The time has come.

-Posted By Tom Patton

This is it!  This is the weekend to put the full garden in place.  I mean how much leafy green stuff can a person eat?.. I actually had some sort of Asian Cabbagy thing for breakfast. 

 This weekend I will be planting tomatoes, cantalope, cucumbers, watermelon and a host of other warmer soil loving shoots.  Warmer weather crops require a soil temperature of at least 60 degrees, ideally 65 or greater to grow in a healthy manner.  Sure, you could have put tomatoes in a few weeks ago…but the recent cold snap may give way to more blight down the road. 

As the warm weather crops go in, my arrugula will soon bolt, my spinach will become some nasty green, seedy looking large stemmed ogre, and leftover radishes will look like large red trees and a potential tourist attraction.


3 Responses to The time has come.

  1. mechva says:


    Early April is a good time for the strawberries, but the other veggies you planted a little bit early for central Virginia. Peppers especially need warm soil and lots of sun to thrive – they can get stunned if you plant them too early and it might take a while for them to recover and reach their growing potential. We can easily get a frost in April here, so I normally wait until May 1 to plant my garden.

    • mechva says:

      I should also mention that I am not familiar with growing green onions, so they might be an early spring crop…

  2. loveagoodstorm says:

    Ok, so I am new to this garden thing. Second year. I put tomatoes, green onions, green beans, green peppers, red peppers and strawberries in at the beginning of April. They seem to be doing fine. Is this going to be a problem?

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