Another storm, another mixed bag

This next storm weaker than last, but will bring a similar sequence of precip-types to the area with similar timing to the last.  For updated forecast details, check out our main discussion page on   Feel free to post any reports of your weather here if you’d like.

* Jim D.


74 Responses to Another storm, another mixed bag

  1. Richmond says:

    The high in richmond for tomorrow is 34, is it possible that it could stay cold, below 32, for the duration of the storm and keep it all storm, and since it has been so cold the last few days and nights won’t any snow that starts to fall tuesday stick right away?

    • afreiden says:

      Any snow will likely stick right away but temperatures aloft are just too warm for this to stay as snow through evening. Just like last time, a transition to rain is likely.

  2. nuevam says:

    THe NWS says there will be ice accumulations. Other channels are agreeing that any rain falling Tuesday afternoon on radar will freeze on contact. Is this true Jim? I am concern that minimzing the quantity of precipitation will downplay the importance of stressing to the public how dangerous the commute from work will be tomorrow.

    • afreiden says:

      Freezing rain is a possibility this afternoon and evening. Slick spots are likely, especially if we do get some snow first.

  3. eLiTe J says:

    never thought i’d be saying this but, I hope NBC12 is right with this one. Please say only rain NBC12! PLEASE!!!

    Don’t need ice.

  4. vader1013 says:

    well, I hope all of the area students and teachers are enjoying their Spring breaks, ’cause your losing your break one day at a time every day that schools close. also- you’ll all still be in school until late June. so go ahead- do your snow dances, enjoy it! ’cause the rest of us who actually have to go to work in this mess suffer now, but we’ll be able to enjoy Spring when it inevitably rolls around…

    • Emily says:

      So true, Vader. So true. And I won’t worry about the possibility of losing any Saturdays either!

    • Snowbaby in Short Pump says:

      Hey Vader, Most schools have built in snow days. Henrico Co will be going to school on Monday for a make up snow day. As for Spring Break , my kids will miss any make up days because we’ll be on vacay.
      And guess what I’m doing now……….A SNOW DANCE !!! hahahahahahaha

    • Flakes-ShortPump says:

      Me too, Snowbaby…now dance ALL NIGHT. I hope all the whiners enjoy the snow we get tomorrow! 😛

      And I’m in high school in Henrico Co which like Snowbaby said, has built in snow days, so yeah…my spring break WON’T be extended. Try to make me mad again! 😛

      • Richmond says:

        You guys do know that there’s only a certain amount of snow days built in to the calendar, right? If you go over those allotted days, you will have to make them up. Oftentimes that takes the form of shortened Spring Break, school on a Saturday, or extended end-of-year (senior status or not). I distinctly remember Chesterfield having to extend the school year when I was in elementary school. Maybe it’s been so long since RIC has had snow that current students don’t know this. So when we say you’ll have to make them up, we’re well aware of snow days being built into the calendar (we WERE once students too). We’re talking about the ones in excess of that.

      • Emily says:

        Right, Richmond. Also worth mentioning that those “built-in” snow days take the form of holidays and early releases. You don’t finish school a few days early b/c you don’t use the snow days–you get to keep some holidays and 2 hour early releases. Use your snow days and you’re going to school on April 12 and getting no 2-hr and 3-hr early releases.

      • Tristan says:

        Fortunately no make up snow days for college, lol. Bring on more snow days

    • Flakes says:

      Sounds like someone is jealous…students and teachers don’t control the weather. Would you prefer the county put their school age chidren on buses in dangerous road conditions? You’d probably be the first to sue the county if your loved one got injured.

      • NoWay says:

        No jealousy here. Can’t imagine many people thinking a few snow days and summers off is worth having to be around children or high schoolers all day. I’ll take driving in the slush and 100 degree weather to be around adults any day.

    • Flakes-ShortPump says:

      And as for going to school in the middle of June…NOT I! I’m a senior and we get out in May, so yeah… I’ll definitely enjoy ALL the snow we get!

  5. Goochland says:

    Did the accumulation forecast just go up a few inches???? Does this indicate a southern trend?

  6. Tristan says:

    Oh come on, can the storm trend even further south? I want 7-12 inches or more!!!!

  7. iceman1 says:

    i find that these smaller storms are more dangerous than what the weather says they will be. i remember one storm we got about four years ago and a few weeks before christmas that only called for 2-3″ of snow. the schools let out early that day and they closed school the next day.

  8. Ricky B. says:

    Just saw the 5:00 weather report, you responded to a statement from Sabrina about how there couldn’t be a drought this summer because of all the rain now. You said the ground water levels would be fine, but I don’t think that will help anything if the rain stops this summer like it usually does. Ground water levels are great for wells, but most crops need surface level moisture for growth and development. Several weeks of dry weather at the wrong time can be as bad for crops as an extended period of dry weather that depletes the water table.

  9. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    We could see another 1/2 foot of snow in the west end from this storm tues/wed.

    • Short pump says:

      Where do you see that? I realllly hope so! But everything I’ve seen seems like it’s pointing more towards a mix than significant accumulation

      • Snowman-Shortpump area says:

        Even Jim D is saying 2-5 inches west end by storms end. 6″ is not that far off.

      • Short pump says:

        Ah gotcha I just saw that! My fault! That’d be great we’d get another day or two outta school!

    • Tristan says:

      If only VCU was that generous in granting us the day out of class!

      • Short pump says:

        Haha yeah henrico county is giving days away like crazy! I’m loving it

      • tyler says:

        unfortunately henrico goes on time tomorow as of now, things may change in the morning due to the storm. i hope we get out again though!!

      • Kamikaze says:

        Yeah I live in Fredericksburg and while we have 8 inches of snow I have to commute to vcu because they don’t think 3 inches is dangerous enough to cancel classes. Such a hassle but such is the price of education.

    • Mighty Dyckerson says:

      My taxes pay for you government bureaucrats to sit at home and be unproductive. As far as I’m concerned, you can crawl to work on your hands and knees.

  10. Dom says:

    Somebody there needs to do a Ritual for some warm weather and continued sunshine darnit. So tired of this stuff.

  11. Lee says:

    We are under a watch now and nws has lowered the temps and changed their forecast slightly. Could be interesting!

  12. Western Powhatan says:

    How does western Powhatan fall for the storm on Tuesday and Wed. I saw nothing about west of richmond. So does that mean we aren’t getting anything?

  13. Tyler says:

    does “north of metro richmond” apply to shortpump/westend area?

    • Flakes-ShortPump says:

      I think as you more and more north of Richmond, the snowfall/sleet should be more and more likely.

      I think the West End is probably on the lower side of the predictions for the “North of metro Richmond” area on the Weather page.

      • Tristan says:

        They’re forecast for (the NWS for zipcode 23220) the area can be either amazing or dull.

        Snow likely before 4PM, then rain OR freezing rain before 1AM, then freezing rain between 1AM and 4AM, then snow after 4AM, then snow mainly before 7AM.

        I havent seen the freezing yet this season. Will the temperature not support all snow?

    • B - Chesterfield says:

      Short Pump and the West End are considered part of the “Metro Richmond” area. North of the Metro would probably mean points north of Hanover County…

      • Tyler says:

        the main reason iwas curious was becuase this past weekend, jim included us in the “NW of metro richmond” snow totals were significantly higher in shortpump than in varina for example. just curious…

  14. Tristan says:

    Hopefully this one will slip to the South even more and get us

    • midlo hokie says:

      sooner or later school will open and you’ll have to go back

      • Flakes-ShortPump says:

        Let us enjoy the time off we’re having “midlo hokie”. I don’t even know what the POINT of your comment on Tristan’s post was. This is a weather blog, let’s stick to weather, old man.

        Any way, Tristan…as it appears right now, the models have shifted a tad bit more south, thus all the local TV stations saying we could get 1-3 inches. It doesn’t look like we’ll get the blunt of it, but a good slushy inch to two inches could keep us out of school for 2 more days! 🙂

      • Kaelyn says:

        Haha, sorry Flakes, but some of us who still have to get up and drive in the slush and the perfectly fine roads are getting a little tired of hearing teachers and students ask for more days off. As it is, it seems you’ve been off more than on in 2010. Continuing to ask is getting a bit greedy, no?

      • Lee says:

        Kaelyn, if you don’t like hearing that teachers have off and you don’t, become a career switcher and teach. That way you get snow days too. You chose your job, I chose mine. We haven’t had snow days in forever and people are just excited.

      • diegroundhogdie says:

        look, it’s the “brunt” of it, not the “blunt” of it. perhaps you really should be in school. no more snow days for you.

      • Anon says:

        Man do teachers get really defensive really quickly on this blog.

      • Paul says:

        Hey diegroudhogdie, Flakes is in high school…it is “blunt”, for now.

  15. Beth says:

    I’m interested in how Midlothian is categorized in these snow reports–Metro Richmond? West of Richmond? or South of Richmond?

    • Sam M says:

      I would say south. I have a tougher one. Is Mechanicsville classified as East of Richmond or North of Richmond??

    • Kaelyn says:

      Midlo is Metro Richmond.

    • Anon says:

      Guys, there are no hard lines here where one side of the county line is going to have 6 inches and the other will have a foot. They have to divide the area up in general locations like this b/c people insist on precise measurements for winter weather. If you’re in an area that could be considered either of 2 regions, be prepared for either outcome. If you’re in Midlothian, consider both the Metro forecast and the south forecast–it’ll probably be a mixture of both.

      • afreiden says:

        Great point, “Anon”. You win “comment of the day.”
        Check the post Jim put up earlier about about accuracy.

    • eLiTe J says:

      Depends on the part of midlo, if you’re over by say James river high school, you’re only about 2-3 miles for ptown and are technically nw of RIC.

  16. anne says:

    I never thought I would say this since I love snow but I am getting tired of this wintery weather I feel snow bond It will be good to see grass and pavenment again with no ice

    • Carol says:

      I’m just looking for the day our yard will dry up and we won’t be walking ankle/knee deep in mud. Our yard has been one big mud hole since the beginning of Dec. Of course if anyone wants a mud bath I’m just charging for the towels the mud is free!!! lol

  17. Do-Do Brown says:

    Can someone clarify all the talk about the possible storm this weekend??? Is there really a chance of another storm? or is this all just wishful thinking????

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