Winter’s winding down

First week of March, and looking ahead it’s not a “shoe-in” that winter is over just yet, but time is running out…fast.  We’ll see as we move forward, and otherwise anticipate severe-storm season just around the bend.

Interesting side-note; no tornado outbreaks of note so far this year.  Yes, it’s way early, but we often see at least the start of some activity by now in the Midwest. 

* Jim D.


4 Responses to Winter’s winding down

  1. weatherfan23060 says:

    Has anyone seen the 12z gfs for tuesday morning the 23? 1in of precip at this time with temps in 30″s?

  2. weatherfan23060 says:

    long way out looking at gfs 3/21 snow at this time 3 – 4 inches of precip in system temps 30 – 35.

  3. jbinfredburg says:

    Jim, Andrew & Tom,

    Thanks for all the winter weather updates throughout the season. Although it seems like Winter has been here a long time, it’s hard to believe Spring is just a couple of weeks away….

  4. davidgentry says:

    Here’s to looking forward to more tranquil weather for a while 🙂

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