Hurricane Earl has made news and weather headlines all week, and hasn’t even had any effects over land areas yet. The storm track info will be updated regularly on our main weather discussion page.

The attention paid to this storm, certainly warranted, reminds me a bit of hurricane Gloria back in the 80s. That storm was a big one, as it moved just east of the Outer Banks.  The difference was, it got stuck, and for several days it just hung there a couple hundred miles off the East Coast. 

Images stick in my mind of Dr. Neil Frank (then director of the National Hurricane Center), making daily appearances on NBC Nightly News, with hand-wringing fear and anticipation of the disaster that “could be”.

As it turned out, Gloria did not have as big an impact on the Carolina Coast as expected.

We hope Earl, too, has little impact on the coastline, but will be watching the track closely.  Just a 100 mile shift one way or the other can make a HUGE difference.

Jim Duncan


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