Earth Day: 40 Years of Positive Changes

Lots of improvements to the environment over the past 40 years, since the first Earth Day. 

Acid rain?  Greatly diminished

Air Quality? Remarkably better.   

River Water Quality? Dramatically better.  

There’s more work to do.  Here in the Mid-Atlantic, pollution run-off leading to degradation of the Chesapeake Bay looms as a big challenge. 

Here’s to more improvements in the next 40 years!

-Andrew Freiden


One Response to Earth Day: 40 Years of Positive Changes

  1. kristin29 says:

    You are certainly correct, Andrew! One simple thing that everyone can do to help is to stop using chemicals on their lawns. Instead of chemical fertilizers, we use bags of blood and bone meal and other naturally occuring sources of nitrogen and calcium. They even have non-smelly bags of good ‘ole manure now…and it’s cheap! For weeds, all one needs to do is mix half water/half vinegar mixed with a little dish soap (phosphate-free of course)….then spray it on your weeds. Even better…overseed each spring and fall with grass seed. A lawn with thick grass won’t get many weeds. If you drive down my street in suburban Short Pump, you cannot tell the difference between my lawn and any other….except mine can be played on by throngs of barefoot children and pets without any worries….

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