Good Morning! Wednesday AM Snow Reports Here


Snow falling (again) this morning.  Please post your storm reports here.  Thanks for your help.



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  1. Richmond says:

    Looks like our next best chance at some snow is on Monday, however there is a possibility on Saturday if the storm continues to trend north, maybe with the usual season push north we will see some percipitation.

  2. Chris says:

    you know, i like snow asa much as the next person, but isn’t this getting crazy now? can not keep my car clean in this weather.

  3. Elaine says:

    4″ here in Robious/Huguenot area. It’s windy with large chunks of snow coming off our roof!

  4. dave w says:

    From Nags Head, NC >Same storm, different problems! This am was dark clouds and snow shower..Curently some sun and wind from NW @ 35-40 with gusts to 55-60. Extensive soundside flooding. Many roads and streets impassable, including water in the streets of downtown Manteo, RT12 to Hatteras is flooded in many spots and all Ocracoke ferries are suspended. Schools closed at 11am..
    Very Interesting weather patterns….

  5. Matt says:

    This weekend and Monday should be interesting too. First storm could be a huge hit if it tracks north and second one could be another one like this — a little less moisture but packing a punch.

  6. Matt says:

    4 inches here in Short Pump.

  7. Short pump says:

    Do they have any idea what’s coming this weekend/Monday? Is it going to be a big hit on richmond? How much are we going to get? Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks!

  8. Bradford says:

    Varina recieved 4 inches of snow.

  9. Mike in Beaverdam says:

    Are you kidding me !! Snow again this weekend !!!

    • Tristan says:

      This is winter. And winter = snow, which we seem to have been lacking for years. This is a great start to a new decade

      • Katherine says:

        It CANNOT snow again until Sunday! I do not want plans cancelled for the 3rd Saturday in a row! 🙂

      • Tyler says:

        For these potential storms this weekend, do we know how much moisture/ precipitation is expected with it? Will it be like the storm 2 weekends ago where we got over a foot dumped on us? just curious..

  10. Tristan says:

    Wow RIC only saw 2 inches of snow today? lol. I didnt realize VCU was that far away from there to have seen 3-4+ inches today.

  11. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    I just got off the phone with a spokesperson from VDOT. She is saying don’t go out unless you absolutely have to…or unless you’re a teevee reporter doing a live shot.

  12. Chester/Enon says:

    Finally has stopped in the Chester/Enon area….another 3″. Sun is trying to come out. Glad I opted to not send my kids to school before Chesterfield Co. finally called!

    • Carol says:

      Just curious but has any of the school officials talked about not closing or at least delaying the start of school to prevent what happened today?

  13. HFEMS says:

    3″-4″ in Eastern Hanover. Still snowing pretty good!! Winds are starting to pick up. Be careful out there folks… Its real nasty. I have a feeling that we will be losing some trees today!

  14. Skeller85 says:

    My wife’s a teacher- she’s stuck at Thomas Dale and my son is a high school student stuck at Meadowbrook. I don’t care if they close the high schools now- DO NOT LET THE KIDS LEAVE THE SCHOOL!!! I’m from up north, and the driving was as bad as I have ever experienced because of the ice underneath the snow. The snow will soon stop, and conditions should get better. The kids who are at school should stay there for at least a few hours to let things clear up a bit. Many of the roads were just not driveable. Some local stations were predicting blizzard-like conditions as early as 6:00am- shame on Chesterfield for not closing based on that potential.

    • PG Girl says:

      They did the same thing in Prince George. They waited until the kids got to school then decided to send them home when they should have just left them there. Not only did they endanger the kids, bus drivers, and teachers but parents had to go get them in this mess. They should take a cue from Dinwiddie, who was smart and took a 2-hour delay, which allowed them time to see what the weather was going to do and then close the schools without endangering anyone. Prince George and and Chesterfield administrators, I just pray no one got hurt due to your stupidity.

  15. Jonathan says:

    4 inches in Providence Forge

  16. Buster says:

    Are we seriously going to get more snow on Monday?

    • Brian S says:

      Buster – wondering the same. NOAA and NWS are still saying the LOW will remain to the south of us. I was surprised to see snow back in the forecast for monday.

      I am currently unable to locate any data that suggests the storm will affect us in Central VA just yet. Perhaps one of the long term NAM, GFS, EURO models are trending it more north?


    • Jonathan says:

      Looks like a potential for a snow Sunday and again Monday evening…first from the Southern Low and second from a MM coming in and phasing…

      • Tristan says:

        Yeah I just saw that and they seemed to say it on the news at noon. I hope we get another 8+ inches on both days!!!!

  17. Annie says:

    This is what DT at wxrisk (aka everyone’s new weather god) was saying about today’s snow chances:

    “According to the 18z NAM this second burst of heavy snow is so impressive that it actually drops Moderate / snow band into the Richmond area for several hours Wednesday morning.

    Folks I don’t see how with a 500 low passing north of me… How Richmond Virginia is going to see a period of moderate snow early Wednesday morning. I just don’t see it.”

    So it’s not just the TV guys who got caught by surprise with this morning’s snow. Weather is unpredictable, y’all. Mistakes in forecasts happen. Let it go.

    • Marc says:

      He made those predictions yesterday, these talking heads were on ten minutes before it HAPPENED and couldn’t predict it…

      • Annie says:

        And he never revised that prediction, not even to edit this morning with a “Whoops, my bad.” At least the TV guys have made an effort to stay on top of things. Where is DT?

      • vader1013 says:

        exactly my point. I’m beginning to think that the 12 team’s forecasting skills amount to wetting their finger and holding it up.

      • Jonathan says:

        Except they didn’t exactly keep up with things, they only reported what happened…you’d think around 6-7 when it was coming down well with more on radar there would have been an update but nothing till there were 2-3″ on the ground here and 4-5 elsewhere.

      • Jonathan says:

        DT only posts once or twice a day while the TV weather guys are expected to update us when we can expect something to happen or at least while it’s happening.
        Not that he’s perfect…he admits when he misses things…but usually has been seeing things several days in advance to give us a heads up.

        And at least he posted the potential for the heavy snow this morning….did you ever hear anyone else even mention this???

    • Brian S says:

      Annie – I agree – i also posted a comment on that thread on his site. He also botched the forecast attempt at the last storm as well for us. I think DT or whoever is doing was just lucky on the first few storms and now being conceited. No one knows what is going to happen until it does. But i still like reading the data he provides…i wish the local new stations would have some detailed discussions around their forecasts like this as well.

      • Bob in chester says:

        BRIAN please stop lying

        he didnt botch part 2 of the forecast last week forecast at all. he went 4 to 8 ” and ric had 6.6″

        and he did admit in BIG bold letters that was was WRONG on his blog on the 1st part of the storm

        he also said so 3 times that day on WRVA

      • Heather - Forest Hills says:

        Hey Brian…ever notice that Bob in Chester always says people are lying when they joke on wxrisk and he is so quickly able to defend him?

        I think we are seeing a pattern here……if you don’t agree with wxrisk, he (I mean Bob) thinks you are liar…

        Hope all the kids that got caught up in the commute this morning got home safely!!!!

    • Bob in chester says:

      Annie he did say this morning he Busted and got it wrong

      “So yes I was surprised and yes I did not forecast this… and yes I busted for Richmond..”

      so what did you want to do cut his fingers off?

  18. Mike says:

    About 4″ in Short Pump tough to measure though

  19. Short Pump update says:

    As of 9:30am we have just over 4″ near Innsbrook in the West End.

    Regarding the county’s decision to close schools. Definitely should have closed schools earlier! It is insane that our children, teachers, staff, bus drivers, etc. were put at risk this morning. Our bus driver notified us school was closed when he arrived to the bus stop over 10 minutes late. I drove our children to day care since I am still expected to work, and found the drive to be very risky. There were many slick spots on the road, and quite a few people who were driving way too fast. Additionally, the wind was causing white-out conditions with nearly no warning, creating an even more dangerous situation.

    I would rather the county err on the side of caution and cancel school than put people’s well-being at risk by cancelling AFTER many students and empoloyees were on their way to school or already at school.

    • Carol says:

      At 5:30 this morning it had started to lightly snow so I made the decision to keep my daughter home since the schools had not announced they would be closed. It just does not make sense to me to send my child in when the weather is so uncertain to have them have to turn around and come back home. Potentially risking a person’s life (students or staff) doesn’t make sense as what good is that day at school if you are injured or killed? Because the weather can change at a moments notice it is very imperative that those calling the decisions regarding canceling schools use a bit of plain old fashion common sense. Which it seems these days is a lost art. I do not blame the weather forecasters, I blame the officials who in my opinion used poor judgement. When all is said and done it’s those officials who have the last word on if a school will be closed but then again, the parents can overide that decision if they feel concerned that the decision made by the schools were not safe. I chose to use my common sense and I’d like to think others did as well.

  20. Fan District & VCU Area says:

    2-3″ covering cars here. Roads are for the most part completely covered, traffic as of yet has generally just packed it down but not much clearing here. Snow was heavy up to a few minutes ago but appears to have backed down a bit. Visibility is slightly hampered.

    • Debra says:

      about 2 1/2 inches in chester. We had some thunder this morning, as well, between 7 and 7:30.

    • Tristan says:

      It seems like on my side (Broad, VCU Siegal) that it is over 4 inches.

      Im quite impressed that we got that much, well enough to completely cover the sidewalk and to cover up the snow mounds that were still remaining from the storm two weekends ago, lol.

  21. stephanie says:

    no mention so far of ice on roads…is that a possibility for the remainder of the day?

  22. David- West End says:

    Just got a call from my wife. She wrecked the car trying to get our 12 year old to school this morning. Luckily, neither of them were hurt! (Of course, Henrico schools closed as she was driving her in)
    Something is very wrong here! I wonder if they will pay for our car to be fixed?

  23. George at Caroline says:

    Drive in from Hanover to Caroline got very dangerous with each passing mile. .5″ in hanover 7″‘s in Bowling green at 8am. Wind really picking up making visibility poor. Schools will not be worked on until snow stops. Goal is to have lots cleard by Friday. Be safe and maintain speed up hill or you will spin out.

  24. Jess says:

    About 4 inches down here in New Kent, still snowing really hard here, but the sun keeps trying to come out and then tucks behind the clouds again!! This is a really pretty snow!!

  25. Jeremy says:

    I have 4 inches of accumulation from the current storm. I-64/I-295 between Innsbrook & Shortpump.

  26. Nicole says:

    So as i was clearing my car off to go back home (henrico county school teacher) I heard thunder..lots of it.. i ran to my other teacher friends but they were in their cars and could not hear it. Was I going crazy?!? This was in glen allen.

    ps being a teacher.. it was hard for me to see worried parents come in looking for their kids.. saying they would either bring them back to school or bring them home was confusing.

    Definitely a big mistake on the county’s end.

    But anyway…thunder???

    • Jonathan says:

      there have been several reports of thundersnow which is just what it sounds like, thunder that occurs during a particularly intense area of snow…kind of like a thunderstorm but cold 😉

  27. Marc says:

    By the way, this is what I wrote LAST WEEK, anyone else think I am still out of line???

    Marc Says:
    February 7, 2010 at 12:12 pm | Reply

    Sorry, Jim, the local weather forecasters have really not distinguished themselves this year with being able to properly forecast these storms until right at the start. I know this much snow is unprecedented recently, but I feel you guys still err on the side of caution too much and really do not raise the red flags (so to speak) until fairly late in the game. I know it is not an exact science, but many other sites (not local mind you) have been able to trump your forecasts and be more accurate many more days out of the event. How do you account for that much discrepancy within your forecasts this winter? Does your equipment need updating maybe (seriously, I think the models in and of themselves were very little help to you when it came to the meat and potatoes of your forecasts)? would love to hear your thoughts on this. I don’t mean to sound rude, or mad (I’m not) but there has been a heck of a lot more certainty with less than visible forecasters than the TV networks and the NWS (which is STILL probably predicting rain for last weekend!) Would love to know what you (honestly) think about this…thanks.

    • Jonathan says:

      I know with the mountains, bay, atlantic,and the James all coming into play that the weather is tricky in Central Va. So I give them some slack for not catching things in advance. The thing I don’t understand is why at 6:30 this morning when it was starting to snow and on radar you could see it was ramping up and going to last for several hours, the only thing on the front page (and still is as of now) is a story from 11pm last night about potentially icy roads this morning. Should have done a breaking weather update online and on the air to say we could see 3-4″ potentially and schools should have been notified…now there will be a mess with the bus accidents and worried parents/kids stuck w/out rides…

      • Marc says:

        Totally agree…they were still downplaying the severity of the weather this morning…”a little light snow” was the forecast…I think anyone whose JOB it is to help school systems make these decisions needs to really look at the debacle they created this morning and make some changes.

    • vader1013 says:

      I absolutely agree. too often this season the accurate forecast isn’t broadcast until there is actually snow falling. my dog can look outside and tell me it’s snowing.
      and this makes twice now the city has been caught completely unprepared. don’t blame the school districts for not closing on time- these guys were watching the same channels we all were. but Marc, I do not think you’re out of line at all.

  28. Tristan says:

    YES apparently this was enough snow to cancel classes at VCU! lol, no school for me!

    The snow here isnt even that much to be honest.

    • EricWG says:

      I wish work would have closed. They decided to put up a two hour delay at 8:15!! Half the building was already at or on the way to work. This was the worst drive through winter weather I’ve had to make in years. It wasn’t alot of snow, but it was all slick underneath. Cars were sliding everywhere downtown.

  29. Marc says:

    Once again, the local TV usual downplaying of this weather system has led to a very dangerous morning for school children, teachers and parents who had to listen to “no big deal” turn into a major wallop. I am furious at all but ONE station’s ability to call this what it would be come, which was a whiteout, and made a ten minute commute to school a treacherous and dangerous half hour drive home. Again, something needs to be done about the local inability to call the weather, even MINUTES before it arrives. Channel 12 once again is not distinguishing itself this winter, and I stand FIRMLY by my previous comments that something radical needs to be done, you all did a terrible job this time around.

    • Petteck says:

      Give the weather people a break…in Richmond the weather can change in a heartbeat. They have done a good job so far. Much better than even last year…technology can only improve. Plus they were saying gusty winds…blame the school system.

      • Marc says:

        NO! This station said it would be “no big deal”, even this morning, so they are NOT getting off the hook this time, only DiNardo on Ch. 8 said it would be white out conditions, this was not a day or two out, this was HAPPENING OUTSIDE!! All they needed to do was look out the window! The school systems use the local predictions to make decisions, maybe they need to listen to a different source, obviously not you since you are OK scraping 6 inches of “rain” off of your windshield. If you drove in this this morning, you would understand…

      • David- West End says:

        Andrew F. was STILL reporting 1-2 inches of snow for our area when we had over 2.5″ already on our driveway with a couple of hours of snow still on the radar! There is NO excuse for this. Do they actually bother to look out the window or is it all based on what the “models” are saying! I’m kinda with Marc on this one. They need to get more pro-active with what’s actually happening.

      • stephaie says:

        I agree…weather is a VERY difficult thing to exactly predict…for those who are angry with the weathermen; give ’em a break…they’re just the messengers! I say try to predict the future yourself and see how accurate you get!

      • David- West End says:

        With all due respect stephaie, they are being paid for this. They are NOT just the messengers! They are trained professionals who do this for a living. They do not do it for fun like us.

      • Marc says:

        Right on David…When people’s lives are at stake, the messengers should do a more thorough job in the future

      • vader1013 says:

        I have FOR YEARS said that if I could only be accurate at my job about half the time, how long do you think I would actually have a job? coaches are held accountable for wins or losses, even when the outcome of a game cannot be predicted beyond reasonable certainty think about this- you can practice, coach, drill, run plays, devise strategies, etc/ but still that doesn’t guarantee an outcome because there are too many mitigating factors that are out of your control. just like forecasting the weather, actually. you can run models, use hunches, guesswork, and a zillion maps and computer programs, but still you cannot accurately predict weather. the difference is that unlike any other job, meteorologists are not held accountable. and people actually plan their LIVES around what a meteorologist says. do you see the disconnect here?

    • Annie says:

      Were those teachers and parents all suddenly struck blind? The districts that remained open made a mistake but if anyone didn’t take 5 seconds to look out their windows and see the whiteout conditions, then that’s all on their poor decision-making. Forecasts can only do so much and predicting what the weather will do is not an exact science. Things can change rapidly. When it actually comes down to it, it’s up to the individual to look outside and decide for him/herself if it’s safe enough to go out regardless of whether the schools are open or not.

      • Marc says:

        Teachers (like me) do not have that choice, but thanks for thinking of us…

      • Annie says:

        Marc, you always have a choice. Do you really want me to buy that you’d get fired for choosing safety, yours as well as others on the road, over getting to school? Sorry, but I don’t. Even if the district tried it, the union would smack that right down. Ultimately, it’s your choice. You need to take some responsibility for that choice. I seriously hope that passing the buck isn’t what you’re teaching your students.

      • vader1013 says:

        yesterday Tom Patton said “do not cancel or postpone any plans you have- wait and see” because they were not predicting any winter weather “event”. school systems did what he said. if the schools had preemtively cancelled, there would have been people screaming about that. it was a no-win for school systems. I would bet my next paycheck the decision to remain open and run the busses was based on the same information we were all watching on tv- that it wasn’t going to be any big deal.

      • Marc says:

        Sorry, no union voice here, we teach our kids that if you are expected to go to work, you go to work, so if your definition of passing the buck is being a responsible adult, then I shudder to think what kind of parent YOU are!

      • Annie says:

        You’d go to work during a category 5 hurricane? If your car was on fire? If your kid was in the hospital? If you came down with a virulent case of ebola or broke both legs? Give me a break. There are valid reasons why one shouldn’t go to work and the roads being dangerously slick and icy, something that was quite easy to see just by looking out the window, is just one of them. Grow up and take some personal responsibility instead of blaming meteorologists and/or school district supervisors for your own bad choice.

      • Marc says:

        I’m not blaming them for my choice, I am blaming them for not doing their job well enough to keep me (their employee) out of harms way this morning. And who was supposed to teach these kids when school was in session and I didn’t show up, you? Oh that’s right, all I needed to do was look out the window and make the right choice. I have other people counting on me, guess you wouldn’t know what that is like in your fantasy land. I drove six kids home in the snow after the schools were finally closed. What did YOU do?

  30. Jonathan says:

    What does everyone think of the snow that’s developing in Kentucky, TN, and WestVA/SWVA….looks to me that it will have to cross our area as the storm pulls out to sea…I know the mountains will cut down some but I wonder if we’ll have some more unexpected snow later?

  31. Petteck says:

    Just measured the parking lot here at Colony Crossing Place 1 1/2 inches not sure how accuarate other areas are higher…building blocking the blowing snow.

  32. Sandra says:

    Looks like we’ll be shoveling 3 inches of “rain” off of our sidewalk today! Haha. This year I’m really GLAD I work from home.

  33. Amy says:

    So, you guys were calling for mostly rain for the tri-cities area and here we are with almost white-out conditions and our kids went to school in it because the superintendants were relying on the forecasts! What the heck?

    • Tristan says:

      But yesterday their forecast did in fact say that there would be snow accumulating this morning, and that winds would turn gusty…

      Rain would change over to snow pre-sunrise, snow would move out in the morning

  34. glnd says:

    Already 3+ inches here in the central part of Goochland County.

  35. Rainman- Shortpump says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t want to appear rude, but this morning is ANOTHER classic example of how little we still know about the weather and how unprepared Richmond is.

    You just don’t know what’s going to happen with any given storm. It changes constantly!

  36. Jonathan says:

    now over 2″ in Lanexa and the wind is really whipping it around

  37. JB says:

    I am not afraid to drive in the snow, but this morning was absolutely crazy! I only have to drive 1.5 miles to work, and it was frightening! With the snow blowing I couldn’t see in front of me AT ALL, not only that, the brakes just don’t work on top of a sheet of ice! It was awful! I can’t believe they waited so long to close Henrico County schools. How frustrating!

  38. owen says:

    ha ha ha ha ha accuweather doesent look so out of whack now.. Also snow again monday!!!!!

  39. Petteck says:

    here at work…Colony Crossing Place…..very windy to say the least snow still falling pretty heavy, visabilty very bad..Old Hundred cars moving slow…cant see traffic light at Powhite and Old Hundred from the back yard here at work. Please drive slowly.

  40. ryan says:

    wow what a snow….looks to be lighting up a bit in Henrico at 6 a.m. when i woke up i had half and inch and now at 8:30 i have nearly 4 inches (3.75) what a crazy last 2 hours. okay time to clean off the car.

  41. Big old B says:

    We live just south and east of the intersection of the 150 and Midlothian, and I just measured exactly 3″ on a spot that was snow free last night.

    • p in bonair says:

      I just returned with my teenager from taking her to school. By the time we were almost at JRHS Kids were turning around going home! What is Chesterfield cty thinking! Send the kids home..its only getting worse! We have 3″ already.

  42. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    You people are such babies. I grew up in the Arctic Circle where we got three feet of snow EVERY DAY – and that was during the SUMMER. And yet they NEVER closed the schools.

  43. Doug says:

    Is this what a blizard looks like? Near white-out conditions, sudden high winds and intensified horizontal snow in Ashland.

  44. Amanda says:

    I work in Glen Allen and about 20 minutes ago we started to hear thunder… what is up with that?

  45. Jonathan says:

    1.5″ now in Lanexa, great snowball snow.

  46. sid says:

    have 4 inches in Powhatan with a blizzard and its 21

  47. Sed says:

    Getting thunder-snow here in Northern Henrico. Very windy as well. About 4+ inches on the ground.

  48. ryan says:

    3 inches wet end damn blizzard out there holly cow.

  49. Beth M says:

    Roads are covered in Chester…at least 2 to 3 inches on cars, decks, etc.

  50. atlee area says:

    snowing like crazy here off of atlee road… we have several inches. just came in from starting the car and there is a nice sheet of ice under this snow. the roads are covered and the tire marks my neighbor left around 6:30am in the street are completely covered now.

  51. Annie says:

    Heavy blowing snow and wind here in Westover Hills. I’ve probably got about 2-3 inches on my car but it’s blowing around so much I can’t be sure. After my morning tea I’ll be doing my “please don’t lose power” dance.

  52. Jonathan says:

    A quick .75″ in Lanexa, wind is really picking up.

  53. Jonathan says:

    At least a fresh 2″ here in Brandermill (can’t tell for sure due to blowing/drifiting) and whiteout conditions where I can’t see well more than 50ft out my window.

  54. Jess says:

    So since New Kent is East of the city and it was said it would continue a little longer East of town, what time should I expect the “show” to end, and how much is New Kent supposed to see?!?!?

  55. VK says:

    Wow…it’s nuts out there. Midlothian…3+ inches…blizzard like conditions…starting to get drifts.

    And it’s still going strong.

  56. Mike in Beaverdam says:

    darn near white conditions in Beaverdam. Wind blowing like crazy.

  57. vader1013 says:

    wow. it’s snowing again. i could have sworn last night everyone was saying it wasn’t going to be anything at all- and if it was, just an inch to a dusting. i’m getting really, really tired of everyone missing these forecasts. i think i’m just gonna stop watching the weather and just look out the window every morning for my forecast.

    • Sean says:

      I most of the people on here are what easternuswx calls “weenies”. Weenies exaggerate forecasts, first it looks like you are getting 30+ inches of snow, then 4 inches of rain. Now I understand that NBC12 didn’t nail this one, but they sure got close enough for me. The weenies who frequent this place on the other hand, should be ignored.

      • vader1013 says:

        how do you call a dusting to an inch close enough to nailing it? if it had been a little more accurate, perhaps kids wouldn’t have been on the busses when schools cancelled. now NBC12 has upped their forecast to 2-4″. nice. anyone can guess how much once the snow is falling. there is no way that anyone can say the (brief) blizzard conditions happening around town are anything close to the 11:00 forecast last night.

    • Omar says:

      At least they’re still far more accurate than economists.

  58. ryan says:

    west end glenside drive just measured 2.25 inches on my back table and its really coming down. going to be late to work. oh well.

  59. iPad man - Shortpump local says:

    Andrew F. You need to UPDATE the outdated snow totals on your tv broadcast. Alreay 2″ fresh snow here in the west end and still coming down at a good clip. Or move the lines on your map.

  60. Mike in Beaverdam says:

    Wishing for Cape Hatteras in August !!!

  61. A. Bolden says:

    It’s snowing really hard in Powhatan and the wind is really kicking up! Probably ice on the road since we had freezing rain through the night. Really tired of all this snow!

  62. Wow says:

    Close schools over an inch of snow? Wish I grew up in Richmond. This is the exact reason people make fun of Richmonders….an inch of snow throws the locals into a panic. As much as it’s snowed this winter, you would think people would be able to handle it better.

    • afreiden says:

      One of our reporters is doing a story about school cancellations today. Pls. drop me a line at if you’d be willing to share your thoughts with Central Virginia.

    • Beaverdam Bunny says:

      I think the schools in Hanover were wise to close- even though there was only a small amount of snow. (That’s now piling up rather quickly) It’s the ice under the snow that is causing the problems on the roads. I’d rather my kids stay safe at home!

    • Ava says:

      I think part of the reaction has to do with the fact that our school bus drivers just aren’t practiced at driving in the snow. I take it you think that school systems are just overreacting, but the fact is that it IS more dangerous. If you aren’t used to driving in the snow, you are likely to do very poorly. And doing poorly with a bus load of kids in the back is not a risk administrators are willing to take.
      I know how to drive in the snow and I’ve been in the car with folks who don’t and let me tell you – it isn’t pretty.

    • Sandyg says:

      One very memorable day when my kids were in elementary school, it had just started snowing when I put them on the bus to school. Two hours later they ended up walking 1/2 mile home from the bus stop in 4″ of snow, no boots because it was only supposed to flurry! Many of their school mates were stranded in ditches. I would much rather the schools erred on the side of caution and have some northerners laugh at us than have children on a bus in a ditch or worse.

      The roads quickly became impassable today and even the rescue people and fire trucks are getting stuck. So laugh away at us. Come live here and put your kids on a school bus. Then tell us we’re foolish.

  63. Matt says:

    If Henrico Co. really thinks I’m putting my kids on a bus with an inch of snow on the road the are nuts!!! Is it really that hard to make a decision….CLOSE THE SCHOOLS ALREADY!!!!!

  64. VK says:

    Good morning. In Midlothian (James River High) it looks like about 1/2″ or so…probably a bit more.

    It is coming down fast.

    Wondering how the morning commute is going to be…tad bit worried even with this little amount.

  65. Beaverdam Bunny says:

    Almost an inch of new snow since 4:30 AM, on top of a layer of ice from last night. Nasty!

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