Arkansas Flash Flooding


It’s a horrible story out of Arkansas, and a reminder the dangers of flash flooding and the threat of night time severe weather– which causes more fatalities than daytime storms.  That’s because people are either asleep, can’t see what’s going on, and aren’t tuned in to the latest weather information.

The National Weather Service office in Little Rock had a Flash Flood Watch up at 2pm on Thursday and the Flash Flood Warnings went out at 2am Friday morning.  Many in the campground didn’t get the information in time.

From the New York Times:

By then, the disaster was already unfolding, and in any case, state officials said, the terrain and lack of cellphone service in the valleys made communications difficult.

The Little Rock NWS posted this meteorological explanation of the events that led up to the catastrophic flooding.

*posted by Andrew Freiden


One Response to Arkansas Flash Flooding

  1. vkkv says:

    The news is awful.

    On our side of things…last spring and summer was amazing. Only a few days of super heat. Other than that…windows were open EVERY night. What a diff this year.

    What are we in for in July and Aug ?!?!?! My grass is already infested with brown patch…this never happens in June.

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