Strengthening sun

The sun angle as we work our way towards the middle of February is having an increasing impact on our daily temperatures, and on the snow that is rapidly melting.

The solar rays are hitting us at an angle similar to early November, as we are now several weeks past  the winter solstice.  This is most notably evident on totally sunny days,with afternoon temperatures rising quickly, even with snow on the ground and a relatively cold air mass in place.

A sure sign that Spring’s not too far away, despite the prospects for more snow before then.

* Jim D.


4 Responses to Strengthening sun

  1. JB says:

    We’re also getting more daylight time (albeit incrementally small) each day – another sure sign that Spring is on the way. However, I’m sure Winter will have a last gasp or two or three….

  2. Lissa says:

    Tristan……….lucky you, to be heading for the hills before the ship hits the sand! If I gotta be cold….(as a former NJ native) I WANNA HAVE SNOW! But I sure as all am not looking forward to those 90 pllus days and the 95% humidity………………that so sucks! Have fun at school…but just like a parent, bear in mind….your FUN might cosst someone! Be careful, Dude……STUDY HARD! Make your folks BRAG!!!!!

  3. Tristan says:

    Ugh rising temperatures doesnt sound too good. Before we know it we will be in a hot and extremely dry summer 😦 Thankfully my last summer in Richmond, though is weather at Va Tech that much different than Richmond?

    • Andy says:

      You’ll be very happy with the weather in Blacksburg. I’m from that part of the state and the summers are much milder without all the humidity. You’ll even encounter quite a few cool evenings throughout the summer. Have fun!

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