We will pay

Beautiful weather welcomes April, with high pressure dominating the East…for a change.  It’s been a long time coming, but after a winter controlled by a trough in the jet stream over the Eastern U.S., this upper level ridge is nice.

Not a lot more to say, but just to kick in a bit of reality, we all know that we WILL pay for this.

* Jim Duncan


7 Responses to We will pay

  1. weatherfan23060 says:

    Dropped Weather Defender & f5data i don’t like how there maps are set up. updating to Baron Threat Net Plus!!!!!!!

  2. flyin11 says:

    Jim…I have been watching NBC12 and listening to you ever since I was a kid. Come on man..Don’t scare people like that by saying “We will pay”. I don’t like that. This is Spring…It’s this time of year where you expect some rainfall to come. Quite frankly I could care less. I would rather have rain than Snow and cold temperatures. I love this weather and it’s about time for it to come. We will pay? What, are you expecting Armageddon in the next couple weeks? I would suggest maybe changing the topic title a little bit.

  3. wxruss8 says:

    Jim, how does the severe weather outlook look for us for late spring/early summer? Also, any news on the upcoming hurricane season?

    • nbc12weather says:

      Got a feeling it’s going to be busy severe wx season. Hurricane fcsts are for active season, but then…they always are.
      Jim D.

  4. rambh says:

    Where is jim duncan when we were pounded by snow in winter. At that time he would’ve said that, we all will
    pay with great weather. No wonder i guess, he is a winter weather or rainy weather fan. Obvioulsy if weather is like this for a long term, their jobs must be boring too. Just a thought. No offence

  5. […] Jim Duncan is trying to rain on the proverbial weather parade by reminding everyone that we’re going to pay for these beautiful days. This pattern […]

  6. wxruss8 says:

    Pay? In what way? Another relentless round of southern storms? Hope so. I’m ready for some nice severe weather.

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