It’s been a pretty hot spring… obvious to all.  As of this writing (June 20), we’ve had 19 ninety degree or higher days this year.  That smashes last years total of seven up to the same date.

Heat waves, and subsequent dry spells, seem to go hand in hand, despite the tendency for hot air to spew afternoon thunderstorms.  Oftentimes, really hot air does just the opposite. It sucks the moisture out of the ground at such a rate, that there is little left over to evaporate, and dryness begets even more dryness.

So, does this mean we’re in for a long, hot, dry summer?  Perhaps, but not necessarily. Patterns have a way of changing at just the moment when the weather extreme of the week or month commands news headlines. 

I always say that Nature has an uncanny way of balancing things out.  You just have to wait sometimes.

Jim Duncan


5 Responses to Ninety-Plus

  1. mattdenardo1000 says:

    is it just me or is VA the most hottest/humid state in the Untied States? i’ve been looking at the national weather temperature maps recently and VA is hotter than places like NC, TX, and even FL. i realize that states in the Southwest like AZ and NM are hotter than VA is but, that is dry desert heat. VA seems to be the most hottest/humid state in the entire country though.

  2. rambh says:

    Just want to know, if Jim can say somethiing on this.

    My quesiton is about temparature averages for every month.
    For a long time i was wondering how do they come up with everages. For example, for late june they say average is 85 or something around. But we keep reaching 90s during this time year after year. For that matter i want to know during which time of the year average temparature is 90 plus. To my understanding None.

    I guess its time to rewise averages

  3. ericwg says:

    That’s probably Jupiter. Might be Saturn, but on any given night the brightest “star” in the sky is Jupiter.

  4. loveagoodstorm says:

    This is not related to the heat topic but I tried the internet which created more confusion. So, question is…what is the bright star/planet in the western sky I see very evening? I live in Powhatan and every evening I drive West on 60 and see this bright object in the sky LONG before any other stars are visible. Last week the darn thing was directly above the moon…it at least appeared to be from my vantage point. What is it?

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