Just a vibe

I  have this strange “vibe” that before this winter wraps up, we’ll be dealing with another snowstorm.  Nothing concrete to back that up, except the general patterns we’ve seen past several weeks.

*Jim D.


94 Responses to Just a vibe

  1. vader1013 says:

    I have a vibe too. I have a vibe that the snow is finished for the season, yet too many people will continue to debate every minutae of every map four times per day and conclude that a butterfly farting in China today will give us 8″-10″ of snow three weeks from now. and then they’ll spend week four debating details of what went wrong with everyone else’s predictions, and the three days after that calling everyone else names.. howsabout you just try enjoying life? huh? get up from the computer and do something productive.

  2. snowmanshortpump says:

    It would appear that someone has been using my name in here for the last 2 weeks I’ve been away!

  3. DT-wxrisk says:

    No snow now this weekend. Looks like I was a little off on this forecast. Sorry.

    • snowman-shortpump says:

      So you got it wrong then? I guess at least you’re saying so this time.

    • Laney says:


      I go to your web site every day. The last entry you had was “quiet weather for now”…

      how is ” quiet weather “= richmond snow for this weekend?

      when did you forecast snow for RIC this weekend? Can you please post that Link? I must of missed it…

    • fools says:

      come on folks, use your brain. that is obviously another imposter. if i was jim or andrew, i would shut this blog down now that a bunch of immature trolls have taken over; or at least disable commenting.

      • Michelle says:

        They probably think it’s funny that people have too much time on their hands to come on here and act like someone else. I used to enjoy this blog.

  4. DWEH says:

    Well, I can see that this NBC12 weather blog stuff has really gone downhill. Great job guys and girls…some of you have managed to grab hold of this thing and turn it into a MySpace page full of immature comments and worthless posts! So at least you’ve got that going for you.

  5. Annie says:

    Snowman—you said u weren’t coming back here. Why are u still here?

  6. DT-wxrisk says:

    I talked about the 2/22 threat last evening on the Blog and I will be talking more about the possibilities about 5PM 2/16.

    I have NOT posted here in a few days… mainly becuase 1) there wasnt much to post on
    2) I did have ill family member.

    There are too many people here now posting under my web site claiming to be. I think highly of meteorologists Jim Duncan and andrew Freidan but it’s not worth this.

    when clowns like Jeff in Matoaca and snwoman in short pump start attacking my character becuase I had ill son to take care off… its time to leave.

    If you want to see what I have to say go to the website. If you want to twist and spin what I actually said what you think I said you can do that to.

    I won’t post here again under any conditions.

    • Jeff in Matoaca says:

      I’m a clown because I suggested you weren’t any more accurate than anyone else? If you think that’s attacking your character, then good riddance.

      • Do-Do Brown says:

        Thanks a lot Jeff. Appreciate you and the Snowwoman In Shortpump messing that up for ERRRBODY else!!!

      • Snowman- Shortpump. says:

        Yeah, way to go jeff! Screw it up for us all buddy! What the heck are we going to do here without all his wonderful insights! Jeesh man, I may just leave now myself.

      • Jeff in Matoaca says:

        Well, unless you’re a moron, “Do-Do” you can go to wxrisk.com for his crap.

      • Jeff in Matoaca says:

        Lol…it’s a wonder anyone comes here anyway. There’s almost no participation by the people who supposedly run this blog.

      • Tristsan says:


        Look I think this wxrisk guy iosnt al that Good… about average really. c

        But lets be Honest …You DID take a cheap shot at his family and at him professionally because he didnt update for 3 days.

      • Dudley says:

        Boo hoo hoo, if he was so busy taking care of someone ill, how was he aware of any negative posts. If his website is so great then he shouldn’t have time to come on here and promote it. WWBT should ban him from here anyway for promoting his website free of charge. He should mind his own business and stop riding the coat tails of the weathermen here. Suck it up, if you put yourself out there like that you should expect some shots. I don’t see wwbt weathermen crying about critisism and walking off the set. Maybe thats why they are where they are and he is where he is.

      • Annie says:

        Whatever…i don’t think asking where someone has been and noting that he hasn’t updated his own site is a cheap shot on his family. If if you do…then you apparently have never seen an actual “cheap shot”

  7. Jackie says:

    It seems that a lot of weather bloggers are talking about a big storm at the end of the month/next week that is showing up on some models. When are we going to see some commentary on those possibilities?

    • Tristan says:

      Probably at the 3-5 day time period. It seems hard to talk about stuff that isnt actually setup yet…

      Oh though if we follow accuweather it seems lie we will have some Sunshine and Heat!!!

  8. Joe says:

    that is a completely IRRESPONSIBLE prediction to make

  9. Jeff J says:

    Accuweather has us at 63 on the 25th.

  10. Annie says:

    Who’s a fake?? I’m confused

  11. Henrico Teacher says:

    As long as I get some more time off, I’ll be happy!

  12. TeacherMomma says:

    I don’t know where your “vibe” came from, and I don’t care. I say bring on the snow! I love it. Especially when it is falling. There is such a peaceful calm outside. It just forces us to slow down. I know there are tons of those that hate it, and I can understand if you HAVE to go out in it. But I am one of those that gets sad when it quits and when the grass begins to show as it melts away!

    • Teacher23112 says:

      I so agree! I love the snow and the calming feeling it gives. Love to curl up by the fire and just look outside. Bring on the snow Jim!!!

  13. Sean says:

    You’re not the only one…

    Whenever the GFS begins to show a train of threats as a pattern is about to come to a close, people start getting a feeling.

  14. Snowbaby in Short Pump says:

    Check out WXRISK , he’s saying a possible big snowstorm around Feb 25th.

  15. Terri says:

    Jim, HUSH. Just HUSH. I work in 911 and it has been absolute hell during these storms. 95* cannot come too soon.

  16. Shawn says:

    Thanks for boosting my spirits Jim! I’ll still be happy with more snow. Looking at the forecasts, I thought winter was over. Although last year we got eight inches in March, so I guess we still got more winter!! Let it snow!!!

  17. kevin says:

    Can anyone say “SUPER-STORM” !!! I’m guessing 8-12 days out.

  18. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    Hmmm….I wonder where WXRisk is in all this? Not that he has turned out to be any more accurate than anyone else….but he hasn’t posted an update to his own website in two days….

  19. GL says:

    I hope that vibe is the Mexican food he ate for lunch and not a real one. I’m ready to go boat ridding.

  20. JB says:

    Here’s hoping that we are done with snow this winter, although I share the same vibe that winter won’t let go so easily. I’d much rather have a late Feb/early Mar snowstorm than one in Dec/Jan as ones this time of year don’t typically hang around that long.

    Can someone find that groundhog??

  21. kristinrosemoon says:

    Had a dream the other night about me and my kids playing out in a REALLY deep snow and dreams like those tend to come true for me. Thought it was going to be this weekend, perhaps it is for the end of the month….Hope that vibe doesn’t end Jim!! BRING IT ON! I want what DC area got!!!

  22. Sandyg says:

    Well, Jim, I for one sincerely hope your “vibe” is wrong. I know the snow lovers have had a blast this winter, but those of us who make a living outside need to get back to work. Not all of us push snow! A nice warm spell with a bit of March wind and dry conditions would mean we might avoid going on the welfare roles. But I guess we’ll have to take whatever the weather gives us. (Does anybody know a “dry weather” dance? LOL)

    • amanda says:

      I’m right there with you… my fiance is a timber harvester and hasn’t been working on a regular basis for the last two or more months… I love snow… but love having a roof over my head more… PLEASE let the ground dry out.

      • Sean says:

        Sadly with an El Niño pattern, snow or no snow, the moisture is gonna keep on coming. That’s a terrible position to be in…

  23. David- West End says:

    The next big snow storm for us (probably sunday/monday next week) could bring us 1-2′ this time round. It will be similar to what DC and Baltimore got last time. Get ready folks…

  24. iherebyresign says:

    You guys have to check this out…

  25. jesse says:

    Jim has been looking at the 384 hour GFS haha

  26. Jeremy says:

    Bring it on before I put the snow shovels back in the shed and boots in the closet.

  27. Mike - 23112 says:

    I am grateful that we have seen a lot of snow vs. dangerous ice storms. I am all for one last big storm to punctuate the winter; just follow it up with a 65 and sunny day!

  28. Liz says:

    I’m all for one or more big storms. Bring’em on!

  29. MOMMAOF2 says:

    I agree with “pcasey Says”…it’s been a long time since we had anything like this. My kids finally were able to really go sledding and build a snowman and have snowballs and and run and fall in the snow and be cold and sweaty all at the same time. We’ve had such a good time together and who knows when we’ll get it again. Could be another 10 years (aside from that freak storm in March last year, it’d been 10 years since we’ve had any significant snow). Me and my kids have thoroughly enjoyed it. Spring and summer will be here before we know it – I for one will be just fine with another storm.

  30. pcasey says:

    It’s been tough to be a snow lover here in Richmond. All of the years we have had rainy November thru Januarys only to have the moisture cut off in Feb and three week deep freezes have been a downer.

    Me, my wife and my seven year old have really had a blast this winter, with all the sledding, snowball fights and just walking during the snowstorms. . . . remembering my days growing up in the 70’s.

    I know that not everyone likes this, and I know that the economy suffers. We have taken these storms as an opportunity to slow down a bit, enjoy the weather, the activities, each others company and to talk to friends in the neighborhood.

    I have wanted warmer weather at times, mostly when I’m trudging off to work in the morning. Knowing that this is an abberation in our weather pattern, and that we are probably going back to the winters we’ve had in the past, if my vote counts, I vote for another big one.

    I’ll, thank those of you who don’t like this weather for your tolerance.

    I have also enjoyed this blog. It’s all good. gre

  31. Snowbaby in Short Pump says:

    WoooooHooooo Bring It !!!!!!!!

  32. ryan says:

    Jim! now you got me excited! what do you know that you are not telling us? don’t hold out!

  33. Tristan says:

    This would be so awesome! More snow is always better!

  34. David H. says:

    I don’t know whether to say “AWESOME!” or “Shut up!”

  35. Mike says:


    Funny you say that, I was thinking the same thing over the weekend. I get the feeling this winter has at least one more punch before it allows Spring in. It’s not going to leave quietly. I for one am ready for Spring. Enjoyed the snow but ready to move on now.

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