Hurricane season getting more active

Pretty much on schedule, the tropical Atlantic is starting to percolate with activity just as we enter what is historically the busiest time of the season. 

Up until now (as of third week of August),  little development has occurred.  Saharan dust storms have efficiently shut down any storm formation east of Africa. This important inhibitor to tropical systems has, so far, made the early season predictions for a very busy season look pretty bad.

However, with the strengthening Danielle now churning over the Eastern Atlantic, the pieces seem to be in place for many more storms developing over the next few weeks.  Danielle may actually help clear out some of the atmospheric dust, which would thereby enhance chances for subsequent storms to form .  We’ll see how this plays out, but it should be getting more interesting over the next month or so.

Regarding Danielle, that storm is expected to stay well away from the U.S. as steering currents will most likely keep her far out to sea.  The storm after Danielle could follow quickly on her heels, but would probably also stay out over the ocean. 

by Jim Duncan


One Response to Hurricane season getting more active

  1. 2erin says:

    It’d be great if we could have more information on humidity levels from day to day on the website. There are many days when the temperature is mild but the humidity makes it feel much hotter. Is my request a possibility?

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