A SubTropical Storm Developing?

The computer models have been latching onto this for more than a week now.  A storm developing near the Bahamas could become a subtropical storm.  That’s the name given to a hybrid storm with some tropical characteristics.

Right now, it looks like it’ll stay out to sea, produce some rough waves Tuesday-Wednesday from Va. Beach to the Carolinas.  Some rain could come onshore on the outer banks.

posted by Andrew Freiden


3 Responses to A SubTropical Storm Developing?

  1. weatherfan23060 says:

    Weather Q&A do
    you know if the is a software program out that i can have put on my computer. To have weather watches & or warnings/weather crawler on
    computer/printed automatically as soon as they come across the wire???

  2. afreiden says:

    Both of those ingredients would point to a higher than active season. Some forecasters are thinking MUCH more active than normal. We’ll just have to wait and see! These long-range forecasts don’t have the best track record.


  3. willyb1 says:

    andrew – any thoughts about the weakening el nino and higher than normal atlantic ocean temps?

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