Very warm Atlantic and Gulf

Water temperatures over large parts of the Gulf of Mexico and the Western Atlantic are running as much as 3 degrees above normal, especially closer to the coastlines.

This trend is the obvious result of the unusually hot temperatures that have prevailed over the Eastern U.S. for the past several weeks, with the water temps now catching up.

Warm water is the lifeblood for tropical systems, and such large sea surface temperature anomalies could very well be a harbinger of a busy season starting up very soon.  it will certainly be worth watching.

An interesting side note to this… if in fact we do start to see a rapid increase in tropical activity this early in the season, it could also have the reverse effect later on, by upwelling colder, deeper water, thereby inhibiting later-season development.

Jim Duncan


2 Responses to Very warm Atlantic and Gulf

  1. wxruss8 says:

    The surface ocean temps are amazing right now! All it will take is a nice wave coming off Africa around the Cape Verde’s, low or zero upper level shear, and that thing could chug this way and absolutley explode kinda like Hugo in 89’…scary stuff…

    With all this heat, here’s a treat from last winter (mid February I think, dropped 4-5 inches in Chesterfield in 2 hours):

  2. loveagoodstorm says:

    So what does this mean for the winter storm outlook? Ha, ha, just kidding. Couldn’t resist. I remember the insane amount of emails last Fall asking you to bring out your crystal ball to tell us what the winter has in store for us.

    I am leaving for a cruise next weekend from Tampa. Anything brewing out there that might affect us?

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