Skylight Damage

Thought I’d pass along a story from the storms Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning.  Here are some pictures and a story from the Burton family  from Richmond’s Northside.

We were awakened around 12:50 to the sound of very loud wind loud enough for us to wake the kids and have them all go downstairs.  Then we heard a crash and this happened:

We spent the next 15 minutes in the basement until the storm died down.  Then we spent a couple of hours cleaning up glass and bark that was strewn across our office from one end to the other and out into our family room. Luckily nothing was damaged except for the skylight.  We don’t have any trees right over our home so the wind must have been pretty powerful to carry this huge branch right through our house.

Thankfully no one was hurt!

-posted by Andrew Freiden


2 Responses to Skylight Damage

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    Skylight Damage | NBC12 Weather Blog

  2. snowplayer says:

    Yes, I am very thankful that no one was hurt!

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