Huge Northeast Storm Gearing Up

It’s going to be a crazy couple of days in New England with a massive, slow moving storm about to bring big winds/waves/snow to the Northeast.  We’ll hang  just to the south of the major impact.

We’ll notice the gusty winds today and tomorrow from this storm and a distinctive wintry feel to the weather.  There could even be flurries or snow showers (mainly on the Northern Neck) tomorrow afternoon as the storm loops back south before heading back out to sea.



20 Responses to Huge Northeast Storm Gearing Up

  1. cheapirish says:

    So much hatin’ going on. It’s weather people…..

  2. snowmanshortpump says:

    Where is everyone? Supposed to be a snow storm a coming!

    • tyler1279 says:

      I had a question about one of your predictions. You were concerned about the temperatures being to warm for snow, right? (next week)I agree that at the begining of the storm, the ground temps will be fairly warm. —but, when a major coastal storm develops along this type of track, doesnt it draw in cold air when it “bombs out”? I think that it will highly depend on what time the moisture arrives to determin if its mix or snow… just a thought…

      • nbc12weather says:

        Near-surface air temps and wetbulb temps, lowest 1K ft or so, may stay just warm enough for a rain/snow mix. Heavier precip intensity would overwhelm this and produce mostly snow, lighter would tend to experience more melting on trek between cloud and ground.

      • snowmanshortpump says:

        Rain and snow = not much accumulation.

      • tyler1279 says:

        agreed. but, i think there would be significant accumulation of either rain or snow. most models were in agreement about 1.5″ to 1.75″ of liquid (rain, or 12″ or so inches of snow…) yeterday evening

      • snowmanshortpump says:

        Yes, it does look like the liquid is going to be there. But to say 3,4,5 days out (as some people have) that it’s going to be a huge snow event for our area, well that’s just ridiclous. We all know how Richmond fights with the dreaded snow/rain line. This is march for Goodness sake. There is no artic air in place. It is going to be hit or miss! Period! That’s why the weather team here are smart with their predictions.

      • tyler1279 says:

        I guess no one will really no what exactly will happen until the night before. This will be very interesting…

  3. snowmanshortpump says:

    Aaron G. will be missed. 😦

  4. snowmanshortpump says:

    Even if we do get a “big snow storm” next week, it will be nothing like we had before. Temps are too warm for it to stick around. Roads will be pretty clear because of that warming. May stay on grassy surfaces for a day or so. Don’t expect to be out of school for long children. Sorry.

    • mrbak3r says:

      how are you gonna say that? were you not here last year? YES it does not look like it will be as cold as last year BUT if it snows enough and hard enough then i can GAUARENTEE you that it will stick around for 3-4 days or so. unless of course it is 50 degrees the day after the storm. but IF it does snow it will most likely snow a lot and it would stick around

      • snowmanshortpump says:

        I’m telling ya straight! It will be too warm for it to stick around. Just look up north where they have the snow storm right now, the roads are clear. And that’s way north of us where’s it’s colder. It won’t be cold enough this time round for a big sticking snow. Especially if the main event comes during day hours.

      • mrbak3r says:

        yea it wont stick around BUT it will most likly stick on the roads during the storm and a day or so after that

    • brandon1021 says:

      I take anything this fella says with a grain of salt…… he was the one saying yesterday it ws not going to snow at all and now talking about when it snows????? and we were done with snow, so I see you jumped on the band wagon and trust me the snow will stick around for a good amount of time given the time of year. Kids enjoy your winter spring break

  5. Brandon says:

    Andrew I am glad that you posted somethign about how big and bad this northeast storm is going to be…… that being said this storm plays a large role in the CHANCE of our snowfall next week, I am just wondering how you can dismiss the on eof the best medium range forcasts in the euro?????? That burries us in snow, how is it that you all only go off of the GFS solely????? Anyone who watched the forecast last night and this morning can tell you this. Last night you all saw the GFS shift north you threw the storm in there….. This a.m the GFS back down into CUBA which is almost impossible by any means, and thus your morning forecast of a “SLIM CHANCE” of a southern storm. Andrew I think your next blog topic will be “More Snow For Central Va”

  6. Jess says:

    Andrew…I know it’s still far out, but in your honest opinion, what are our chances for a decent snow from this systam?? Would love 1 more snow beore spring shows up!! Thanks to you and the team all winter for your updates and the blog, its been fun!!!

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