Thursday Storms Wrapup

Another Thursday,  another round of severe weather…

Our local NWS (in Wakefield ) office is sifting through pictures and storm reports.  Meteorologist Chris Walmsley said they had numerous reports of golf ball size hail near Mechanicsville.  Here’s an impressive picture of hail we got from viewer Gina Jernigan who lives just outside of Mechanicsville.

Gina said some of the hail was larger, but broke apart when it hit the ground.

In Powhatan, it was wind damage.  From Chris:

…what we have seen is straight line wind damage in excess of 70 mph with most trees down pointing south. A communication tower was the furthest north initially hit and a barn 2 miles south also with partial roof damage on the northern side of it. 

We need the rain around here and when we get it this time of year it’s often accompanied by damaging winds.

NBC12 reporter Melissa Correa is headed to Powhatan.  She’ll have a report this evening (Aug. 13) during our evening newscasts.

-posted by Andrew Freiden


2 Responses to Thursday Storms Wrapup

  1. rab1261 says:

    I don’t think that I would mind some hail like that if a good soaking rain came with it. In my part of Dinwiddie we have missed a lot of the storms.

  2. emurph09 says:

    Wow! Look at that hail!!

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