Today’s Snow Plus Blog Comments

New Video blog post up on this evening’s snow chances here:

Now, About the lack of posts:  We’ve been bad at updated this blog but we’ve been REALLY GOOD (I promise!) on our website.  As winter storms have approached we’ve been doing twice daily (if not more frequent) video discussions saying what we think about upcoming winter storms.  Hopefully you’ve seen these and enjoyed them.  We’re still trying to figure out exactly what this blog will be going forward, since so much of the blog content we used to put here is now going on our website instead.  One of the problems with the blog is that not everyone comes here to look for content. We do work that gets way more eyeballs if we put it on

Blog Readers:  Are you ok with this?  Would it help if we posted links here to everything bloggy we do on the web page?  That way our registered commenters like you could still use this forum to discuss our posts with us and others.

Let me know!

-Andrew Freiden


6 Responses to Today’s Snow Plus Blog Comments

  1. chesterfield94 says:

    That would be great. Someone also mentioned “the other stations” forecasters in a chat. It could benifit the first warning weather team to have a chat next to the blog, however the blog is always great way to interact. Its always good to come up with ideas, keep up the great work.

  2. snowchef says:

    I really enjoyed seeing what everyone around Richmond (and beyond) was saying since last winter was so exciting! I agree, though, that I’m not going to check in unless there is a weather event – winter storm, hurricane, etc. I do think it would be helpful on the “off” months to do a seasonal topic of what to do this month – plant, water, fertilize, etc. Seems to fit in well with the Great Big Greenhouse connection y’all have.
    The bloggy stuff doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, but I would check in if y’all even posted once a day leading up to a big storm. Good luck! I can’t imagine keeping up and I really can’t imagine how one of the other stations’s meteorologists manage to pop into a CHAT?!?!?! YIKES! Keep it up, love y’all!

  3. snowmanshortpump says:

    The blogs back up. Let me get my models fired up and ready.

  4. mechanicsvillekid says:

    Let me begin by saying the NBC12 weather team is the first place my family turns for weather information (and the rest of the NBC12 news team is our first choice for local news). You guys do great work; well done. And welcome to the new guys, Ros and Kevin.

    Turning to your question: incorporating more of the bloggy stuff into the regular website makes perfect sense. That’s where I go first when I want a weather update. Adding links in the blog that point to bloggy stuff that you’ve added to the main site is a good idea.

    I must admit, I enjoyed the blog a lot last winter. But I also realize you guys have lives, or ought to — at least when it’s sunny and warm outside. I’ve always been a bit surprised that you have time for a blog. But hey, I won’t argue you out of it. In any event, don’t have it for the sake of having it; you’re right to try to give it a purpose and direction.

    Frankly, I pay much more attention to the blog when bad weather is in the offing — hurricanes, snow, severe thunderstorms, etc. I doubt I would log on for a seasonal topic series or the like.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. ericwg says:

    I’m fine with links back to the website. It’s nice to come here and discuss particulars when we have some kind of extreme weather event, such as the snowfall totals for each area around the city. The spring and summer seemed to kill the posts here as the big weather events tappered off. Maybe you can have some kind of seasonal topic series to keep discussion going? Like help for when to plant in the spring etc.

  6. phhh6460 says:

    I like to hear about the weather here and like to be able to comment about snow possibilitys. Also to say etc: light covering of snow in Tappahannock 😉 and find out what others are receiving. It was fun last year this year phhhhhhhhhhat.

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