This Season’s Snow By The Numbers.

Great work by the climate guys at the National Weather Service in Wakefield:  Here’s a snippet from an email they sent out:

Currently we’re at 24.7″ of snowfall for the season, 16th highest out of 113 seasons. We’ve also had 3 separate events of 6″‘ or more of snowfall…which ties with 1946-47, 1959-60, and 1961-62 as the only seasons with 3 or more such events.  This season’s total is also more snowfall than RIC had received over the past 5 seasons combined (2004-05 through 2008-09).  (24.7″ vs. 22.6″).

If you are North or west of town, you are likely laughing at the 24.7″ snow total.  Charlottesville is above 50″ already and the west end of Henrico is probably closer to 40″.  It’s been an amazing year– as we finally break our snow drought.

Posted By Andrew Freiden



60 Responses to This Season’s Snow By The Numbers.

  1. Rainyday says:

    Andrew, I’m glad you mentioned the higher snow amounts here in the west end. It is a shame that the
    RIC airport numbers are the ones that get in the record books because it gives an inaccurate picture of what really happens in Richmond weatherwise. I live in the Tuckahoe area of Henrico and have measured 38 inches so far this winter.

  2. Richmonder says:

    Regarding the 24.7″ snow total for “Richmond”… Why does the NWS still use the airport for it official measurements? If they want a true indication of “Richmond”, they should measure from somewhere near the capitol or one of the city parks (to get away from buildings). Also, the population density near the airport (east end) is lower than other suburbs around Richmond, making it a poor representative of what most Richmonders experienced.

  3. Matt says:

    So far this winter for Short Pump, 15″ from December storm + 13″ from late January storm + 11″ from last weekend’s storm + 4″ from this morning’s storm = 43″ of snowfall!!

  4. Tristan says:

    Well after this mornings snow, its time to increase this winters snow amounts, lol.

  5. RAS says:

    I am wondering, Andrew, what you mean in your post when you talk about a snow drought? Do you mean this is a return to a normal amount of snowfall?

    • afreiden says:

      Just a term to describe that the past 5 years have been well below average in Richmond/Mid-Atlantic when it comes to snow. This year we’re going way above average!

      Andrew Freiden
      Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
      804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
      804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

  6. HFEMS says:

    Very light freezing rain in Eastern Hanover. Trees and power lines getting a coating of ice.

  7. Raheem says:

    Racism. Racism.
    African-American people do not like snow, and this is being forced upon the black community.

    • NoSnowBunny says:

      Back in December a girl in our office who is from Jamaca said to me “I thought ALL white people love snow”. NOT true!!! I am over this season. Spring can’t come soon enought.

  8. David H. says:

    Some of these comments show that many of you don’t understand how the weather works, especially for the forecast for D.C. The Low pressure is going to explode and unleash its rage in the next 12 hours.

    • Dudley says:

      1. This isn’t DC
      2. We will revisit your post in 12hrs

      • David H. says:

        It’s been 12 hours. You’re getting snow and D.C. is getting snow. So, what do you have to say now?

        The D.C. comments were related to people saying that it looked like the storm had weakened and D.C. wasn’t going to get hit so bad.

      • Dudley says:

        No David you were wrong. And how do you know I was getting snow? Are you stalking me?

  9. Richmond says:

    Well, how are our snow chances looking for this weekend?

  10. Andy says:

    Sleeting hard in the UR campus right now!

  11. Mike in Beaverdam says:

    Snowing and sleeting in Beaverdam. Started about 15 minutes ago.

  12. ryan says:

    Yeah i don’t think this storm comes toeghter, i don’t think DC will get that much snow at all. I’ve been wrong but just looking at this i don’t see how it happens at this time. oh well whens our next chance if any this winter?

  13. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Oh well. That was probably the last chance at snow this winter for our area.
    I’m out of here. It’s been fun.
    See you’all

  14. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    Accuweather’s forecast is completely whacked. They’re showing 9.3 inches of snow between today and tomorrow here:

    Seeing as it’s about 45 degrees, I’m guessing that’s a little off, lol

  15. NoMoreSnow says:

    I thought the forecast was for 32 degrees with snow/sleet by afternoon. What happened??

    • afreiden says:

      Big change! we updated for the noon broadcast and on WAY too warm for a mix today. Big miss on snow but maybe still some for tomorrow AM!

  16. vader1013 says:

    is the winter weather going to completely miss us??? FINGERS CROSSED. even an inch or two is relatively nothing.
    and, do your homework, kiddies. chances are you’ll be in school tomorrow:)

  17. Jolene says:

    So the 9 flakes that fell in Innsbrook this morning was the brunt of the storm? Just curious seeing as the sun in out and it’s 40 degrees. 😦

  18. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    40 degrees and sunshine west end now!

  19. ShortPump says:

    Bummer…the sun is out. Guess this one is a dud.

  20. Annie says:


  21. Annie says:

    I think we’re going to get mostly dryslotted this time. Most precip we’ll see will only be freezing rain or rain. I’m more worried about the winds tomorrow than anything else. As long as I can keep my power on, I can deal.

  22. Dudley says:

    At 10:35am the sun is out in southern chesterfield near lake chesdin. This storm seems to be much weaker and can’t hold it’s moisture together. By the time it does it will have moved to far north. Pack your lunches and bookbags you are going to school and work tomorrow.

  23. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    That radar at 10am is showing a mighty big DRY spot for our area! I don’t have good feelings about this storm.

  24. My cats have collected two bowls of dry food and 10 cans of wet food in order to bribe you to get Mother Nature to stop with the snow.

  25. HFEMS says:

    Any chance that we may stay below freezing all day?? Still very cold in Mechanicsville and the clouds have already moved in. How will the cloud cover affect our temps???

  26. ryan says:

    accuweather is all sorts of crazy the have richmond at 4 inches and Midlothian and Glen Allen at 9.5 inches? any truth to this Andrew?

    • afreiden says:

      Where are these forecasts? And they may be stretching this out over today and tomorrow to get those numbers.

      Andrew Freiden
      Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
      804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
      804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

      • ryan says:

        yeah its on I just put each zip code in and under the 5 day it has snow occuring on feb. 9 and 10th at 10 inches for midlo and GlenAL…. seems a bit much when you are not predicting that much for the metro area?

        Also been meaning to ask you what do you classify has Metro area?

      • afreiden says:

        Richmond/Henrico/chesterfield but you have to realize snow forecasts don’t break down cleanly by county. Check our online video on to see the maps.

        Andrew Freiden
        Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
        804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
        804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

      • afreiden says:

        Hey gang,
        Check out for our latest forecast. Temperatures soared late morning and we backed WAY off the snow forecast. Do your homework, kids!

      • Jonathan says:

        probably shouldn’t have backed off now, huh? gotta love Richmond Weather 😉

    • ShortPump says:

      I saw that too…I would much rather see 9 inches of snow than any ice so I am hoping this is correct.

  27. ryan says:

    yeah i definitly have had about 36/37 inches in my yard in western Henrico…….what a great winter…looks like this storm misses us, i hope we have a chance for 1 or 2 more 6 plus events…then its time to get ready for lake weather!

  28. Thunder Snow says:

    Accuweather is calling for 9.6 in the Midlothian area…what a winter! Could mess with some schools this afternoon if that comes true..we’ll see.

  29. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Why does Al Roker on NBC show 5-10 inches in our area?

    • Snowman-Shortpump area says:

      For today’s storm.

    • afreiden says:

      We have 1-2″ today in the Metro plus another couple inches (or more) tomorrow. That could get you to 4 or so. Higher numbers probably for points north of here…

      Andrew Freiden
      Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
      804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
      804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

      • snowman-Shortpump area says:

        Well we better get around 8″ or I’m gonna have a hissy fit. I need my snow! I want more snow! I gotta have more snow darn it!

  30. HFEMS says:


  31. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    And 42 my yard.

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