Winter Forecast. Part I

Folks want to hear a winter forecast by mid-Autumn, so here’s a little preview of what I’m thinking we’ll be looking at this winter (more details coming later)  Let’s address the most asked question for now:  >>>Snow: 

 Might as well get to the important stuff first. There is a high chance that we won’t be duplicating last winter’s remarkable snow totals.  Getting real here…that would be an extremely difficult task in any winter, regardless of the patterns.   Unlike last winter,  frequent storm tracks from the Deep South shouldn’t be as prevalent, and anyone who knows our area, also knows that that’s where our big snows come from.

The expected prevailing jet-stream patterns should favor more storms tracking from the Midwest to the Northeast, which would put us on the southern edge of systems, the part usually characterized by rain or sleet/freezing rain, and not so much pure snow. Yes, we’ll still get some snows, but if this pattern occurs they would be smaller than those from the  classic “big ones”, because of mixing and changeovers to rain or icy mixes.

I will be getting a little more specific with details on my “best guess” for this winter  in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Jim Duncan


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