH!!!!

      • Annie says:

        Well, her power was restored much faster than the original estimate, so that’s good news. Hopefully DomVA will be just as speedy throughout this storm, especially tomorrow when the winds will pick up.

  151. Hanoverian says:

    Moderate snowfall in Mechanicsville, but it’s still not sticking to the roads… strange that it’s been snowing since 8 a.m. without anything on the roadways. If any of this switches over to rain this afternoon then we might not have any accumulations on the roads here.

  152. James says:

    Slushy snow here in Colonial Heights North ES is posting 31.7 degrees About 1-1 1/2 snow on the hard surfaces

  153. Fred says:

    I’m in Petersburg and have about 2 inches on the ground at close to 2:00 p.m. It is snowing heavily with no signs that rain is on the way. I thought it might be useful to compare the Channel 12 Forecast for my area with the Wxrisk forecast.

    Channel 12: South and SE of Richmond: Snow This morning, then a changeover to sleet and rain before midday (especially along NC state line) Snow/ice accumulations will be sharply less these areas. Expect only 1-4″ slush here before a quick changeover.

    WXRisk: The first interval or a period of snow will bring 4 to 8 inches across the Richmond Metro area and points south and east.
    Immediately to the west northwest at north of Richmond — Western Henrico County Short Pump far western Chesterfield County Powhatan Amelia and Hanover Counties… snow amounts will be close 8-10″ by 6pm.

    In my book…the latter has been far more accurate so far.

  154. Jonathan says:

    Neighborhood streets have been covered here in Midlothian (Brandermill) since before 12. About an inch and a half or so of heavy wet snow on the ground. More like 2 1/2″ on top of existing snow. Small trees are already sagging under the weight….

  155. Judy says:

    Big flakes still falling steady in Elko/Sandston. It’s been steady since early morning. No sleet/rain/mix yet. All snow!! Coming heavy now! Slushy roads!

  156. Tyler-shortpump says:

    nnevermind, the snow (size of quarters/halfdollars), has overpowered my srteet! it is sticking in my neighborhood!!!! be careful ya’ll!

  157. Tristan says:

    Well I just went around outside, its quite difficult telling what the true amount of “slush” is in the VCU Siegal Center area because some of the sidewalks still have old snow on it, and where thats at its like pure snow, so I assume its only the ground itself thats causy this mess of ice and water? Its like a weird suspension of stuff, on the pure sidewalk, Id guesstimate under an inch.

    Broad street seems to be fairly clear, off shoots streets are definitely covered in a slushy mess.

    Im a bit confused.

    Say we get 6 inch of slush, then, we get the heavy rain. Will the rain make this stuff wash away a bit? And then wont it freeze overnight when it starts snowing?

    So tomorrow the layer on the sidewalk will be “slush” type stuff, underneath a layer of ice, underneath 4-8+inches of snow in metro richmond?

  158. Jeremy says:

    2 inches accumulation so far…HUGE flakes falling right now!

    At 11:30 a.m. I had 1.25 inches. In the following 2 hours I received an additional .75 of an inch and have a total of 2 inches accumulation on my snow measurement station. I live Near I-64/I-295 near Innsbrook/Short Pump.

  159. Snowbaby in Short Pump says:

    Still snowing hard in Short Pump. Big flakes.

  160. Tyler-ShortPump says:

    It is snowing pretty heavily here in short pump. lots of slush on the roadways, but now true stickage! I presume it won’t really stick until later tonight/ this evening when temps may be cooler. Does that seem probable? I’m looking at flakes the size of quarters yet still no white roads…

    • Tyler-ShortPump says:

      strike that, it is now sticking to the roads in my neighborhood, flakes the size of half dollars are coming down with wind, yes, half dollars size, it overpowered the road!

  161. Leslie says:

    Nothing much happening in Tappahannock either. Wassup, Andrew?

  162. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Andrew F/Jim D. Any idea’s what’s happening with his storm. Even DC is only seeing light snow?

  163. owen says:

    im in western henrico, 8 news is forcasting 18-24 inches not kidding!!!!!! I think 12 was wrong. Or at least i hope. the last storm went north and we got more i hope whatever helps us get more happens.

  164. Mike says:

    a little over 2 inches here in Short Pump on my deck

  165. Goss in Glen Allen says:

    There is nothing worse than a good snow that won’t stick to the roads. I hate the wet slushy stuff.

    Will Saturday be different?

  166. vader1013 says:

    this storm is so slow to get going I think that everyone’s forecasts have actually OVERestimated the ammounts RIC and surrounding areas will get. it’s been snowing for four hours in north Glen Allen near Ashland and nothing is sticking to roads or sidewalks.

  167. Maryann in Sussex says:

    Coming down really well here in Sussex. Sticking to everything!! I’m guessing about half-inch so far.

  168. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    Maybe an inch in Matoaca and lightening up…about to end I think….soon to be washed away by rain as predicted…

  169. SandyG says:

    Just left Chick-Fil-A across from Chesterfield Towne Center. The parking lot looked just wet but it was starting to get slick with ice. Be careful out there.

  170. Jess says:

    Snow started about 3 hours ago in New Kent, started out pretty crappy, but is getting more impressive, really coming down now…starting to stick on some of the grass now!! Keep it coming!!!!

    • Jess says:

      it’snow 2:45, and the snow is still really coming down out here…I am surprised, I thought we were supposed to get that “quick” changeover east of RIC…not looking like rain is in the near future this way!!!

  171. rob says:

    A little over 3 inches out here in fluvanna

  172. rob says:

    A little over 3 inches in fluvanna

  173. JB says:

    Up here in Fredericksburg, it’s been very light snow for a couple of hours but no accumulation yet – temps still above freezing. The Winter Storm Warning for our area includes possibly snow accumulation between 20-30 inches – I wish I could send some down south….

  174. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    OK, this needs to pick up in intensity! It’s pathetic right now. There’s no excuses here. It’s a great big storm, send some heavy bands our way while we still have the cold air in place.
    I have 2″ on my deck. (should be 5-6 by now!)

    • Amy says:

      It’s snowing very heavy in Emporia and everything is turning white……where are the warmer temperatures and the rain?!?! Please tell me the rain is still coming and it is not going to stay snow.

      • Jonathan says:

        That’s good news for snow lovers in Central VA if it’s still snowing in Emporia…means it will be a bit before we see the changeover in the Richmond area.

    • vader1013 says:

      I don’t think it’s gonna happen. with the streets this wet, it’s going to have to snow a lot within a short time frame to get any sort of accumulation before the change over tonight.

  175. Mike says:

    1.75 inches on my deck in Short Pump at 12:20pm

  176. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Is it time to start talking about next Tuesday storm?

  177. Beverly says:

    What happened to the rain? We are getting blasted here in the Dolphin area of Brunswick County. At least 3 inches in the last 2 hours.

  178. mustangjulie says:

    It’s been snowing here in Eltham (just outside West Point) since about 10 a.m. – no sign of rain at all.

  179. Isobar says:

    Judging by the current radar loop, it appears RIC and vicinity will have some moderate to heavy bands of snow working through the area over the next two to three hours. If you are looking at the radar, where you see the yellows (and perhaps dark greens), that is where the concern lies for those of us who want to stay snow. With the yellows may come the warmer air aloft and potential for overrunning. The yellow often indicates sleet. Right now, it appears a large swath of this is occurring down near Emporia and having difficulty moving north, however, you can see a thinner swath emerging just east of Farmville which may works its way into our area early/mid pm?

  180. Maryann in Sussex says:

    First flurries now falling in Sussex, 7 miles east of 95.

  181. Ava says:

    12 News Team: Any thoughts on where we’re headed in terms of accumulations? Are you sticking by your earlier forecast? Just curious. Like Shortpump Snowman, we’ve had constant snow but little accumulation.

  182. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Very slow accumilations with this storm so far. Maybe later today it will pick up.

  183. GinGin says:

    Temp is down from 33.3 an hour ago to 32.5 at 11:42 am in Bon Air. Snow is now sticking to the street!

  184. Jeremy says:

    11:30 a.m. measurement of 1.25 inches on my snow accumulation station at my house near Nuckols Road and I-295 (Innsbrook/Short Pump area).

  185. Hanoverian says:

    It’s been snowing here in Mechanicsville area since 8:30 a.m. but nothing is sticking to the roads – when will it start sticking?

  186. AmyinPG says:

    Snowing really nicely here in Colonial Heights and sticking to grass but not roads yet. Temp has dropped to 32 with a dew point of 31 though. Yay!

  187. Eastern Goochland says:

    Is it still a possibility that colder air will stick around and richmond would see mostly snow and sleet? To me it looks as if the snow/rain line is moving further south east

  188. Acedoc says:

    Moderate snow here now in Dinwiddie, close to P’burg. No sticking, but temps have dropped to 35 from 39 in the past two hours. I’m not looking forward to the drive home to Glen Allen this evening.

    • Eastern Goochland says:

      So temps are dropping…could this possibly continue throughout the day? That snow/rain line is quite a ways south east now

    • vader1013 says:

      don’t worry. I’m in the VCC area of Glen Allen and it’s nothing up here yet- only wet streets.

  189. Mike says:

    1.25 inches on my deck near Short Pump

  190. 23rd ST says:

    From 23rd street you cant see the city at all, its just a blanket of white snow…Wanting to get at least a foot here in richmond 🙂

  191. Tristan says:

    Still at VCU Siegel Center area, Broad st is fairly decent, but the offshoot streets visibly have snow on them. My apartment place put salt on the sidewalks earlier but the snow has already covered it. The snow seem to now have coated the snow mounds still on the roads lol.

    I hope we stay all snow for the entire event

  192. Sarah says:

    When is it supposed to start sticking to the road ways?! I am in Glen Allen, Innsbrook area and it’s already been snowing for a couple hours.

  193. Amy in Western Powhatan says:

    Stickin to the roads now here…. :))))

  194. Chester says:

    Snowing pretty good here now but it seems too warm for anything to stick.

  195. Nicole says:

    update 🙂 sticking to streets in far westend between lauderdale and gayton! love this!

  196. Tom-Fan District says:

    Has been snowing moderately for a few hours now and the pace is quickening. Snow has begun to stick to the roads and sidewalks and cars are lightly covered. Moderate traffic is keeping accumulations at bay on some roads.

  197. vader1013 says:

    snowing at VCC mall, but not sticking very well. I’m thinking this storm might be a complete bust.

  198. Matt-shortpump says:

    Moderate snow in short pump. Covered roads almost completely now. Plows are patrolling and waiting for 2 inches to start clearing the roads. Andrew, in the west end (short pump) when do you expect sleet to start mixing in and when do you expect that sleet to end and all snow to take back over after?

  199. Eastern Goochland says:

    Roads are now covered, rest of snow will accumulate here. If it keeps snowing like this for another 8-9 hours we could be up towards 9-10 inches

  200. Maryann in Sussex says:

    Update from Sussex…. still nothing. 🙂

  201. Atlee Station says:

    Snowing here since just before 8am. Nothing sticking to the parking lot yet. Outside thermometer reads 34*.

  202. Carol says:

    It’s been sleeting/raining for the last couple of hours and now it’s a light snow coming down here in Charles City.

  203. GinGin says:

    Steady moderate to heavy snow in Bon Air. Sticking to everything but the street at this time.

  204. Tristan says:

    Well on my end of Broad St, VCU Siegal Center, the snow is now starting to stick to the sidewalks and road.

  205. Kevin in Richmond says:

    It’s been snowing ~2 hours and is coming down moderately. Still not sticking to roads, just grassy surfaces and to cars. Moderate bands look to keep coming per the radar. LET IT SNOW! and stick.
    I’m just south of the city.

  206. Ricky says:

    Up in the Midlothian area, right at Monacan Highschool, we have a pretty light snow coming down.

    Started out light, then got heavier, and now it’s coming down light again. Nothing is sticking on the roads, but the bushes outside my house are getting a nice coating. Can’t really tell what it’s doing on the grassy areas as their still covered in snow from last weeks storm.

  207. Mike says:

    Sticking on my neighborhood streets near Short Pump! Already White!

  208. MoreSnowPlease says:

    It’s still snowing hard but it seems to be un-sticking down here by the Diamond. The gravel parking lot next to my building was all white, but now its clearing again. The thermometer on the outside of the building has gone UP a degree in the last hour to 37. Booo.

  209. Amy in Powhatan says:

    Been snowing here since 8am in Western Powhatan. Sticking to my driveway and car, but not the roads yet…. SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!!!

  210. Doohickey says:

    Coming down pretty good here in Glen Allen (near Hungary and West End Dr.) Not much stickage to anything covered in concrete or asphault.

  211. Lee says:

    Sticking to streets in Short Pump. Getting slick.

  212. debbie brown says:

    I am a school teacher in Prince George County. Are we the only school open in the tricities?! There is nothing going on here. Are we expected to get any snow here or in Colonial Heights?

  213. Nicole says:

    snowing lots in far west end near lauderdale and gayton 😀

  214. Jackie says:

    Its not sticking in Ashland even though its been snowing for a couple of hours. When should I expect conditions to deteriorate or are temps going to stay too high?

  215. Conway says:

    Snowing hard at Parahm & Patterson…My windshield windshield wipers quit working so trying to get that fixed….pretty improtant

  216. snowbaby in Short Pump says:

    snowing hard off Church rd near Three Chopt. Now it’s sticking to the roads.
    KEEP SNOWING !!!!!

  217. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Looks like in a couple of hours the heavy bands will start coming through…

  218. Tristan says:

    Its coming down a bit more at Siegel Center VCU.

  219. Eastern Goochland says:

    So how long before it starts sticking to roads? Starting to come down harder now

  220. Julie says:

    I work at the SunTrust Building downtown. It is snowing so hard you cannot see the River!

  221. Molly says:

    Coming down pretty good here around the UR/Three Chopt area. Starting to stick to the grass.

  222. UofR Area says:

    It is coming down stronger now and there is a dusting on all the cleared surfaces! Yay – keep it coming!

  223. Chester says:

    The first itty bitty flakes have started to fall in Chester.

  224. Richard says:

    FINALLY starting to lightly snow out here in Powhatan..I guess the dewpoints and temp finally got close enough together here for precip to start….

  225. Maureen says:

    Heavy snow coming down in Glen Allen, VA….

  226. Tristan says:

    Seems to be starting to stick to the grass and cars here at VCU Siegel Center.

    Its kind of funny to see that the snow will be stacking up on top of the mounds of snow left from the earlier storm

  227. Maryann in Sussex says:

    Absolutely nothing happening down here. No rain, drizzle, flurries, sleet, snow… nothing.

    Something happening all around us, but we seem to be pocketed in.

  228. Snowbody in Short Pump says:

    First flakes I saw in the Short Pump area were seen on Cox while crossing the bridge over I-64 at 8:23am. Mere seconds later as I came to the intersection of Cox and Three Chopt the few flaes had been transformed into a moderate snowfall. Just about an hour later it is sticking to everything but the road, the deck is completely covered, and I’m hoping for a FOOT (or more) of snow. Enjoy the beauty!

  229. eLiTe J says:

    75% of the posters here are short pump

  230. MoreSnowPlease says:

    It’s starting to stick to the parking lots and roads near the Diamond. Its been snowing since right at 9am.

  231. Ava says:

    Question for NBC 12 Weather Team: Snow is falling here in Short Pump but so far nothing appears to be sticking to the streets. And, the snow that has fallen on my car windshield is doing quite a bit of melting. Do we expect this to start sticking to streets etc. at some point soon? Or late in the day?

  232. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Andrew F. You understand that no matter how much we rag on you, we still luv ya man!

  233. Downtowner says:

    Very light snow out the window of the James Center in downtown.

  234. Bharat says:

    It’s getting heavier. This is from Tredegar Street..

  235. Shortpump_Girl06 says:

    Snow starting to now accumulate in Short Pump and picking up to more of a moderate snowfall.

  236. Jackie says:

    Snowing in Ashland. Its a fine snow but its coming down like mad.

  237. Matt-shortpump says:

    Sticking better now

  238. Matt-shortpump says:

    So after 30 minutes of light snow/ flurries, moderate snow is now falling and there is no turning back now! Won’t let up until tomorrow midday.

  239. Matt-shortpump says:

    Coming down much heaver now in short pump . Really picking up in intensity!

  240. Matt-shortpump says:

    Not sticking yet here in short pump.

  241. Annie says:

    Happy Weatherman’s Day to the NBC12 weather team!

  242. Tristan says:

    Seems it just started snowing here nere VCU Siegel Center

  243. JPal says:

    My prediction is this storm will be a bust for Richmond. Too much hype and preparedness….

  244. Matt-shortpump says:

    Can snow accumulate on sand (on the roadways)?

  245. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Very fine light snow pump/church rd area.

  246. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    I just saw 3 flakes Shortpump area.

  247. Jimmy Dean says:

    This storm is way over rated. I think we will get alot of rain and little snow and the rain will wash all the old snow away. I think we are in the clear after this weekend. Spring is coming in the next week or two

  248. Annie says:

    I’ve got a mix of rain/freezing rain and very, very light snow here.

  249. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Looks like wxrisk was quite a bit off this time round!
    He has very much changed his tune from a day ago! He’s now saying more rain like I’ve been saying for days! Oh well.. We will see how it all pans out..

  250. Matt-shortpump says:

    Henrico county schools closed today. 06 NAM gives us 2.5-3.0 inches of precipitation. For Short Pump, if 1.0 inch of that is sleet, that is still 15-20 inches of snow! We just need to be NORTHWEST of the rain/snow line the entire time, which is entirely possible. Who knows, if we don’t mix with much sleet at all here we could have as much snow as anyone else in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast!

  251. Dana says:

    It’s starting to snow in Louisa!

  252. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Nothing in Shortpump yet at 7:22am

  253. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    I’m thinking this storm is going to skip right past us with little or no accumulating snow. There’s just way too much uncertainty around it.

  254. Jeremy says:

    My snow measuring platforms are set up and ready for snow!

  255. Jeff J says:

    Probably more rain in East Henrico than anything else.

  256. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Five inches in Short Pump!

    Wait, that was from the last storm.

  257. ryan says:

    how are we not Winter storm warning in Henrico yet? that have charlottesville for 2028 inches of snow, holy cow i new i moved to far east when i moved from southwest VA….oh well. i have no idea what to expect tomorrow

  258. Matt-shortpump says:

    Measure on your driveway (if it has been shoveled).

  259. Tristan says:

    Alright, cant wait to see the first snowfall reports.

  260. Mike says:

    Do we measure new plus old snow fall? We usually do not have that option around here. Let it snow!

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